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in this video we are going to review my
downhill frame & this is a cado modus TR 55 ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino
and im a wheel addict a few months ago I started doing downhill I didn’t really
start doing downhill just a few months ago because like I remember like 98 or
something like that I was the Portuguese downhill champion
basically back then they organized these these race in Koosh Koosh Portugal close
to Lisbon and back then I used to race on speed skates and I ended up winning
that and I was claimed national champion but not really you know there wasn’t
really a scene on down your skating in Portugal in Lisbon so that doesn’t
really matter what does Mary’s knees and these this is probably the best downhill
frame in the market right now and you might be wondering why does it down in
frame as five wheels one two three four five as you can see here why does it on
the frame as five wheels so you want the frame to be long so that it’s stable and
then why are the wheels these sides why are they bigger because there’s
companies doing 125 millimeter frames including car motors and power spot
which is the frames that I use the whole time so when he is 125 obviously needs a
lot more space so if you would do like a 5 125 it wouldn’t even fit here in the
screen when you have 590 it is like the optimal distance which is on this frame
14.3 that’s what it says here on top the website says sixteen point six if you go
to car models if you look for the TR 55 it says there fifteen point six inches
it’s not right might be just a mistake on that anyway fourteen point three it’s
already long but because it’s low you still have control but I
mean low it’s like a 90 millimeters there are some frames out there which
are five times eighty including the frame that I had before so before using
these I was using a more gamma five times ad and that mu gamma five times
eighty was also a little bit shorter and lowered to the ground I really wanted to
try a frame with a little bit bigger with like 90 and the truth is I feel a
huge difference from 80 to 90 I really feel like faster and I feel like I have
a little bit more space if I bend my boot it’s gonna be harder for them for
the boot to touch the ground that gives me more control but then obviously
longer means more stable which is cool to go fast if I’m gonna go really fast
it’s really cool but then if I want to turn it’s harder it takes time to get
used to it but once you get used to it it’s just cool every five wheels will
also allow you to have more grip which when you have a tight turn if you’re
going at full speed it’s good but at the same time if you want to do some slides
well you can trust a little bit more you can just lean back while sliding because
you know there’s going to be more grip than if you’re using three wheels I do
believe that 3 times 125 or four times 110 could be ideal for full speed
skating like yes it’s a little bit higher it’s a little bit less stable but
because of those are bigger you can go like faster it’s gonna take a little bit
longer to get to that speed but I think you can get go actually faster than on
90s and I do know that some of the downhill skaters prefer to use a leaf
force instead of 90s I haven’t tried the 80 force but I don’t feel like I need it
at the moment my setup is this TR 55 with these boot which is the power slide
hardcore Evo 2 which is perfect the art core evil boot came from a speed skate
and from what I know power slide was the first brand to make
a free skate with carbon basically with the same technology as
it’s k ds is amazing on these it’s even better and with these which are
undercover 90 millimeters and five-year 90 millimeters 86 say I couldn’t ask for
a better Daniel setup but now let’s go on the details about this so on the TR
55 the main difference from the TR 55 which is the newest version of cata
modems downhill frame to the old version which was called m55 it was done by mu
gamma mu gamma was the previous name for car motors the m55 was a little bit
higher in front I did think it was hired because it was like a window here that
was a hole just like this here in the front on this one you don’t have that
hole but the frame is lower and because the frame is lower you lost the one
ninety five months basically there’s only one sixty five mount one hole here
one hole here and you can use these in Boots such as art quarry but that just
shows you or the the powerslide Imperial or every other 165 months I would like
to have this frame with a 195 month so that way I could mount it on my Marathon
skates which is also carbon but because it’s like these it’s also lower and you
see here here that’s where the wheel goes and the wheel can sit closer to the
boot lower to the ground will mean more stability more stability more control
that’s one new feature on these and Kara Motors is known for the dual box and the
dual box it’s this thing that you can see here on the side basically the
inside wall of this frame is flat and the
outside wall it’s bent these little thing will give the frame a lot more
strength a lot more stability and you need that in such a long frame when the
frame is these long you need the frame to be stiff especially if you’re going
to deal with these frame if you’re gonna use it in high speeds I also believe
that these whole maybe it’s just me I also believe that did a little hole that
goes across the frame the one that I just showed you will also help you in
stability if the wind goes inside goes through
I don’t know if that makes sense that maybe just in my head something really
important to about this frame is the axles they use a torx tool basically
they are not the regular allen key the exact no thing it’s a little star so
it’s just like every other power slide skate even if this is another brand yes
I do work with power slide and color models gave me this frame I’m not being
paid to do this but the truth is with these torques – you’re never scared to
tight it or to lose it because you know it’s not going to strip and this is
really important when you’re gonna deal with such I speeds again because if you
break a bearing or something like that the wheels are going to get really
really hot so it would be really easy for all these to get welded because you
don’t want that to get welded then these helps and you’ll never have problems
with these at least I never had and what else would I want to see something
different in this frame well I would love to see these as a Trinity because I
know that this boot which is my favorite boot for this type of skating it’s
coming in Trinity soon and if I could use that boot with this frame
Trinity which is two holes in front and one hole in the back that would cut my
dream skate but for now I got my dreams and my dream skate is this one see right
here so let me show you some footage of me using these bad boys enjoy okay so now that you saw me using these
on the terrain that they’re done for which is downhill would you like to see
me using these on the ball or have you Bowl outside and not be thinking of
taking these outside for a bull session I do know that this is not a skate for
ramps or trees or anything like that but because they’re so long I’m not gonna be
able to grind or anything either but I’m gonna have a lot of control doing slide
I think so I haven’t tried it yet so if you want to see these maybe subscribe to
the channel if you subscribe to the channel right now and if you click on
that Bell button you’ll get a notification when I upload that video
and that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video give
me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it give me some thumbs down but let me know
why you’re giving me thumbs down let me know what I didn’t like about this video
hmm was it because my wheels are like too pointy I’m sorry I’ve been turning
them just because of the slides and now let’s finish these the same way that I
always do let’s just not forget why we all started skating because it’s fun
cheers guys


hi ( i want to ask what you will choose to have a skate for speed in transportation is it speed skates like grand prix or urban skates like megacruiser

Loved the video Lino liked my new sk8 channel. ….oh yeah I am still trying to get that right fit in my mega pro 125 ….I'll let you know in a few days

Excelente vídeo e explicação, por enquanto eu ainda vou melhorar minha patinação em frame 80mm mas estou considerando voltar para os 90mm em breve e também voltar a usar o boot de fibra de carbono, acredito que trará mais precisão para os meus movimentos, não sei…se puder dê uma olhada neste vídeo. Estou usando um boot Hardcore Evo com frame 5x90mm

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