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Best Of CES 2016, CES Highlights, CES2016 Winners ► The Deal Guy

Best Of CES 2016, CES Highlights, CES2016 Winners ► The Deal Guy

– Yeah! Woo! CES! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Welcome to CES 2016, my
favorite place on Earth. Not only am I gonna be
showcasing the hottest gadgets, but all of the items where I’m gonna find you upcoming savings. My voice sounds a little bit hoarse, yes. I’ve been really excited, yelling a lot, checking out amazing
tech items, testing them and I also presented earlier today. Why I’m here right now,
with my amazing subscribers who keep this channel operational, I’m hunting down deals for you that you’re gonna see right here as upcoming savings segments. Before I show you some of
the items in a sneak peek, click the Subscribe button you
see on your screen right now. Many of the items I showcase at CES will be freebies for subscribers. So what are the hot items? – [Voiceover] Goodbye 4K TV,
8K TV’s a huge focus this year, which means all the TVs
already on the market are gonna see huge discounts. – Haven’t had enough of drones yet? All those drones that we saw at huge discounts during
the holiday season, are gonna be returning discounts on significantly larger
bad boys later this year. – [Voiceover] Apple definitely taking a back seat to Andriod at CES with thinner, more powerful
devices all over the place, and on their way to the consumer market. – It’s not meant to invert,
or do anything crazy, but I can walk around and create footage just like Garrett Brown with a Steadicam. – [Voiceover] Interactive
gaming that you can integrate into your home,
a huge focus at CES. – We’re gonna back up now. (woman talks) So I love how you’re able to feel every movement, every motion. We haven’t even started
yet, and I am vibrating in the best way possible. Oh yeah Brianna, we’re
doing it, we’re doing it. Huge virtual reality headset deals. Not only a focus at CES, but
something you’re gonna see right here on my channel
in a matter of days. My toes, my fingertips, my arms all being held beautifully by these very strong arms that are
massaging the heck out of me. – [Voiceover] Hoverboards
virtually banned at CES, but a lot of tricked out sports gear making its way around
to the consumer market. Bluetooth Soundbars all on their way to the market in two weeks. Deals I’ll have right here
on my Deal Guide channel. – And many of the smaller
cameras and the IP cameras attracting a lot of attention at CES. My view on this is wait. They’re not in demand because a lot of us can just shoot great video
with our smartphones. Prices will drop later this year. That’s when we’ll see the real savings. – [Voiceover] A massive
focus on charge pads as well as wireless charging, and if you do charge
your phone or tablets, prepare to switch to USB Type-C. This will be the new standard by CES 2017. Audio upgrade’s a huge thing this year with most overseas tablets coming equipped with Harman Kardon speakers, and this one, an overseas Asia brand
looked a lot like Samsung, which seems to be the brand
to copy rather than Apple. – Smart homes, not only
a huge focus of CES, but how to make your homes way smarter than I’ll ever be, also
something drawing huge crowds. – [Voiceover] Robots that can perform all sorts of smart tasks for your home, smart scales which I’ve already featured, smart locks, smart washers and dryers… I really don’t understand why those would ever need to be smart. Of course your plugs and adapters that communicate with all sorts of other smart devices including vacuums, and of course the smart fridge, something I still do not understand. – So there you have it, and a reminder, all of the big deals are just days away. The items that you just saw are gonna appear on future videos. Huge savings, thank you
so much for watching. If there’s other items
you want me to hunt down, a reminder, I will have you covered. I don’t just do tech items. I do all sorts of really
cool lifestyle items. And for all of my big
deals moving forward, – [Voiceover] Click the Subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that, and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts,
you’re gonna see a wheel beside the subscribe button. On a mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box, turn on
your channel alerts. That will ensure you’re emailed every time I upload a huge deal. And remember, you wanna
buy any item I feature, there’s a link right
under this video window. Click the Show More tab
and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome. Thank you so much for watching. (rock music)


This may have been your best video EVER Matt Granite. I watched the opening 5 or 6 times and LOVED the reaction from all the people around you. You have guts my friend. Can't wait to see the deals

Thanks for this VERY Special ! UPDATE ! Soooo Great that you are there! And for Information and technology which is coming! GET WELL Soon ! Wishing you a FANTASTIC time, and Exploration with the Consumer CES ! on Great Gadgets and Cool Items ! Love ya MATT ! Take Care, Thanks for all of your devotion and time !

hahaha Matt that intro had me dying xD You are the best dealer in the internet! You are such an inspiration and I admire you hard work so much! Keep up the amazing work and have fun at CES 😀 Looking forward to next years because I think I'll be going and hopefully see you there! Thank you so much for your work Matt♡ Keep it up bro!

ROTFLMBO! I had to watch the first part of this video over and over … a literal LOL. But I'm not loaning you my car any time soon … haha!! Thanks for the giggles, Matt! CES looks really exciting and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Kudos to your cameraperson … I assume Mrs. Matt? Great job! Great video! Excited for you to bring us back the deals! 🙂 Oh, and I just had to share this on Facebook … this video is priceless! 😉

Matt, you are so awesome! You need to record some 'Barry White' or 'Luther Vandross' while your a little horse. I loved the intro, especially the guys faces as you run by them screaming! Best line ever…"vibrating in the best way possible"! Please thank your camera person for including the 'checkerboard shorts'! I'm right there with you, smart washer and dryer….meh? Great stuff! Have fun!

Yay!! You tested the massage chairs! Awesome intro, I must say – that had to be early entry, I've never seen any area at CES that vacant. I replayed your energetic jumping through the aisle a couple of times – made me smile 😀 So cool, still massively jealous, but honestly, not of the amount of walking it takes. Hope your wife has had at least 1 massage so far.

Hahah this is awesome! I loved the people's reaction in the beginning… But love CES!! Been following it online. Would love to go one year… I love how they have 8K TVs already, while some cable providers haven't even caught up yet to the 4K. Try to bring back some cool gadgets. Safe travels back!

Lucky you….I would love to be there checking out all of the new technology. And I can't blame them for banning hover boards, don't want to burn the place up 🙂

I love your enthusiasm!!!! I am like that when I catch a perch, much less getting to see all of that awesome new merchandise! You must have been in heaven! The massage chair… Too cool! Robots? Way cool! The TVs??? I must admit, it would be so cool to have any of it! I can't wait to see what you have in store to review! Lol, you were like a kid in a candy store! I watched the video a couple times!!!!!

I'm, with you, Matt. A SmartFridge? Hmmm.
I am, however, down with the Bluetooth Soundbars!!! Looking for a great deal!

BEST INTRO EVER!!! ha ha what's up Matt..the look of everybody behind u was priceless bro ha..dude thank u,thank u,thank u so much for this video..totally awesome can't wait to c what else u got in stored for us! I'm so glad to c ur having a awesome time,while getting us savings..Matt Granite U R the best buddy!!!

Love your excitement! That sounds like an awesome place to be. Thanks for your sacrifice so we can all have great deal!

Hi Matt, please could you look for smartwatches that also help monitor fitness. I saw the martian notifier last year but I don't think it has any fitness function.

OMG!!!!!!!!! You are my HERO!!!!!! I would absolutely LOVE to go to one of the electronic exhibitions.

Your opening shot is what I would be doing, CONSTANTLY!!!!!!! Being there old be SUCH a HIGH for me.

Have FUN team Matt!

I just love you to pieces!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME !!! Hope you brought an U-haul with you,looks like one might be needed. I see a couple of things I liked there,imagine that! Got my package in,thank you SO SO much!!💜💛💜

You are the most awesome at person on earth !!!
You Truly deserve all the subscribers
You have amazing dedication
Thank you for all you do 😀😀👏🏻

Wow! I have an interview this morning and watching that intro really made my day! Thank you so much for all the coverage 🙂 I can't wait to see what's going to be available in the coming year!

This is so awesome and I'm so glad you get to go!! I'm totally jealous, btw and would have been hollering and jumping all over the place too. I'm not too tech savvy so how would that video game interactive stuff work with Mario? 😉

Lol see we need more people like you in the world. Like how could you not be excited to see a bunch of cool tech. Excited to see more from you.

You definitely weren't excited for CES lol. The 8k tv looks awesome and I wish I could try out those virtual headsets. Great video.

I love when you get excited! Too fun! I hope you have some home smart plug and smart lock deals, I'd love to start small making changes that can be built upon in that direction for our home.

I'd also really love to see some Yeti deals or items that are just as good performance and quality that don't cost an arm and leg this year if you find any. Keep up the awesome job and the enthusiasm! Happy New Year!!

Wow… one of your coolest vids yet! And that intro was HILARIOUS!! lol. and all of these "smart" items… I don't understand why they need to be smart… lol. I'm very excited to see those upcoming deals!! You rock.

omg, you are so awesome and funny in this video. thank you for getting me the best deals. I would love to win something.

i was waiting for you to do some back flips from your opening scene & lucky security wasn't near by too. {8^D who traveled with you to take the videos? great info, keep them coming!

Ever consider becoming and actor? Hmm; Your voice was  a little hoarse from all the yelling but I love your intro…Great job keep it going.

Your the best Matt. I can not wait to see what deals you have for us. You'll be giving away one the massage chairs right?!! Or 80% off would be a deal too.

@MattGranite salute to THE CRAZY & ENTHEUSTIC WAY TO DESCRIBE CES-2016 haha
YOU ARE awesome—-

smart refrigerators…it's entertainment while you stand in front of the open door staring blankly inside like something new to eat (delicious and calorie free of course) will magically appear.

Yes, yes, I know I'm late on making my comment on this, but you know what they say, "Better late then never."
Thank you very much for presenting some pretty awesome tech items from CES2016! One word that comes to my mind to describe you during this video is, "FEARLESS"! Examples include: screaming and frantically flapping arms across the CES floor, presenting products despite weird looks and stares from confused nearby onlookers, confidently wearing a backpack like a kid starting his first day of school and finally, allowing yourself to be swallowed up by a behemoth, muscle-pounding recliner. So, yes, "FEARLESS" seemed to suit you well. Take care…

Hey Matt you came to my school today and told us to subscribe so I did and I also wanted to say thank you

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