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Best Electric Boards & Bike Under $1,000

Best Electric Boards & Bike Under $1,000


Meepo uses hub motors, which means:
-You can’t choose your tire size
-When your tires get eaten up you need new hub motors $$
-wheels are heavier since the motors are inside of them (not as nice imo for going over bumps / jumping curbs)

Not familiar with what cells the meepo uses, would be interesting to see longevity of them over daily use vs a boosted board.

Out of everything you tested, the bike is probably the only thing I could ride without breaking myself more😐😂

yo bro im still waiting for iphone 11 pro max vs hollywood camera. plz im waiting and i know u won't let me wait forever 🙂 and dont forget to zoom in the video…..

I can't even own these.
Yeah I'm that poor from a poor country where these boards won't be suitable to ride with. But still I am watching… It's for my comrade from the other side of the world.

Get a tattoo of Potato Jets face, if it comes out whack you could always say it is a tattoo of the kid from UP. Better yet get a tattoo of the kid from UP and say it is a YouTuber by the name of Potato Jet.😂

I was one of th e kickstarter backers for the first series of the Walnut Spectra Advanced and was disappointed with the safety design of it, i was unable to reverse or brake with the app and the gesture controls don't work well. Maybe i'm noob but clearly if the product cant brake it is just not safe. I feel they improved with the Spectra X but all the kickstarter backers were guinea pigs, who paid money to get hurt

Did you ride any of these uphill? I mean, if there is a zombie apocalypse I am heading for the hills in that Lectric

The one-wheel is just so perfect for filmmakers. That hands-free is SO NICE and the fact that you can go off roading on it makes you feel much more comfortable that you're not gonna trip on something (I'd imagine)

that voiceover at the ending tho
it feels really bizarre that you can just pay someone to read your words like that
But its truly awesome

You should really try the solowheel.
So far it seems to make the most sense.
The range, the usability, carriying etc.

I took some of your footage to promote one of my videos and used it as a b roll I did leave link into your channel and give you credit for being my favorite YouTubeR I hope you okay with that…

If you're not in the States then the OneWheel Pint is definitely not under $1,000. UK price is $2,200 (£1,750 on average).

PLEASE! I being to hate, when I see some special stuff in videos for video production and in the description I cannot find anything about!
Potato! Where did you found the stuff to fix a camera on the OneWheel Pint?! Kindly help me out, what did you used! 11:56

Hey potato! Can you do a video on real film cameras? I can't find anything that explains how films resolution compares to the red or alexa.

You two need to switch the tires on your One Wheel to some with some traction. They work so much better on and off road

I don't think I've ever commented on your channel… but the VO guy with, …"and then get a tattoo of Potato Jet's face." EPIC Hahahahahaha!!!!

That's how we become the people from Wall-E, first electric skateboards, people walk less, then electric chairs with wheels come in😂😂

Hi Mr. Potato jet. I would like to ask if the canon M6 ii would be a good mirrorless camera for a begginer? Can i use an rf lens on it?

Best comment from your girlfriend. 5:42 "Every time i come back from a long trip or something i gotta act that i am happy to see you" Haha really funny!

Good that I bought a Sigma 18-35 f1.8 before saw this video. After spending near $1k on lense and photo accessories my purchase decisions are more reasonable and smart … I will just check how much Meepo Mini 2 costs locally … ups 🙂

Is $1000 a reasonable threshold for electric transportation now?! Anything I can get for around $100!? Im still a small channel! lol

Try metroboard its another company of electric skates they have an offroad one a longboard and a small one like a penny

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