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Best OWB Slide Holster – ShapeShift OWB Slide | Alien Gear Holsters

Best OWB Slide Holster – ShapeShift OWB Slide | Alien Gear Holsters

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System was
designed to be a better holster than anyone has ever experienced before. One to fit your lifestyle because your life
is to complicated for just one holster. This one holster has the ability to shift
from IWB to appendix to drop leg and so much more. Introducing the ShapeShift OWB slide holster,
an all new belt slide holster, part of our new modular holster system. The ShapeShift OWB slide holster is made to
mirror the curve of your belt. Just so that it perfectly fits any size waistline. It hugs your body close allowing for optional
concealment by draping your shirt over the holster. The Shift Shell of the holster is injection
molded with a polymer blend similar to that found in some guns, which won’t warp in heat. Every tiny detail of your firearm is reflected
in the custom engineered shell. Safety is primary with the design of the ShapeShift
OWB Slide holster. The adjjustable retention unit locks your
firearm into place when holstered, and the trigger of your firearm is completely covered
and protected on all sides. An Alien skin material surfaces the base of
your holster providing this strong grip against your holstered firearm and all these features
combined ensure your firearm will stay put no matter what the situation. A new and improved cool vent neoprene is notably
more breathable and provides padded comfort. This material counteracts the hard structure
of the holster and makes if feel as if there’s nothing there. The middle of the holster is a stainless spring-steel
core that bends against your waistline but never loses shape. All layers of the ShapeShift OWB slide base
are sewn together with a most resilient military-grade thread that will last a lifetime. The materials used for the ShapeShift Shell
as well as the parts designed for the belt to slide through are made with a very strong
polymer that you can depend on day in and day out. The comfortably slim ShapeShift OWB Slide
holster and all Alien Gear products are backed with our 30-day test drive and forever warranty. Find more information on the most comfortable
OWB holster at


Good looking holster. But I need a holster that locks your firearm in place. Do you have any intentions of making this type of holster?

Just got shapeshift for my S&W shield 2.0 9mm will the retention loosen after time? I have it zeroed out im pretty sure and have to really yank on firearm to get out of owb slide holster

I bought the appendix shape shift holster over two months ago because I have always carried appendix but I just ordered the outside the waistband belt slide attachment and it has completely changed the way I carry. Amazing that outside the waistband holster can be worn on most at 3 o'clock and still be concealed.

Just some friendly advice if you notice these holsters are all used with single stack firearms theirs a reason for that. My Glock 19 feels a bit heavy but the iwb and owb seem to work best the paddle hostler is great for the range as it sticks out to far and the appendix holster is a bit to bulky.

Hello Alien Gear Holsters, I may have missed it in the video, are the cant and ride height adjustable with your OWB Slide Holster? Thanks!

Too bad they don't have it for a gen 5 Glock 26 after all this time. For such a popular model, you would think they'd have it. They have Glock 26 listed but it doesn't fit the gen 5 model…..

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