Best Electric Boards & Bike Under $1,000

– Check out some of these
boards we have here. They’re all electric,
they all go nice and fast, and we did a video comparing a bunch of electric vehicles and boards a while back but we’re going to do a part two where everything’s under a thousand bucks. We have a couple boards,
we have this Onewheel pint, we have a electric bicycle,
we have a off-road longboard. This is going to be cool,
so let’s take a look. This came in the mail
today and we’re going to go and surprise Steve with it. Last time we did a whole video comparing electric scooters and
Onewheels and Boosted boards, and he really loved the Boosted board, but he kept saying, “Like, man, “wouldn’t it be so cool if this thing “could go off-road, like
if it had big tires.” And boom! I like how you’re just leaving your helmet on through all this. – Well, we were leaving (laughing) and then you’re like, “I have to record.” – I mean, that’s vlog life for you, everything takes about three times longer to do if you’re trying to
vlog it at the same time. Look at how nice this bike is, though. You look like such a badass, and then you have this
little Pusheen thing hanging off your keys. (motorcycle revving) – You put a ribbon on it?
(chuckling) – Yeah, we put, Kari put that on there. Nice touch, huh?
– This is dope. I might finally see Steve smile. – I know, right? (laughing) We got you a little something. Let’s go. – That’s suspicious.
– This way. – Oh, no way. No way. You were hoping that I would fall, huh? So you could have footage for this video. – Yeah, hopefully you break a bone so I get another good thumbnail. Whoa, okay, it is on. (upbeat music) – Woo! – The brakes a little sensitive? – Yeah, like I barely touched the brake and it sent me off. (laughing) The carving is super nice. Oh, that’s just on medium. – So now you’re on medium? – Yeah. Whoa, that’s a lot of torque, I can’t even lean forward fast enough. I’m actually kind of
afraid to put it on high. (laughing) – This is the GTS and it’s top
speed is 25 miles per hour. – That’s way too fast. Yeah, a helmet, I should
probably go get that right away. The braking is super sensitive. Right here is where you show the B-roll of me getting thrown off
the front of the board and I barely touched it. – It also comes with regular tires if you want to swap that out. How do the big tires feel? – It’s a little bit different because you feel further up off the ground than like the Boosted board. – This remote does feel
a little bit cheaper. It doesn’t feel as solid as
like the Boosted board ones. – [Steve] Agreed, yeah. – But this is also a fraction of the cost. So the range is 12 to 21 miles with the extended battery range and it gets up to 25 miles per hour. I imagine that speed changes depending on what kind of wheels you put on it, though, right? Whoa, yeah. Braking you definitely have
to practice with this thing. As you pull it back, it
doesn’t gradually slow down. It doesn’t really do anything,
and then it goes, “Gunk.” That’s probably one of
the down sides of getting a more budget friendly board like this. What was your first impression? – The brake is pretty scary. – (laughing) Yeah. Are you starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with
the brake, or not really? – Yeah, I mean it’s
getting better for sure. It takes such a subtle touch. – All right, so that is one thing that makes that really cool, is that when you’re just
on an off-road spot, you could just rip it. You were going pretty
quick through the grass, like I wouldn’t do that with the Onewheel, and the Boosted board just
couldn’t do it at all. Overall, the Yecoo board, it’s fun and it’s exciting, it’s guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush, but my biggest concern was
how sensitive the brakes are. You can kind of adjust the
different levels of sensitivity, but even on the least sensitive setting it still brakes really hard. Maybe they’ll fix this in
a future firmware update, and if they do, I’ll put it
in the description below, because for this price
point, it is a lot of fun. But we’ve got a bunch of other boards to check out, so let’s go. So, you like the Boosted board, right? – Yeah. – But the Onewheel you
could do hands-free, so you liked that, right? – Yeah. – We do have something for you in the trunk.
– What the (beep)? (laughing)
I mean, what the what? Oh, man, what? – [Kari] Whoa! – Is this hands-free? – [Gene] Supposedly. So apparently there’s
pressure sensors on it. – That’s, dude, oh my god, I might cry. – [Gene] We could Photoshop in some tears. – Oh, dude, it’s like tiny. – Just to clarify, just like Steve, I didn’t pay for this, okay? I would never buy you
stuff with my own money. – Up, up and away! To infinity and beyond! – [Gene] So apparently that battery is supposed to be easy to swap. Yeah, there you go, nice. All right, I guess
we’ll charge the battery and test it out. – Yeah! Oh, shit. (laughing)
– [Gene] Whoa! (crash) (laughing)
Wow! This thing’s got some power, so don’t do what Sam did. (laughs) This might be the best
board to shoot from, right, because you could stand still, that’s the issue with the Onewheel is that if you’re going
really, really slow, unless you’re really good, you’re going to be a little bit wobbly trying to balance on it, but this one you could come to a complete stop, film, and then accelerate hands-free. And then you have the remote
like the Boosted board so you can zip around like that, but just in case you forget the remote, because I’ve done that a couple of times with the Boosted board, you can also use your phone
app to control it, too. So three ways to control
it, that’s pretty good. – I love the size of it, it’s tiny enough that I could carry around and it’s light, but it’s also big enough that my actual both feet could fit on it, and that’s really important to me,
because I have giant feet. – [Gene] Act like you don’t know you’re going to get it, okay? Make it look like a surprise. Kari actually already knows that she’s getting this Pint, but we’re going to see her acting skills. I got something for you. – Oh! (laughing) Oh my gosh, it’s so cute! Oh! – Were you surprised? – Yes, I’m surprised. – Look at that acting! That was pretty good,
that was some good acting! I never ask her to act,
but that was pretty good. You actually seemed like you – Well, I didn’t know what
color it was going to be (laughing)
so there’s that. I’ve gotten really good at it, because you know, every time you come back from like a long trip or something, I gotta act like I’m happy to see you. – What do you– – Whoo! (upbeat music) I do like that it’s
lightweight and easy to carry. Sometimes we don’t take
the Onewheel somewhere because we’re going to
have to like carry it, like we won’t take it to the movies because it’s so heavy
to kind of walk in with. I can like do these like super tight turns whereas I can’t do it as easily on that. – This handle on the side’s really nice, I like that a lot, and it’s very light, I mean, well, it’s not that light. – [Kari] In comparison?
– In comparison it’s very light. – [Kari] Where’s your helmet, sir? – Uh (chuckles) – [Kari] And your elbow pads? – This feels good, it’s very nimble. – The one thing that I really wanted was the fact that it was lighter to carry, to pick up. – Mark has another Meepoo, Meepo, what? – Oh, I got a Meepo board, yeah. – Okay there’s an even cheaper version of the Boosted board, because the Boosted board’s what, 950 bucks or 999?
– 999. – The Meepo comes in two models at 429 and 629. – This is the Boosted Mini X, and this is the Meepo. – So, they didn’t even try
to make it like their own, they’re just like, “Let’s just copy.” Just copy, paste.
– Yeah. Although, this is faster, goes for longer, and is less than half the price. – So, motor’s in the wheel opposed to– – Yeah, these are hub motors – Okay. – And those are belt driven. – Got it. It’s a little bit bulkier down here, huh? But you’ve got bigger
tires, are these stock? – Yeah, yeah, these are stock. This is like the best
value I think you can get. Because I rode with the
Boosted Mini X riders. We started at the same place,
we went the same distance, they ran out of juice, I still had 30% and I was going faster than
them, they couldn’t catch up. – Wait, so
– And this is the cheap model. – This one’s 429 and you’re saying it’s better than the Boosted Mini X? – Better than the expensive Booster, yes. – There’s always downsides, though. There’s got to be a downside.
– The downside is that if this breaks, you
don’t know what to do with it. If that breaks, you just mail it in and you get a new one. But if this breaks, I
could buy another one and still be under the cost of that. – Right, I guess that makes sense like with warranty and everything. You can kind of see how it’s
kind of bolted on and stuff, so it seems a little
more like garage factory opposed to just like
super streamlined, joop! Like look at that design, this looks like a belly of a shark. – Hey, what are you doing man?
– Hey, hold on, hold on, I’m sorry, man, I’m sorry. – Yeah, so that’s the remote. – Oh my god, this looks like a taser. Look at this thing, oh but it comes with a little flashlight? Oh, this thing is quiet! I mean, compared to the Boosted board this thing is super silent. – Because the internal hub motors and it’s easy to kick-push, when I run out of juice on the Meepo, I just become a regular old skateboarder. – There’s very little drag, the Boosted board definitely feels quite a bit heavier. – Do you know if the Meepo has
regenerative braking, though? – Yes, it actually, the Meepo does have regenerative braking. – I mean, now that you
have the Meepo board, would you ever consider
buying the Boosted? Is there a purpose for
the Boosted board anymore? – Ah, I wouldn’t rule a Boosted out, I guess it’s kind of like the
BMW of skateboards, I guess, and maybe I got like the
Dodge Charger, or something. Like you said, there’s
refinements on the Boosted, that if you want to go for that, it may be worth that
extra price to people. – Yeah, because the Boosted board just seems like it’s a
little bit more fleshed out, it’s probably a little bit
more refined and polished. – Yeah, definitely. – So you kinda got that
name brand behind it, but the Meepo seems like
a pretty legit board like feeling-wise, it feels pretty solid. – Very legit. – So you have a full review on this? – I do. – Okay, so click right there, we’re going to go find it if you want to see the
full review on that. That might be the best value
board of this whole thing. We’re checking out a bunch of things under a thousand bucks. – I would say that it is. Like, I’m waiting for a Onewheel knock-off but no one can pull that one off. – Yeah, know, right? I think I saw one on Ebay
that was a Onewheel knock-off – It was probably garbage. – And it’s, yeah, probably. I would not trust it. – But this isn’t garbage. – Yeah, and bigger tires,
I’m all for bigger tires. – The bigger the boat,
the smoother the ride. – Now, speaking of big tires, look at the tires on
this thing, oh my god! Now this is cool, this is from a company called Lectric and it’s the XP. Now, if you’re looking for something just to get you from point a to point b, this is a hot ticket right here. You know, of course, the downsides are that it’s not nearly as portable, it still folds up and can fit
into a trunk which is nice, but I think it’s like 59
pounds or something like that, so you’re not going to be
just carrying it around like one of the other boards. And I do like that it’s a hybrid, so you can pedal it just
like a normal bicycle, or you can use the
throttle like a motorcycle, or you can do pedal-assist, where you pedal and
then the motor kicks in to just help you speed
up, but when you do that, it kicks on and it’s fun! (screaming) (laughing) – Holy crap! That is really cool, you can feel it, like for a little bit of a jolt. – I wasn’t expecting that
much torque out of it, you know, like he said,
it’s just pedal-assist, so I thought, “Okay I just keep pedaling.” And then all of a sudden,
it was like (groans). – In the pedal-assist mode, it maxes out at 28 miles per hour, and out of all the vehicles, that’s the only thing I feel comfortable going top speed at. Like the Onewheel Pint, I’d
never hit that top speed. And same with the Boosted board, if you’re going top speed on it, you’re not going to
feel super comfortable, and if you fall, you’re
going to eat it pretty hard. Currently priced at 999 bucks, this is a pretty awesome solution if portability isn’t that
much of a concern for you. So I think out of everything
that we took a look at today, it probably takes the win for
best form of transportation. It’s very convenient, you
have 25-50 miles of range, which is nuts. But since we’re talking about
boards under a thousand bucks, which one is the best value, I gotta say that Meepo board. I was actually impressed at
how good it felt to ride it. It actually didn’t feel like
a cheap knock-off version, and actually I would totally get one. 429 bucks for something like that, you just can’t beat that. Now, my personal favorite for the bunch is probably that Onewheel Pint. It’s just so much fun to ride, and you just feel so good. It lacks in terms of top
speed at 16 miles per hour, and the range and all that, so it’s not really practical, but when it comes to just ride quality, it just feels so good. Like the amount you
lean is how fast you go, so you have very good control over how much you
accelerate and your turning. It is probably the trickiest
one out of the bunch to learn how to ride, but
it’s really not terrible. If you’ve ridden a skateboard before, you could probably get on it and start cruising around
within the first 10, 15 minutes. And it’s also a plus that
it’s completely hands-free, so a lot of times I’ll be holding a camera with both hands, and I
could ride around like that, and also with that wheel being so big, you don’t have to worry
about little cracks and bumps on the street. Now, when it comes to
convenience and portability, that Walnutt Spectra X has
probably gotta be the winner, because it’s so portable. Now, it does have a small battery, so the range isn’t that good, but that’s the beauty of
these swappable batteries, it only takes a second
to swap those batteries, and if you know you’re just going down the street and back, you’re good, and if you plan on
going further distances, you can just pack an extra battery. Realistically, most of my rides are probably like a mile
or two away from my house, so if I’m gonna go to the
grocery store or something, I can just take that, and it’s not weird kinda carrying around a
little board around the store. And I think the three
ride modes are convenient. Of course, you use the remote like you would a Boosted board, and that’s how I think it rides the best. You have the most control,
it goes nice and fast, but of course, if you
misplaced it or forgot it, you have the option to
control it through your phone or just through the sensors
by leaning back and forth. Kind of like the Onewheel,
but that’s one thing I think that they could use a
little bit of improvement on is those sensors on the board. It works okay but you
can’t really, you know, accelerate really fast like
you can with the Onewheel, and you kind of really
have to lean into it to get it to get to a nice fast speed. So I think they do that
for safety reasons, they don’t want to make it
so if you lean a little bit, it just takes off. But it is worth noting that the Spectra X is a pre-release version,
so pretty good chance that the production version might have some improvements there. And finally, the biggest adrenaline rush, that Yecoo off-road board, which is fun because it’s powerful, it’s fast, it’s got big tires, you
go off-road with it, but as of right now I
just can’t recommend it because the brakes are just so touchy. Steve’s been riding it
for the last two months and he says he is getting
used to it somewhat, but still, after riding
all the other boards, they all have nice feeling brakes and having good brakes
is a safety concern. So because of that, I can’t
really recommend the Yecoo until they address that issue. Anyways, hopefully that was helpful, and let’s wrap this up
by reading a few comments from my last video, and also, we have to say good-bye
to my Jeep. (crying) I’m selling it tomorrow. Shawn says, “I’m sure that Gene is gonna start labeling random
items in the house now.” Oh, I already have, if you
missed the last episode, I was just kind of showing off this cool new contraption. Only nine bucks or something,
link in description. No, this isn’t sponsored or anything, I just think it’s really cool. Imagine if I was sponsored
by a label maker. Who is it, Dymo, please sponsor me. Check that out, it
says, “Potato was here.” I’m selling her to Carmax, so I wonder who the next person
that’s going to get it is. All right, I stuck it underneath the car. “Just label everything the
wrong name to throw people off.” That’s not a bad idea. C A T Good kitty! “The voiceover seems
legit and professional. “Thanks for sharing.” Man, I love that voiceover. If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is. – [Voiceover] Thanks
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