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Best Electric Boards/Scooters of 2019? | OneWheel vs Boosted vs NineBot

Best Electric Boards/Scooters of 2019? | OneWheel vs Boosted vs NineBot

– Today we’re comparing a lot
of these electric vehicles and I figured I can’t do
this comparison without a Boosted Board. I mean the that’s the classic. So, let’s open this
thing up and compare it with some of the other e-vehicles we have. What do you call these? E-scooters? E-boards? – Wow this is like the terminator. – [Potato Jet] That’s
actually pretty sick. We’re so impatient that we just
unbox it in the parking lot. – [Sam] Risk of serious death or injury. – I already have enough
injuries from riding boards, as you guys can probably tell. Samuel’s first ride. – [Sam] It’s super fun dude. The only thing that kind
of sucks, is like, I have to hold this. – Before we get any crazier with this, let’s go get ourselves some helmets, ’cause if you thought
a arm injury was bad, then a head injury is like
a thousand times worse. So, little PSA announcement
from Potato Jet right there. Check it out, we got some helmets. Safety first. I mean look at some of
these animals riding around without helmets. Honestly, this should
probably just be good for me to just wear this all the time. – You went and got a new toy today? – I did. – Well you can’t do
kick flips on this one, so it actually might be okay. (laughs) (engine whistling) – This one goes faster than
the OneWheel, so you know. – I’m just gonna look at
it as another toy for me, not for you. (laughs) It’s kind of weird that you
need this and you have to lean. – [Potato Jet] You’ll
get used to it though, you’re gonna be like, whoa
this is a lot of fun actually. What do you like better the
OneWheel or the Boosted Board? (dog barking) You like it? I think this is Kita’s favorite. (dog barking) – I guess we’re not thinking
about the hospital bills we’re getting. Um, is this a bad time to
tell you that I’m gonna buy Lefty a wheel chair? – [Potato Jet] Are you really? – [Kari] Yeah. – [Sam] A wheel chair? – Wouldn’t it be cool if she doesn’t. – Lefty’s gonna get some wheels too? – Yeah. – Woo. It’s probably lighter
than the OneWheel huh? – Yeah. – Oh yeah, that’s like,
way more manageable. Especially for someone, you
know, who’s smaller like me. It’s crazy cause the
OneWheel doesn’t look like it’s that heavy, but it’s
actually pretty beefy. Yeah, I like it this is cool. – So this one is the Boosted
Mini X and this one runs about a thousand bucks. They also have the Boosted
Mini S, which is a less expensive version, but
the mileage on the Boosted Mini S is like half of what this is. And also you’re not gonna
get as much power and speed. So I think it just makes
sense to go for this Boosted Mini X if you’re gonna spend that 750, then I would probably just
go for that 1000 dollar one and get this thing. This thing’s pretty fun. And then there’s a larger Boosted Boards, which we don’t have here,
but they go even faster, like 24 miles per hour, which is honestly, I think that’s too fast for my comfort. Like, I would never take it there. – I think it’s perfect. – Are you not worried
about, like, falling? – No. – Cause every time Sam and
I are, like, concerned. Hey, where’s your helmet young sir? Watching him ride that
fast freaks me out dude. – Dude. – He’s in his mid 40’s, if he falls. – His hips are gone. – He’s probably dead. – Well have you seen how many
times you guys have fallen versus how many times I’ve fallen? – And then the next most popular
one, which I’ve had for a while, is this OneWheel XR. This one’s actually pretty expensive. It’s about 1800 dollars, but
it has a pretty big range. It has that one fat tire,
so it’s pretty good off road and on road. It does have the little
brother, which is the Pint, which we’re waiting for to come in. We did put in an order for one, but that one has a lot less miles, but it’s also supposed to
be much more maneuverable. But 950 is a very attractive
price point for OneWheel. – [Steve] Agreed. – This is an electric scooter
and we’ve probably all seen a lot of these, especially
if you live in a city. You probably see these scattered
all over the place now. But, this is one that
Ninebot sent out to me. I believe they’re owned by
Segway, we’ve all heard of them, and this is the KickScooter
Max that they’re just about to launch on INDIEGOGO. So, if you want to get in
on it, I’ll leave a link on it down below. They did send this to me for free. This is actually the only
thing that was sent to us. All other things we
did pay full price for. Now we don’t have pricing
for this just yet, but maybe by the time
you’re watching this video if you check the link in the description, you could probably see
how much it runs for. What was really attractive about this, is this claims to go 40 miles. Which you think about that, 40 miles, or I think it’s like 65 kilometers. I mean, if that’s true, that’s insane. So, it has a huge battery in there. So, it actually makes it very practical, ’cause it’s very easy
to use and very useful. It’s also worth noting that
Boosted, the company that makes Boosted Board, just
launched one today actually. And that one’s supposed
to go 25 miles per hour, which is fast, but it doesn’t
have as much range as this. So, anyways, lets take these three out and see how they do. Look at all these losers pedaling. (evil laughter) – What if they came
back and kicked your ass for saying that? – I hope they didn’t hear
me, I kind of whispered it so they won’t hear. When it comes to off road, I
think the OneWheel definitely takes the win, because it
just glides over hard dirt, also soft dirt, even if it’s
kind of sandy it’s okay. – And it feels smooth, it’s kind of like flying over here like super chill. – [Potato Jet] The only
downside is that you can’t really go up super steep hills. Yeah, the front end will
just jam into the dirt if you try to go up
something kind of steep. Second place has definitely
gotta be the scooter. It’s actually decent. – [Sam] You feel it a little
bit more than the OneWheel, but it’s still pretty smooth. – [Steve] Except when you get into some of the sandier stuff. If you have to turn the handles at all, then you start to feel it
get a little bit squirrely. – The scooter, you’re fine
on like dirt and maybe like lightly sandy dirt, but
definitely not sand. The OneWheel, I’ve taken
it on a beach before and just cruised it along the sand. And it can ride on the beach
as long as it’s kind of like damp sand or packed down sand, but if it’s like fluffy sand then you’re just gonna sink right in. The Booster Board I think
actually rides okay on hard packed dirt, but as soon as it starts
to get a little bit soft or a little bit sandy
it’s gonna dig right in because it has those tiny wheels. I had a hell of a time trying
to get the Boosted Board going on this dirt. So, no thank you. (engine whistling) – [Sam] Oh my god. – Okay that does not work
well off road, at all. (laughs) So OneWheel definitely takes
the win for off road use. The Ninebot scooter,
decent, but not as good. And the long board, I’d probably just stick to smooth pavement. We should also give an
honorable mention to some of those off-road long boards. I think they’re made by Evolution. So they’re a long board,
but with giant tires. So, that would probably be pretty decent in a place like that. That would actually be really
fun, but we don’t have one. So. – [Both] Yet. (laughs) – Like literally, this is
the first time I’ve seen another OneWheel cruising around. – I seen you and I was
like I know those LAD. Taylor, dude, good to meet you man. – Taylor, hey nice meeting you too. – I couldn’t resist, I’m a
boarder at heart, you know. – Yeah, yeah. – Getting a little too old, but hey. Yeah, my insurance rates are horrible, so I got rid of the car
and got one of these and. – [Potato Jet] Oh really? You sold your car for that? – [Taylor] Yeah. – That’s awesome dude. (laughs) – I came down a, like a curb
dip, and it threw me off. Man, well I thought I broke my leg. All this is just burned. – [Potato Jet] Have you
ever tried a Booster board? – No. – [Potato Jet] You wanna try it? – Yeah. – [Potato Jet] Hey Sam you
still want that OneWheel more? – [Sam] Hell yeah. – Let’s just take that
OneWheel real quick and we’ll just let him keep that Boosted, let’s go. (laughs) – Take a little getting used to, but, wow. – I don’t know, me
personally I would still go for the OneWheel. – I know man. Those cracks out there, I
was like, don’t hit that. – Yeah, exactly. That’s like the biggest
thing, especially in LA, with all the cracks on the streets. – It’s this fault line, man. – [Potato Jet] When it
comes to ease of use, that Ninebot KickScooter
Max, easy, piece of cake. Or even if you haven’t really
ridden much like it before, pretty much seen everyone just pick one up and get on it and get
used to it fairly quickly and that’s probably why they’ve
become so popular with those companies like Bird or Lime
Scooters, where they just leave them out on the streets
and you can just scan it and pick one up and go. The Boosted Board, a little
bit trickier, a little bit more getting used to, but if
you’ve ridden skate boards or long boards before, then
it’s essentially like that except for instead of kicking
you just press a button. And finally there’s that
OneWheel, which is definitely the trickiest of the
bunch, but me personally, it’s actually easier than
I thought it was going to be and it’s definitely
very nimble and maneuverable. The OneWheel is definitely the hardest, but not nearly as hard as
that electric unicycle. So, that’s another option out
there, which I don’t really recommend to get anymore. I mean, that thing is
like impossible to ride. – [Steve] It just feels like it’s gonna dump over every second. – [Potato Jet] Now when
it comes to safety, since that electric scooter
has a pretty big wheel and it’s so easy and intuitive to ride, I think that’s the safest of the bunch. – [Steve] You just have far more control. You’re, you know, you’re using hands and legs and your whole body. – Unless you’re trying
to do it one-handed. So this is the only vehicle
that’s definitely recommended to be a two-handed vehicle. I can kind of ride it,
but is very flobbily, if that’s a word. And also, the break is on the left hand, so I can’t break right now. So, if I go too fast I’m in trouble. (scooter engine whistling) – [Sam] Oh my god. (laughs) – [Potato Jet] I think the
Boosted Board and OneWheel, they’re both pretty equally as dangerous. It’s easy to stop paying
attention for a second and then hit a bump or
something and have it slip out under you and
you’re just gonna poof. One huge advantage that Boosted Board has, is the weight of this. This one specifically,
I think, is 16.8 pounds. So, that is the lightest of the bunch, and it’s also very easy to
carry just right down here and it also doesn’t feel
very awkward to walk around carrying it, because
you obviously can’t ride this board everywhere. I love how compact this Mini X is. So, let’s say you ride it
to a restaurant or something it’s not weird to, like,
bring it in to the restaurant and just, like, stick this by your seat. The only inconvenient thing
about it is that it has that separate remote and
I feel like it’d be easy to accidentally forget
this at home or charge one but not the other. – The heaviest of the
bunch is the Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max and it weighs
in at a hefty 41 pounds. Even though it is 40 pounds,
it’s pretty easy to lift, because the neck folds
down, locks into place and it becomes a handle that
you can pick up and carry. – I think the fact that you
can just fold down the neck, you know, fit into a trunk of
a car is a pretty big deal. Let’s say the battery runs
out or something and you need to hop in a Uber, then
just throw it in any car. Then there’s the OneWheel XR,
which comes in at 27 pounds. So, I love riding it, but
I hate having to pick it up after a security guard yells at me. He’s like, get off that
thing, you’re in a mall! So 27 pounds is definitely
is not super fun to hold and also, there’s grips right
here, which makes it okay, but it’s also a little bit cumbersome to kind of carry it around. I also noticed that the
grip tape here can kind of shred away at my pants a little bit. Yeah, see you can actually it right there. It’s wearing out. And then the Pint comes in at 23 pounds. So, that’s actually gonna
be quite a bit lighter and also with the handle that you can stick on the side of it, I think the Pints gonna be a pretty good option. Okay so there’s also these
larger Boosted Boards, which are very popular. Unfortunately, we don’t have one here, but my good friend Chris from Texas. You guys probably remember
him from some of my other videos, let’s give
him a call real quick. Beep, beep, Chris Rollins. What is that? What are you doing? Is that, it looks like a potato gun. Oh it is a potato gun! – Yeah Potato Jet. (laughs) – That was four Mississippi’s. (gun fires) Woo! – Whoa. Hey what just happened? (laughs) If you guys want to see that
at 7000 frames per second, go check out Chris’s channel. Hey, so quick question. We got a Boosted Mini X yesterday. We decided to pick one up. What is your reason for
choosing the Boosted Board over the OneWheel? ‘Cause you’ve tried them
both out pretty regularly. – I use my Boosted Board
mainly for commuting, which is, I average about six
or seven miles for my commute, and the OneWheel you have to
constantly be leaning on it, which is cool that it’s hands
free, that’s how it works, but it gets really exhausting
and it’s not very comfortable. It’s not a very comfortable
way to ride for a long distance and with the Boosted Board,
once you get up to speed you can sort of center
yourself up and it’s a lot more relaxing and it’s
a little bit easier on your body to do long
really long distances with. – So you’re putting like 14 miles a day on your Boosted Board? – Yeah, yeah, on average. I’m coming up, probably, on
2000 miles on my Boosted Board. – Oh, wow, that’s crazy.
– So. – I can definitely see
that if you’re using it as a commuter, you’re just trying to get a far distance real fast, a Boosted Board probably makes a lot of sense. You once made a video where you got pulled behind a car and
charged your battery, right? How’s that work? [Chris] – Yeah. So the Boosted Board has
regenerative breaking. You know anytime that you’re
using the break feature, it’s giving a little bit more
juice back to the battery. So, yeah, I did a video
last year where I drained the battery down to zero
and then I put a ski rope behind my car and just rode
the break for, probably, about six or seven miles to see
if it would fully charge it. And it does. – [Potato Jet] That’s awesome. All the way from dead to full? – [Chris] Yeah. – Cool, I’ll link that video above as well if you guys want to see that. Oh you know what I really really want, is that electric mountain bike. I mean that is my dream. But they’re just so expensive. – [Chris] I know. – [Potato Jet] And then
I watched your video about the e-bike that you rode and I was like man that looks so cool, ’cause for me, that seems
like the perfect combination, because you get to have a
lot of off road capability and you still get exercise. Like I still want to be
able to get exercise when I take him out. So, you’re still pedaling,
but it assists you with the battery right? – Right. – So then all the sudden
traveling much further, much faster and like going
up hill on a mountain bike. Like, I mean, I dread that
process, but on a e-bike it sounds like it’d be a piece of cake. – Oh it’s a breeze. And that was a really great option. It was a lot of fun. For me though, the price
point is still way too high. Because they’re so expensive. – Yeah, we’re basically just
dead on battery right now. It literally just died right there. It’s not going anymore. Boosted Board was the first one to die. We went 11.9 miles with it,
but what I love about this Boosted Board is that,
even after it’s dead, you can still ride it
like a regular skateboard. It’s a little bit heavy,
but the thing is once you get some momentum going, it keeps going, like it doesn’t want to slow down. Opposed to if that OneWheel were to die, you would have to pick
it up and just carry it. I would have to give it to the OneWheel for the most fun factor. – [Samuel] I agree it just
feels so different once you’re riding it. You feel like you’re floating almost. – I like the OneWheel, but
for me it’s the Boosted Board. Growing up riding
skateboards and whatever, it’s just the most natural transition, plus it’s so so fast.
– [Potato Jet] And it’s like, when you get a big flat surface, then you can just let it rip. And once you start going
so fast on the OneWheel, I start to feel a little
bit uncomfortable. I feel like I’m kinda forcing it. Like I could cruise at 12
to maybe 15 miles per hour pretty comfortable, but
taking it up to that top speed of 19 miles per hour, like uh, no thanks. When it comes to
practicality, I gotta give it to the Ninebot KickScooter Max. Yeah, we could probably get that 40 miles, which is actually insane. Just think about how
much distance that is. And I also feel like it’s the least likely to put me in the hospital again. (laughs) Yeah, with like Boosted and
OneWheel like, every time, I have a little bit of a adrenaline rush. I’m like, I might break another arm. (laughs) So if you’re looking for,
like, a commuter vehicle, I feel like you would probably want to go with one of the scooters. I mean this one’s pretty awesome. And, again, shout out to Ninebot
for sending it out to us. So they haven’t told
us the price on it yet, but they do tell us it’s
gonna be pretty competitive. So, that is definitely a
good option to look at. Oh dude, that’s a bug, yeah. – Am I close? – [Potato Jet] No, on the side. I mean that just goes to show you how fast that Boosted Board is. There’s Sam just ripping
it and just literally using his teeth as a windshield. – [Sam] It was so much fun. At first I was, like, meh, I
don’t know about the Boosted Board, but now I want the Pint this much. And I want the Boosted Board this much. You see how close it is? – Anyways after that 12 mile ride, the Boosted Board, obviously,
depleted it’s battery. The OneWheel still had a
little bit of juice left at 37%, so it still had another
third of a battery to go. And the Ninebot KickScooter still had 62%, so it still had a lot of juice
left, which is impressive. Another thing to note is
that the scooter and OneWheel also have a little headlight. So, if your cruising around at
night, its definitely useful. If you’re gonna ride the
Boosted board after dark you’re gonna wanna have a flash
light with you or something to make sure you don’t
run over any big rocks. But all of them I think
you’re gonna be happy with. The thing you’re gonna
be most excited about is probably my brand new merch. (laughs) It’s actually not ready to be on sale yet, but it’s getting close. My closet is just filled
with, like, different versions of this shirt now ’cause I’ve been testing so many different types out and I’m like, ooh I kinda like this one,
but I want to change this. Let’s get another one and
another one and another one. And also there’s like so
many different options, in terms of, where to get the shirts from. And I really want them to
be like really comfortable and this one’s really nice and soft. You can see there’s a
little potato guy here, but the placement of
this guy is a little off. I need to scoot him
over like an inch or so. Anyway, so it’s almost ready. Time to read some comments
from my last video, which is all about the Insta360 One X and some of the super unique
angles you can get with it. If you want to see Sam
scream for his life, then go check it out. (laughs) I’m just kidding
I’ll just play it for you now. (Screaming) Top comments from Michael
Short, “You look like the kid from Up.” This joke, it’s still going. Is it ever gonna end? Matt 222 says, “The better
question is how many balloons does it take to lift your house up?” We use these 24 inch
balloons and it actually only took two of the to lift up the Insta360, but the helium expert lady was like, yeah if you wanna just
use regular sized balloons you need a ton of them, because
of the weight to lift ratio. Matt Lewis says, “I want
the Insta360 so I can get the 360 shot of me breaking my
arm while doing a kick flip.” You guys can totally stop
reminding me of my broken arm and my kick flip abilities. Okay, let’s try to move
past that and think forward. Lashe says, “My grandma
just died today and owning this camera is literally
the only thing that will make me feel better.” See I don’t know how to
feel about these comments. ‘Cause he’s just messing with me right? So, haha, but what if he actually did? Then if I laughed at that I
would be the worst guy ever. So the safe route would be
to just go, oh, I’m sorry, my sincere condolences. But then you don’t want to
be that super gullible guy that just like takes
everything so seriously and doesn’t know when to take a joke. So, Lashe, I’m pretty sure you’re joking, but if your grandma did really just die then I’m really sorry. Like, seriously sorry. Let’s just end the video here. (upbeat music)


E-bikes are expensive… depending on what you're looking for. You can get a 35+mph bike for $1500-ish (Juiced), but you can get the most basic of e-bikes on Amazon for about $700 (Merax). I think that would be a good addition to this video. I know one person who has one, I assembled it myself and haven't heard any complaints.

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Evolve just released their new model, the GTR (shortly after this video was made), that kinda thrashes everything in the competition. 26mph, 31 freaking miles of range, +offroad tires.

GG Boosted. Actually I know Boosted is good, but the competition means they'll have to step up their game.

8:13 "The break is on the left hand side so i cant break right now" but there's regen braking. Push the throttle the other way.

I can't wait till one wheel creates a lighter and faster onewheel called the ONEWHEEL EX for the enthusiast. It would be 25 mph, from 14 – 20 miles weighing 23 lbs

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Boosted boards kinda suck really… Compared to the raptor 2 or the predator banche, they are pretty much nothing… They go up to 26. Around 28 for me because I weigh 140lbs.

I have them all & the unicycle is the best for commuting & portability, you just need to learn how to ride it properly.

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Also how will locking mechanism hold up, Xiaomi got loose overtime and even been breaking. Also would be nice to know how capable it is in climbing hills, since it has more powerful motor but yet shows lower angle capabilities and will the top speed be unlockable as Xiaomi? More detailed and comparison review of Max with other scooters would be awesome.

I recently got a Ninebot Kickscooter (the one on this vid). A lot of people say they only got 18 km out of 1 charge, not the 30 km that this scooter boasts.
But I myself did indeed get close to 30km, & still had 2 full light/leads (battery indicator lights).
One thing factoring in, on how far and how fast the Ninebot Kickscooter can go, is the weight of the rider. I'm 40 kg, so I can go faster than the 30 kg/hr this scooter is said to go. I've read those numbers were based on a 75kg rider.

Another awesome awesome board is the Evolve! One of the more pricier boards, but I've seen it go 55, 60 km/hr on a straightaway.

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If you learn to ride a electric unicycle, you will be as safe on it as riding all the others (and you have a lot bigger tire so even better offroad and safety with roadbumps). But learning it is as hard as you if you would learn now to ride a normal bicycle.

You just need to give the EUC some time. Like riding a bike. It takes a few tries. Allow 2hrs or more. But you can have 50-60miles range and off-road trail capability with the agility of a onewheel. Bought ebikes are ridiculously expensive. They are pretty easy to put together yourself. Plenty of kits available. I have esk8 DIY and purchased complete a super diy scooter and E bikes and EUC wins.

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In case anyone is looking to buy any of these, the top speed of the OneWheel XR is over 25 mph not 19 mph (my highest speed is 26.4). 19 mph is the speed where the board lets you know you're starting to hit higher more potentially dangerous speeds.

I rode an electric scooter "Bird" for the first time in Atlanta 2 days ago and I came home and ordered the Ninebot for purely fun. I own 2 motorcycles but haven't ridden them in a long time and I don't really see me going back that direction. The scooter is fun, more practical IMHO but I would like to have a one-wheel but not at $1800. If they were $600 I would already have bought one but not ever at that price and there is no reason they are offered at that price other than greed.

Hi Potato Jet… since you tried the ninebot max; how solid did you feel it while riding? It was good or wobbly? The folding mechanism on previos ninebot models wasn’t good….

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Only 12 left at the 25% discount rate – use my referral link 🙂

Looks like we won't be seeing any more quality single wheel boards anymore now that the creator of the E-unicycle is suing everybody that wants to make them with unreasonable expectations. Which is why we are seeing segway and others only making those lame scooters. So guess my Onewheel XR is going to be the only game in town for some years to come. it's a shame.

Scooters are the "Special Ed stars" of e boards, well them and hoverboards. E scooters and the people that ride them are giving E boards a bad rep. They are also getting all E boards band in states across the world. When you let noobs rent e scooters. You're going to get people that crash a lot and blame everyone else for the death of the retarded person that rented the board without a helmet and tried riding one for the first time in busy downtown traffic! Getting why they are Special Ed?

Also, you have a perfectly good board an what do they do? Add a stick to it and give people the idea that they can or should ride the board too. If you're not sure enough to ride a skateboard then you shouldn't get on something that goes 20mph. Because sure as shit stinks, if you're in trouble a stick won't save you.

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