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– [Narrator] Dedication. ♫ Oh you make me wanna talk – [Narrator] Dreams. Success. ♫ Oh you make me wanna talk – [Narrator] Belief. ♫ Oh you make me wanna talk – [Narrator] These words can’t even begin to describe the commitment I have given, and obstacles I have faced to get me to the level that I am at today. ♫ Talk back to you ♫ Say you say you like that ♫ If I hate you then I’m someone new (electronic music) (groaning) – [Camerawoman] What happened? (groaning) What? – My wrist. Jesus Christ! – [Camerawoman] Let’s have a look. – My wrist! (groaning) – [Camerawoman] Can you move it? – Yeah, yeah. We’ve gotta go to the hospital. It hurts so much. I can’t drive with one hand. – [Camerawoman] Can you move it? – Not really. – Move your fingers. – It’s really painful. – Just squeeze my hand. – I can’t. – Squeeze it. – That’s it. – That’s it, that’s as hard as it goes? – Yeah, this really hurts. – I hope it’s not broken. – God. I’m at accident and emergency it’s gonna be a good few hours now. I’ll keep you updated. I’m sat in the waiting
room, just waiting to go in. Been here a while. I don’t know how long I’m gonna be. Just waiting for my name to be called. I don’t want any of
them to have my camera, so, I’m gonna go, gotta go. – [Camerawoman] Oh no. Really? (laughs) – It’s broken, I’ve been in there ages, I’ve had it all snapped back in place, popped it up. So this is me for the
next six to eight weeks. They asked me what color
I want, I went for white, so I can draw pictures
on it when I get home. Somehow I’m gonna drive my way home, and get back and I got some. I’ll see you at home, Jesus Christ. Okay so while I was out in Sheffield, I went and checked my P.O. box, collected everything, got
these two big boxes here, got some nice letters to open. I’m gonna open them all now, on video. If you want to send something to me the P.O. box address is
in the description below. I always open everything on camera. Oh, one more thing, before I forget, when I went to the P.O.
box to pick everything up, the guy says that there was
a box that had curry in. Somehow the curry had broke in transit, curry had
spilled all over this box it made everywhere stink and
they had to get rid of it. I’m sorry if you sent me some
curry, cuz I didn’t get it. Anyway, okay, let’s open everything! So I’m gonna save the boxes til the end, let’s open these letters. This one just jumps out to
me the most, look at this! This is crazy. – [Camerawoman] Wow, woah,
took ages, didn’t it? – I bet that took forever. – It’s a pity it’s just
an envelope, innit? – I know, I don’t want
to damage it or anything. So anyway, let’s open this thing up. That’s awesome. – Have to keep it. – Can’t get use to having this thing. – Not fitting up? Just hold it, for ya. – Here we go, woah, woah. So I’ve been reading letters off camera, I’m just going to be showing
all the pictures and stuff, otherwise it’d take too long. Life is art. – Life is art. – Life is art, that’s cool,
I bet that took forever. Jesus, that’s awesome! Oh, yeah, I’ve got a
letter here, it is from. – Love from JJ Stanley Tannell. – JJ. So the life is art, I bet
that took forever to make, the envelope was all
colored, that’s awesome, and then it’s from JJ. So thank you very much JJ. Okay, next, what have we got next? This one, this is tiny. – Where is it from? You don’t have an opener? – Well, I have a knife. – Ah, yeah that’s better. – There we are, that’s better. Have a lovely little
letter here from Jacob, thank you Jacob, I’ll
be reading that later. – Oh it’s a comic, innit? – Ah, yeah he’s made his own
little comic, that’s awesome. This is from (bleep) thank
you very much (bleep). In America it just says,
just have a quick look, there’s a letter as well,
I’m gonna read that after. But that is awesome, thank
you very much (bleep). It came with a little piece
of paper inside the envelope. Please do not show my
name on the internet. Okay, I’m gonna have to bleep that out. (laughter) – [Camerawoman] Oh god. – Thank you very much dude. Okay, the last envelope
before the big parcels. I don’t know, I can’t tell it just feels like a book or something. Okay, here we go. Alright it is a book, it’s a
book, it’s like an actual book. – What is it? Woah, what is it? – 17 Hours: Tracking Down Our Runaway, by Diane Bassett. – What is it? Have a look maybe something’s
set inside on the first page. Read the first one. – There’s just these little
bookmarks coming out. Oh, Kill’Em For the Win,
stay awesome, Diane. Oh this must be from Diane! She sent me her own book. – [Camerawoman] Oh! – Not sure quite what it’s
about, but there’s a picture of her on the back there. Cool, I’ll give that a read. Thank you Diane! Now it’s time for these parcels! Save the big one till the end, this little one’s the heaviest, okay. Hey Kill’Em, please
try and consume as much of this hot sauce as possible, no one can drink more
than a shot glass of it. I think you are the man to
destroy this challenge, Renee. Alright, it’s in it’s own
protective little thing here. – Ha, that’s really good. (laughs) Don’t drop it. – It’s called S**t The Bed. (laughter) – That looks amazing, look at that. – May cause anal leakage. Anal leakage. Anal leakage. (laughing) Oh god. Thank you very much, Renee. I’m really looking forward to trying this. Anal leakage. I love the name of it. (laughs) Okay, let’s see what’s in this final box. It’d be funny if I cut
myself now and ended up back in the hospital on
the same day, wouldn’t it? Oh god, okay. Woah, what? – What’s that? – Haunted ghost pepper flavored crisps. – Ghost pepper crisps? – One, two, three, four,
five, six bags of em! – What? – That is awesome! Woah, thank you very much Crystal! She’s all the way over
in Illinois, America. This is awesome this is gonna
take me a while to go through! Looks like I’ve got a good
challenge ready don’t it? S**t The Bed sauce and a big bag of ghost pepper crisps. (laughing) – Lovely int it. – Really good, thank
you very much everyone. Really appreciate
everything you’ve sent me. Now that I’m back in the U.K. permanently, I’m gonna be opening
my P.O. box a lot more, so if you want to send me something, I’m gonna open everything,
always on camera. Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, if you have make sure you
give me a nice big thumbs up, really appreciate it! Go follow me on Instagram,
I’m gonna do a follow spree straight after this video. Click the link in the description below, like the newest picture
and comment on it saying follow me and I’ll follow you. Go, go go go now! Or you’re missing that! Go go go! Anal leakage. Thank you for watching
please comment (mumbles). What? – Stay awesome. – Stay awesome! – No! (laughter) So childish. – Anal leakage, anal leakage,
anal leakage, anal leakage, anal leakage, anal leakage,
anal leakage, anal leakage, anal leakage, anal leakage. Anal leakage.


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