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Berlin inline marathon 2017 full race with comments(pascal briand vlog 79)

Berlin inline marathon 2017 full race with comments(pascal briand vlog 79)

here we go I start with this video try to telling what I feel during this race so it’s directly the start was quite cool because everybody’s so nervous and actually you can stay a bit quiet because it’s very not a fun there is a breaker in the very very beginning so it’s better to use a ability to come back back after 500 minutes so I stopped you have to push anyway little bit everybody but yeah just make sure you put your skate on the ground at the right place and stay safe every step as you can see already now it’s slowing down a lot and with the drafting it’s quite easy to come back then I start to stay in the middle of the book as much as possible in the middle of the road at the moment before the first round about and it’s also when I slowing down in the inside part of the roundabout so it’s even shittier to pass on the outside here you can gain a lot of space a lot of place at this moment of the race I always also try to go little bit to keep a little distance between other scale in the beginning because it’s not already like unsafe like nice to see Scott just coming behind me now I remember the good old days so you see I go on the side and then there is one guy who kind of make an acceleration so most of the time it’s Wendell you have the one in front of you going a we’re taking speed it’s just easier to follow it but that’s what I do is my own and I just get easy draft and easy position very secure position before probably the first attack so at this moment I can also be quite close behind the autoscaler to get as much joy as possible as with technique I just try to relax keeping my hands in the back it’s very safe here second face try to take the same step as much as possible and as close as possible to get it the draft not easy after a few years in skating and then you come the first attack for me one knee on the side so here I went just on the middle of the row on the middle of the road not really the best tactic but I just wanted to have good a good image and this moment with everybody passing me left and right so that’s why I went in the middle of the road a little bit slower I think it would be cool to see everybody passing like this making a mess in the back of it was nice moment anyway took a little bit too much risk and I went quite far beyond maybe about position 200 so then it’s tough to be a kind of more risk in this part of the pack the skater thought to have less skills back skills we have to be quite careful where you put your skates make sure you don’t eat somebody else’s skate and take a good draft anyway even if you lose a lot of position and are not very comfortable it’s important to stay relaxed if you get too nervous you don’t really go much faster at this moment and it’s already going to speed so it’s more important to get some draft and save energy than just trying to go back in front in a moment when the race is already going too fast [Music] I find a scalar which I like the technique so I just go behind him a bit and it’s really important also to select the skater who is in front of you you need to feel comfortable with the technique so try to find somebody will have a good style that fit good in your technique and I’m looking smooth if possible and somebody not too nervous not jumping everywhere if possible also to get the best best draft it’s also cool if you can go just behind somebody a little bit smaller than you it’s gonna be easier to to stay closer and then you get more rough if you go find somebody with too big it it’s not so easy to get higher dynamic position at this moment it’s a bit riskier we lose like 10 meters being the other it’s little bit dangerous zone so if you miss this moment of the race you out of the big pack and the race is almost finished for for you so I took little bit too risk with my video ideas from the start but I’m behind to scaler that looks like they can make it but I’m staying stay quite vigilant about the skater with the map a screenshot at this moment we really need to get back in the group if we don’t come back now it’s almost over so hopefully they came back I still use most of the draft and it’s safe again like there is a big pipe there is a lot of draft even if the end of the pack is still a little bit we space between skater he’s going past its lot of draft and you don’t see so much in the video but in France there is a small break away but it didn’t look like they go so far away like the other you’re from one attack so we have a big pack I think maybe a hundred twenty skater left or still so it’s very big advantage for the pack and you need a big break away with strong guys to to go away so at the moment the risk is very low I can just put a little bit behind [Music] if I were was more fit I would go more in front of course but never in my condition had the runner I think it’s a it’s a good place yeah I just moved some from left to right just trying to get some draft but not so much risk the race is still quite nervous and this month there is a lot of speed difference it’s moving faster it’s going slower faster slower so it’s very important to save energy in this and try to find out which pack which line is gonna keep the speed so for me it’s more important to look which pack is going with increasing speed than just jumping everywhere and take the right position but most of the time if you stay in the middle pack yeah you are going backwards and if you want to go back to the front you need to choose one line on the side or the left or the right but the middle line most of the time is the one going backwards [Music] this here’s I’m losing position because the people of my right they are just going faster than me so it’s when you are slower it’s very difficult to enter the pack it’s a must of the mistake from the young skater that there if you want to go in even if they go slower in the pack so the the fight at this moment and lose lot of energy and take big risk of crash so it’s just better to wait a bit white a position where you have a friend that would let you in it or you can just ask some time most other people they they let you space when you ask instead of referring this situation than just fighting or you just wait when there is a little space and you can go in easy so yeah I look quite in front with the other view I try to look in front first and see which line is gonna accelerate or decelerate so yeah there is the wind it was little bit on the side so it was better to stay on the right part of the road there was a lot of draft in this position and as it’s still very nervous I’d like to be little bit on the side of the skater not completely behind them so it’s a little bit on the right of the skater in front of me so I could see better what’s going on in front and there was a crash then I would be more active to jump over [Music] this monitor still no worries the pack is big it’s going fast so no big risk of breakaway and even for me and on this day don’t really care about going into breakaway or not I was just thinking about saving as much energy as possible all the way long so my goal was to be aware there was most of the draft in the pack so actually in the middle of the group would be a bit better but as the race is still nervous I like to be on the side and make myself safe for any camp or that wouldn’t be needed needed after a crash I am behind the skier from Denmark I think quite good technique very good drafting I just used him to get some position back he looks like he wanted to go back more in front so he was just in front of majors just uses his position to get back to in position like and maybe around place see or 40 now and now it’s time to get back in the line and in the middle of the track so when you go back in front then you slowly the better skater will go on left and right to come back so I would lose position I Drive panic I know I’m gonna go from place 30 to maybe place on road but then I can skate a little bit with less energy and say then I save lot of energy is moment at this moment I just change line when I see there is a new opportunity with somebody like that that mean the fact or wiser I don’t worry I just go most the back of the pack and when I see a spacer I will change line like the skater is looking for a space you jump to the left and yeah I get back into the the right line so slowly this time we go back in front so I will just use it to slowly go in front later [Music] like easy steal away this night like some skater and from there they tell that there is a corner because muscle skater at the back of the fact we don’t really look where we are going he also we are passing another group from the girl who’s tough little before us so it’s quite a narrow roads moment just make sure that we don’t put one step on the rail things for the little train iam horse when it’s gone it’s trickier to make sure you your wheels on get in the rail but the make protection inside so it’s it’s very safe actually the other movements till you see it’s going it’s always having acceleration after a corner because the guys in the front the muscle assemblies the corner to attack or the build speed and behind you have to correct all the little mistake everybody did in front of you so we always have a stronger acceleration at the back of the pack than in front but then more gravity is coming or so and it’s very very likely I know actually the most difficult is the different acceleration so one of the main goal and this race is to to keep your speed as long as possible trying to avoid losing speed and having to built again because this is really killing your legs so sometime when just in front of you the acceleration is a little higher you see I’m using 1/2 meters it’s not a big deal I just stay relaxed try to skate technique and slowly you the draft and they’re smooth technique will bring me back into a better position sorry I don’t like somebody because I have only one skater in front of me so it’s not very good graft so I changed I try to change the line and get more people in front of me because having just one skater like this with a gap of 10-15 meters or even 30 now it’s not really a very economic position for energy so yeah so my focus is to get in which I could do now and now it’s quite good it’s very important when it’s going fast like this not to be alone on the side like you see with a few skater in front I would like to try do of two and three skater it’s going fast and they are losing lot of energy for fall not much at the moment [Music] you can see the package is going fast because now it’s really fast for Buffy there was an attack in front for me when Nora no but maybe and everybody is just in one line so it’s really mean that it’s going fast and it’s really important not to leave the draft like at this moment the scatter behind they lose like 510 meters it’s really really difficult and to come back on this it’s also not good to win the position like unrest begin I think on the right of the road he’s alone you can get in the pack so it’s really difficult it takes a lot of energy of this moment we are saying you can see on the map with a little smiley here it’s still the kind of the beginning of the race so it’s still nervous little less than at the start because because we everybody know we are quite in a good work at the mounts there is no big risk of not being in the group but there is still a risk of losing the drive and being out of the dispatch because if you lose like 10 20 meters you would have to go almost 50 kilometres an hour to come back so yeah it’s almost impossible with already with my level at this race [Music] when I’m looking in front like this little bit higher we don’t see so much mascara but I try to look if there is a better line to take or try to see which line gonna be the fastest one [Music] I’m back behind a canal and the skater from my pay in Rio Nero it’s one of the fastest movements in the race can see it’s just one line everybody’s pushing staying relaxed in the draft in somewhere but make sure that the technique is smooth because it’s very very fast at this moment I mean I go behind a cannon I starts getting into the same club as these now they’re like somebody is grabbing the west part of France that’s quite good to be bearing yes good technique is pushing good to the side so these little smaller than we than me so I can get that off trust me [Music] he has good technical sonic even with high speed he tried to keep his arm in his back so he save also quite some energy like this little more than the skater in front of him from spinning I think technically this mirror it’s better to do like this [Music] it’s time to get a drink I forget to take a bottle for this race in valence not like a big beautiful not so warm this day and the races only wanna see Canaan was close to crush at this moment at the beginning of the turn but hopefully come back white of behind [Music] always it’s not reverse when you see the scary he’s losing ten meters out of the corner so it’s a it’s a risky situation like you don’t want to have this because at the speed is going sometimes you can be dropped out of the group sometime [Music] basically I don’t like this situation so I will try to get a different position use the corner – when people slow down I just try not to break and get an easily turn and then place more in front [Music] you can see it’s still like a relaxing summer I don’t absolutely try in every moment to to go back in front I only try to go to gain position when the pack is flowing down the the biggest mistake it would be to see that the race is going on so you want to gain position but then you need a lot of effort at this moment so it’s better to wait if it’s going fast now probably maybe in one kilometer or a little later and they will slow down in front so it would be everybody will sit down it’s going to be a big opportunity to gain a lot of position very easily it’s about this moment I just try to protect my position or miss even this guy not fighting with him it’s better to let him get in front of me without losing speed than fighting for a place and we both lose position and speed speed and position actually sorry just good speed probably and one of the stronger in front trying to make a break over again it’s one big line so looking for the best draft here is the main idea at the moment [Music] [Music] nicely the corner to go one right and one left one right again it’s like a roundabout both I liked this moment and it’s slowing down a lot so I just take little inside and keep my spin you see it’s like 10 space then place a win for free and then it’s taking my draft or so [Music] and this moment of the race is going fast but my main idea is to save energy so I try to be kind of lazy in some I just pushing as less as possible on my legs there is not much to do and I can see it slowing down in front so I just try to keep my speed and get free in the position you know okay big chick was nice when I watch from the video is a camera many many scary or saying I so it’s very good quite cool let’s get it a bit behind fan we met also the day before the race he also did the race preparation training in temple of airport so he skate little bit together and then I I got lucky I could also met Alex fine under I did like 20 25 kilometers before the race it was needed because I didn’t got opportunity to skate so much before burning and for some time on this video because of the the camera it’s a wide angle so you would look like the skater skate a bit strange and the timing is a bit strange or we sometime look like some kind of robot but it because of the lens of the camera it’s changing a bit the way we see the technique so actually all the skaters they skate better when you look them in reality then it appears on the video now so in this long straight line when I sing there like a right corner coming soon but in this long straight line it’s important to really play with your body weight to transfer the body weight left and right to save energy and not just pushing on your legs without using body weight [Music] [Music] it’s time to fight it a bit on the right still I’m scared a still nervous in the race basically it’s more important to save your speed to keep your speed than fighting in the back the the biggest mistake from most of the young skater is to really fight in the back using your end and so on it’s really better to focus on keeping your speed and stay relaxed and in in some fight because there is not much to gain if you win 1 or 2 position in fight like if it would be a 500 meters it’s not a big deal you see some time in just one move at the right moment you can gain 20 or 30 place so fighting is not really an option for long term in a marathon race like this [Music] not quite in the front of the in the back maybe position 4050 you can see the Italian champion on so vibrant on the Left I sing also Jews not Pellicano on the right with learning what skinsuit in power slide Alton this was out with the blue skin suit to play the enemy now wasn’t it so funny was behind me in the race but and I think it’s under a big in just in front of me and follows when now [Music] this woman is little more relaxed we are going fast but yeah there is no panic like nobody can really make the difference in the race so you can see just some time some breakaway in front of a lot of guy trying to break away I think we see them like 100 200 meters in front of the fact but I’m not big distance like some years ago and this is probably because this year the pack was quite big probably and right around 20 skater so there is always somebody trying to make little part of the job or just the mass of the pack make that we get a lot of speed you can see on the left notes a group is trying to come back more in front you can see how much effort they just put in this trying to in position but and what is going fast like this it’s not really easy to to come back in front I think it would be better to wait a bit more and as soon as the pack slow down jump to one side of any net of position [Music] see that was bit more from under our umbrella he tried to get in but he will see would lose some spit so you just stay on the side stay relaxed and choose another position one in front he was already in the idea of not losing his speed looks like it’s time to drink it a bit back on the back [Music] it’s nice part of the races this long Avenue the world is so nice and so you get a lot of speed very easy this race especially in this pack we’re all the best skater in the world it’s really nice [Music] I didn’t put my watch with the data like the speed and afraid during the race but yes still was kind of relaxed I would say something around 160 participate minute and this moment of the race and my max is 2 or 9 or was 209 maybe 200 now so it’s not so hard at this moment little careful with the mat because they are soft so just to jump over it and I’m put your weight on the back of the skate it’s more safe to cross those mat like this with the weight on the back of the skate scene everybody’s lying down so I moved to the side a little bit and it’s a good moment to get some position left corner it’s gonna be quite easy out of the corner to get in the back toe body [Music] and the Spanish cater and I think it’s the rod cook from Australia just in front it’s so nice to be in a pack which is very international you can see scare from Argentina neither Belgium the Belgian champion on the right here from Virginia be equal corners I try to gain some position before one after the corner when Skeeter slow down and I’m almost in the front of the pack maybe in position 20 [Music] you see in the front of the pack that is little nervous people are trying to keep their position and we have entered just in front of me here yes I’m little fight now they are polite to each other as good [Music] and it’s going fast again now I let myself slowly go down to the back of the pack so I have to do less effort I will not do really like this if I was in top shape and willing to break away with quite stay more in front but the condition I have now I have to choose some option on i7 energy so when it slow down I try to go in front and always going fast I slowly lose position so I have to schedule [Music] it’s a girl breakaway we just sped them and they went sprung for a breakaway and I couldn’t manage to go to the finish like this [Music] [Music] so you can see one car on the road it’s not a lost guy it’s one of the BMW from the organization to show the time of the race so it’s probably the girl giving the time to the car giving the time to live girls back all the girls break away and woman’s back we have another car in front of the of the back showing us the time of the race escape then it’s area 74 then if you see the previous video he told me that the tactic should be to follow mark Austin it was quite a big tactic not maybe this year [Music] it’s going quite fast now because soon we arrive in a section with some little terms if I remember good a little down means very little down and it’s as part of the track and with little wind little wind in front in this moment of the race but the pack is so big and in this position you don’t worry about the wind here [Music] there is like three back side to side model to stay in between to pack the degree is to really find which out the train is going the fastest and I was going back to one line just before the term [Music] it’s also a nice moment in the race it’s going little bit down here there is few turns it’s really nice I like this part there’s so much speed and I mean all this journey that’s giving a very cool feeling can you see the font is going down a bit I try to get the lift part of the road with one-one-nine to come back wait to know those there is just a fighting for position for not much so I just focus on my technique using my body ways staying relaxed it’s very not a big deal – we know losing 10 position at this moment [Music] so I like to keep my end in the back very often as much as possible when it’s like safe and there is no fighting because it’s more aerodynamic and also because when you don’t swing your arm you use a less muscle group so you keep your applicator lower it’s important to try to keep trans in the back as long as possible but also make sure that when the pavement is not good or when there is too many people around you to know it’s it’s about to use your unload moment just to secure bit the place and because of course also all the other skater they will use the end to take your position or to push little bit [Music] I think it’s I mean tongue skater from powerslide just in front of me [Music] Rodney come back to the on position quite easy even at the speed friends it’s so crazy [Music] you know taking the win so it’s good to go in the pack now there is just one 9 moving fast in those few meters because I didn’t want to kill myself in the acceleration but I just accelerate enough to make sure I stay in the draft I found real this money was going quite fast [Music] this part of the lab there is some supporters they put picture of some skaters on the front country which was really nice did I already took time to look at every picture but I remember they do this every year I think and skater like this after the race they always speak about it did you see the picture on the slide [Music] right turn quite easy but I think from remember this part was very fast just after this turn look like ya know original about right to catch the breakaway that was not so far in front and maybe 200 meters they went fast for like 1k riders [Music] the pack was just one line hiding in the draft again [Music] it’s going fast like this you have to look the man with the fancy a roster down because that would be the opportunity to get both those two savers up with position so it’s paying down I keep my speed probably it’s a good moment to get back in front very easy [Music] that one like 100 meters fast and then nobody could catch to break away so everybody’s lying down expecting that somebody is doing the job then nothing already organized to chase me and I was lying on a skate but this one one of the rice when this happened you you know that is gonna be kind of some small interval in the end of the race so it would be one first moment one easy moment and then it’s it’s quite out to do so one of the hardest moment of the race was there it’s still a bit far from the finish so it’s not they’re nervous yet but you will see later Thank You 510 last camera they are very nervous but now it’s just a kind of a small interval training part [Music] you can see most of the skater they have three times under 25 but this isn’t the skater with the whole time of you tender can follow in a group or so that’s quite good [Music] and six cater for nine teams from lumiose gate with Flavian Fouche I said Martin failure was not so far so you see Joey’s gaudiya with the bond skins good many skater from Italy or so around and skater from the team showed up like this on the angel Republic check him they’re good because they’re racing together their pitch was that keep the position in the pack it’s quite good they make good work [Music] sorry it’s very wide world I choose to go most of the time on the right part of the road what in the end of the race because then I could see little bit I was not totally in the draft I tried to stay behind but little me to the right of the skater so I can look quite far in front I like to do this because from what I remember in Burien the pack will quite soon become very nervous so there is some risk of crash and every wanted to avoid this and so I was staying a little bit in a secure place basically the most secure place would be to be more in the front of the pack because that for this event I just stay more relaxed [Applause] [Music] and also I choose the right side of the road because I feel comfortable to to pass in small space like this and when you always stay on the same side of the road and doing this the skater they get used to see you there so they will let you move and get into the back and if you try one time on the left one time on the right we have to meet more different skater because we all have habits and when you do always the same thing it’s it feel more safe or the other so everybody cooperate together or just decide kind of from now till the end of the race to only pass on the right part of the road we’ve seen during the packing going quite slow at the moment I can almost go in top 20 but it’s just changing position non-stop you see some scare of fighting a bit and just for one position [Music] you see that’s not really doing so fast now that’s why everybody can come back in front I think that’s why I took the opportunity to take good position – no Pelican here it’s Gator one power slide leading the left pack this team on orbit just behind and we are there it was quite surprised to see me here [Music] and this movement of the race is just regular speed in front of the pack there is a breakaway already if since few kilometres the race is done nobody very chased it looks like everybody is playing more individual and things we have no chance to come back on the record right now so you can see how most of the skater they are nervous about losing position so it’s little bit fighting now starting so I keep kind of my routine I just go to the back when I’m quite far I wait a moment with a line of skater going to difference I followed them it doesn’t cost memory energy always using the right side of the road you could see more of a tan just behind with the yellow one back skin suit now I’m quite in front so slowly I will go back [Music] [Music] so when I let myself go behind like this you probably see the skater behind me getting nervous because it’s possible to lose almost 50 to 80 position in 1 kilometer but it’s just about playing with the rhythm of the pack find out which 9 is going to the front which 9 is resting in the middle well even the three or four last kilometres now everybody’s thinking of getting a good position it’s really never sinned the top 20 it’s always always changing position if I if I had to do the razor I would kind of stay quite like this and I would come back just in a one shot in the last two or three kilometres but not trying to spend energy by coming back in front many many time you could see it was quite easy to get behind the Spanish kid ory it’s because I’m always on the right part of the road and there’s a skater they get used to it they know it was safe they could see I was coming back regularly in front so then they left me in quite easy quite often because then they would get a good draft to get some position [Music] so we have left corner [Music] stephannie more achieved just in front [Music] [Music] and you see on the left all the grabbing or people putting the end in front it’s getting very close to each other also you can see that most others in this they try to be together so it’s gonna be it’s much easier when you’re all your team together to keep the position and making little trains so you can see the I kbps or something like this as a team name they were all together then just in front all the whole update with the black and yellow skin suit they were all together now we are getting quite close from the finish and this race I decided not to raise do this branch because I didn’t do any sprinting training I was not so sure that I split I was already quite happy to be in this group with my training so I just decided to stay in the pack just play with the position and then really do the sprint so I didn’t try to get the right position at the right moment I just tried myself secure for this branch because especially in this moment could be a lot of crash there was like to crush in the straight line no not so far we don’t really see the man in the video but they were like to crash and in a few weeks I have the champs follow their being caddy so I just want it to be safe in this race the end of the race it’s quite a good moment with the good position now because it’s quite soon there is some some outer corner left and right I Tobias English drop and so there is a sooner a lot of corner before the final no matter it would be the right moment actually to to get back in the top ten now and quite important it’s not really needed to to fight to get into skater from the same team it’s better to go all in front or behind one team then trying to get in the middle of one team because they will really fight you two because they want to stay together so getting in top ten it’s quite difficult already [Music] and now we have some honor like this so it would make make it quite harder to come back to the front there is your corner like this with left and right 90-degree corner so for now it’s quite out to be in some position [Music] [Music] now our eating already close to the finish as maybe one left and right corner or right and left just two corners to go and in still a straight line using [Music] [Music] I mean that’s gone out the race then you see a blue arch with an Air France which probably is for the last kilometers oh it’s big it’s getting a big mess everybody’s printing a changing line and it’s quite difficult to come back I took little space on the right – in a few position over the cameras but yeah the race is done at this moment but it’s so compact for being one second faster now would give me like almost 15 place you know better ranking the best moment of the race when you just under this door it’s great little pavement but no problem the finish you see is going everywhere javis icing he crashed there unfortunately and skidded changing line like crazy it’s very fun actually people change lying play with the skate try to get get one or two plays better not so much risk and that’s it that was my race in Berlin was nice to share it with you I hope we have other opportunity to do more video like this soon or later


Nice race, I love the commentary, to hear and see what's going on in the pack, very informative, I was only 28 minutes behind you 🤔 must do better next year… see you in Paris on the 15th?

What is your observation of the ratio between 3wheel and 4wheel setups?
Seems like 3wheels setups are dominat but its hard to see via video.

Bonjour Pascal, je trouve regrettable que tu ne commentes pas ta vidéo en français ou au moins avoir les sous titre français. Tous les patineurs Français ne parlent pas couramment l'anglais. Tes conseils sont si précieux dans ce genre de course. Belle course, félicitations.

For people interested in the ultra marathon in Friesland on inline skates, the eleven cities tour. You can become a member of this group:

What a fascinating video thanks for making it! Really helpful to hear your insights. Very impressed with your time and position. I thought the spectators were great and they provided good motivation when my legs were empty. Are you skating in the Parisian marathon?

Hi Pascal, I´ve been suscribed to your channel for a while now. Congratulations for you´re vids. Great job mate! You are a star! :))))

Un grand merci Pascal pour cette magnifique video. Cette incursion au sein du plus beau marathon roller du monde et de plus dans le peloton de tête est tout simplement magique, impressionnant. Merci pour ces beaux moments de partage entre passionnés de roller et pour tes commentaires de très grand champion que tu es. Continue à nous faire rêver et vive le roller

Thanks Pascal for this video. Your comments based on your huge experience are very helpful for younger skaters. Chapeau!

Très intéressant d'avoir la "stratégie de course". Je me rend compte qu'à surveiller à gauche ou à droite les autres patineurs on ne regarde pas trop le paysage tellement en alerte sur les faits et geste des uns et des autres. Un tit compteur vitesse présent serait pas mal pour un peu plus s'imprégner de la vitesse 😉 en tout cas merci pour ce partage 😉

Thanks Pascal for this video and for the comments. I even spotted you in Tiergarten before entering the starting zone but you were going in another direction so couldn't say hello. Thanks to this video I know I only need to change everything in my race tactic 🙂 Cheers!

Precious comments. You have been doing an impressive work with your vlog. Probably one of the most useful resources on inline speed skating, and definitively the best by far on marathon skating.

AMAZING video! I've watched the entire thing, and learnt a lot of things!
It also made me realise some of my mistakes I didnt even notice!

I'll do better next time!

Merci pour cette vidéo Pascal! 🙂

In your training (solo) what average pace would translate to 42km/h on a race day with drafting?
I wish there was this quality of video about the sport 15+ years ago! Chapeau, young man.

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