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what’s up guys welcome to the vlog
welcome back to my channel I’m Carter Shara and today we are doing the best
prank wins $10,000 behind me lives in Stover holding the last three Dream Team
money guns check this out they are beautiful these are the last three in
existence in the entire world and I told you guys I’ll be hanging on to them
because I want to do a giveaway with them and today is the last and final
chance to enter the giveaway to win one of these a dream team money guns all you
have to do is subscribe this channel right now and turn on post notifications
and you are automatically entered to win and I’ll be announcing the three lucky
winners in the very next video and guys there’s been a little bit of drama going
on here and well stove he got kicked out of that house the other day so still
even sleeping I got a nice little car I’ve been sleeping in actually it’s not
little it’s pretty spacious that’s true guys but we today we are putting all
this drama aside because we want to film a banger video for today so we’re all
coming back together as the great friends that we are and we are doing the
best prank wins and so let me show you how today’s video is going to work Ryan
you got the fish weight you hit the fishbowl what is that right there okay it’s gonna reach in there and grab
someone’s name that is going to be the person that we have to prank now we are
each gonna have 48 hours to prank that person whoever comes up with the best
prank at the end of the 48 hours will be the winner of $10,000 I’ve never done a
video like this I’m super hyped because pranks are super fun and I think we’re
gonna go above and beyond with this so let’s get started by drawing some names
out of there okay who’s up first not dating anymore so you don’t get to
go first wow that’s a drum remember you’re gonna
draw this maybe you can’t see who it is and don’t show anyone anybody so this is picking her song make sure
you get a good no money money next and there are three more names in here yes I
just picked one of these yeah just pick one okay let’s see who you get I got it
all right we all picked a name now we are gonna each reveal them to the camera
but nobody else can know who we pick so let’s find out who everybody got oh
let’s see what I got I hope I don’t get Carter that’d be so offering oh okay
that means I have 48 hours to figure out what I’m gonna do to prank Ryan I have
to think of the best one so I could win this $10,000 whoo let’s see who I got
and I got oh gosh this is awesome I got Camden if you guys don’t know who he is
he’s one of my friends he’s actually visiting for a couple of days and well I
guess he picked a really bad weekend to visit because we are doing pranks and
sorry Camden I’m going to prank you really good because I want to win
$10,000 all right so I got Liz which is alright so great because I know exactly what prank
I’m gonna pull Liz is always dropping things on people water balloons or slime
so I think I’m gonna pull the same prank on her it’s gonna be hilarious drop some
water balloons on her I’m excited for this guys I got the perfect perfect
person the perfect name I got Carter you guys already know he kicked me out of
the house so it’s kind of like a little bit of a venj back to him this oh it’s
gonna be insane it’s gonna be huge guys it’s wait for it hey I’m Camden one
of Carter’s childhood friends flew out here to LA to spend some some good time
with them really looking forward to a relaxing weekend weather is absolutely
beautiful mm okay guys I have the best idea ever
you guys know me always coming up with the best ideas common hashtag Lizzie if
you think my prank is gonna be the best one this is perfect as long as nobody
sees this this is gonna be the best frame whatever you guys do don’t tell
right all that’s left to do is cut the back
cut out the fluff and go inside the teddy bear so this is one of the longest
challenges we’ve ever had everybody ran off right after they got
their names but we got 48 hours so I think I’m kind of gonna hang out maybe
game all night stove isn’t allowed in the house anymore and he’s got one of
the best gaming setups I’ve ever seen so I’m probably gonna sneak up to his room
game the night away and then I’ll get back to pranking tomorrow
so okay we’re good nobody saw this is where we’re gonna do do the prank in
stores room kids even live here anymore um and it looks like you didn’t even
have enough time to get a second suitcase out so we’re gonna use this
empty room nobody lives there anywhere and we’re gonna prank Brian so from my
prank with Camden I think I’m a real pretty crazy on this one cuz I do want
to win this challenge he’s got really long hair he’s got a beard he’s got
everything he’s been growing it out for the last couple years and everyone says
it looks super ugly so what I want to do is while he’s sleeping I’m gonna try to
cut off his hair cut it a lot shorter shave his face see how much I can get
done before he wakes up I think that’s going to be hilarious but I’m gonna have
to wait for him to fall asleep it’s getting pretty dark you know he’s
probably gonna fall asleep soon and when he does and I get the scissors snip snip
sorry mr. teddy bear but I have to use for the $10,000 prize I gotta take a little bit of stuffing
out so I can fit inside and scare Ryan I think we’re almost there okay we got all
the fluff out we’re ready to go let’s see if I can even get in this thing I
got one foot in got to get the second leg
oh we are almost inside once I’m inside I will be able to see anything so okay I
just have to get my head in the teddy bear oh this is harder than it looks now
all I have to do is get Ryan to come up into stove’s room whoa look at this
thing this is cars Lamborghini is prized possession oh this is perfect because
I’m definitely be incorporating this I’m either gonna be spray-painting it or
taking it away from him who knows but it’s for $10,000 and I have to get him
back for kicking me out of the house so uh this might make him cry who knows
this is perfect so I need to go get some sleep and I’ll see you guys in the
morning whoa I think that’s right I think it’s coming did I get you oh it’s hot in here
uh-oh those heart bring to pull God ah I think that was probably the best prank
ever compassionate Lizzie you got my prank was amazing oh my god what – my
heart is racing why is your face all red cuz one of my biggest fears is like
things that should not come to life coming to life like teddy bears and
dolls and you’re just in this room and this giant scary bear thing scary Oh
Ryan doesn’t think I’m cute look prank complete not really scared Ryan
and um I think he cried a little bit okay well comment down below if you
think I won this challenge because that was the best prank ever
and bye alright guys I think it is time it’s really late it’s a 1206 right now
I think Camden is down there any sleep thing and I just ran out to the store
and I got this this is like a beard trimmer so I’m going to open this thing
up and this is what I’m gonna go to do to shave his face if I can do that
without him waking up then I think I’m gonna go go for it all in probably
live his hair off – let’s do this thing that’s cool yeah here’s something that’s
some kind of noise oh uh hey Camden uh hey I thought you
were what are you doing why are you awake what are you doing no I’m actually
really tired and I think I’m just gonna go to bed because it’s really late it’s
like past 12 o’clock it’s like almost 1 o’clock so I’m just gonna get it that we
got plenty of time the night is young no okay go stay up too late I think you go
to bed soon what I’m a youtuber at home videos you know that all right go to bed
I’m tired I’m going to bed good night oh my gosh she almost saw the Clippers
in the hand okay he needs to go to bed oh my gosh gosh okay what’s happened
it’s oh it’s 2:42 she’s got to be sleeping by now let’s go do this best I
got the the buzzer well let’s get this over with he’s got to be sleeping okay
I don’t see him but the lights are still on but candid okay
do you have any idea what time it is no what do you want it’s like almost 3
o’clock oh really I feel like you do you ever sleep yeah I mean I do but I’m only
here for so long so I’m trying to make sure I make the most of my time here I
want to get out like maybe what two days – I have two days left
yeah but like Kenan you can we can have just go to bed we can have fun in the
morning we all just stay up all night writing hoverboards and stuff no it’s
got red lights look yeah all right I’m just gonna go to bed so I’ll see you in
the morning no I can’t I’m literally um it’s so I’m
so tired in her it’s I need to go to bed Oh oh my gosh what is he doing we got to
take those hoverboards away from him oh my gosh guys it’s 4:50 I think the sun’s starting to
come up hey if he’s really not making this easy
Friday I don’t know if I can do this guys I only have this is the only night
I can do this because coming tomorrow night it’s gonna be too late i guy this
is if this doesn’t work I’m gonna have to think of it something else to do okay
I still got it let’s go let’s cut it Kevin please be a bad dude come on the
lights think they’re all if you might actually
be sleeping this time this looks good I think you sleep
okay you sleepy Canada if you’re watching this you’re one of my
best friends but I’m doing this for a good cause you need a haircut
and this is gonna be the best thing we’re gonna win $10,000 I’ll share the
prize money with you so forgive me okay let’s do that Wow okay well I gotta do more because
it’s not that big enough yeah we gotta go big so I gotta do a little bit more
of this and but maybe we can do some of his air to guys it you got a vote for me
comment hashtag Artur vote for this prank so I can win the $10,000 and share
some with Camden I just gotta go for it here we go I can’t believe she must be
so tired from staying up late this is literally perfect okay I got a lot of
his beer and um I’m gonna grab some scissors now okay we’re gonna get some
of his hair it’s so long I think I’m just gonna the whole thing just oh here so he doesn’t see it when he
wakes up oh my gosh guys I cannot believe we pulled that off I can’t
believe he slept through all of it we got his hair he’s probably not gonna
notice until he wakes up in the morning so we’re gonna see what he thinks when
we wake up in the meantime I’m gonna go pass out I’m so tired it’s like 5:30 or
something I gotta go to sleep bye oh I still got a prank Carter I have a little
more than 24 hours left um if you guys are wondering where I’m at right now I
am actually in the back of my car I got a I got a prank Carter win at $10,000 so
I can get some more maybe it’s the furniture for this place actually so
let’s see oh my god I got a really good one for you guys I’m going to go
actually I want to go go back to the house and I know that Lambo is there
right now and Carter loves the Lambo it is so hype I’m actually gonna take it
and I’m gonna fake call him acting like the cars about to get impounded and he’s
probably he’s gonna freak out for sure so let’s go ahead and do that so guys
make sure to comment below hashtag stove cuz I need that money
right now I am kicked out of the house I’m living in the car and if you guys
wanna know how I got this car cuz I did get kicked out make sure to go check out
my channel and I’ll show you guys how I got this car and how I set it up but
let’s get going and let’s get the the Lambo let’s do it
whoa oh man guys it’s time I overslept I was up super late last night let’s go
find Camden and see how he likes his new haircut oh hey Liz
have you seen Camden yet no stairs because he was so tired from like
traveling oh yeah okay but I mean it’s like past two o’clock
hey Camden you wake it’s time to wake up Camden yeah uh yeah you’re awake let’s
go let’s get your day started we got have a lot of fun stuff today oh pretty
good get a good night’s sleep last night oh how so what’s going on just look good
oh my clothes looks like you got your beauty sleep oh yeah yeah yeah man I
mean he looks like you slept really well super aggressive how’s your uh nice
sleep man no you’re gonna want to see this oh what’s this
that’s your hair no it’s not is it yeah that came off your eyes no your face and
stuff stop yeah Carter what are you serious see
this is all your this is your hair no yeah yeah stop
did you really cut that off yeah Carter you’re asleep in really well less
than a head – oh my gosh yo-yo going through the Explorer right
now I’m gonna kill you the back is so bad this weekend you said you wanted to
be in the video you didn’t tell me this is what I signed up for I can’t tell you
all the stuff we’re doing this is fries you have to fix this dude I can’t I
can’t I can’t all right fine we can fix it you have a
lot more hair left on your head I can give you a good beard trim and we can
get your hair looking really nice I’m good at cutting hair I promise I could
fix this but I had to do it for the prank because there’s $10,000 prize in
the line and I can share some prize money with you you can make it look good
yeah and I could get you paid how much for talking we’re talking like thousands
of dollars but we had to win this thing so that’s why I had to go all out and
really chop away and get like a make you look really good like that hi guys so I
just got to Carter’s house I didn’t want to be vlogging while I was driving
because you know safety is first but let’s let’s hope Carter didn’t take out
the Lambo it would wouldn’t be cool if you took it out the day I was gonna take
it away from him so let’s see if it is there so it’s right there I just have to
get the keys now a sneak inside get the keys without them knowing and after that
is how to give Carter a lil little call and tell him it’s missing okay today to
you right now I’ve seen two pretty excellent pranks one from Carter on cam
shaving his face in hair and then one on from lays on me put that bear thing
which was terrifying so it’s my turn to get Liz I think she said she was gonna
leave soon it’s perfect time to set up but step one make your way out to the
roof and fill up a ton of water balloons step two is wait all right we’ve got one
cup of balloons ready to go right here liz is the absolute queen of dropping
slime or water balloons or just weird things on people to prank them so I’m so
excited to get her back this time it’s just it’s been too too long that
she hasn’t been gone with some water balloons so it’s gonna be a good day oh
my gosh look at that thing look how clean and red it is I’ll show
you guys a close-up one side everything alright guys so I got the the cover all
gone oh this thing is fresh comment down below if you think this is the best
prank out of all I don’t know what anyone else is doing cuz that’s I’ve
been out of the house alright let’s get this thing going oh there we go there we
go oh I forgot I got the keys I forgot ah okay so let’s I’m gonna see if Carter
isn’t home oh my gosh there he is he’s with uh he’s with Rohan you’re talking
about something alright guys so this is getting intense I have to make sure he
doesn’t see me I need to know what he’s doing oh okay guys where’s he going
where’s he going he then went upstairs walk to the bathroom I don’t know but we
gotta make this quick sup man hey don’t don’t tell card I’m
here right now keep it a secret go home thank you
normally the keys are usually on a desk this wonderful sear on all right so we
gotta make sure that uh cover is here and let’s get the car started and let’s
go okay so it’s been at least an hour forty-five cents out of all these
balloons back here waiting for Laius I thought she would have already left by
now but it seems like she’s super busy today it’s okay I’m gonna be patient I’m
gonna wait it out I’m here I’m ready and I’m gonna get hurt I need to have the
best prank and I need to win this challenge because honestly it’s been a
while since I’ve won a challenge so this is gonna be the one let’s do it Oh so guys this is the we’re in the
Lambo we got it started so I’m excited to drive us out Carter has no idea this
is his prized possession I don’t know where he’s there and I started sleeping
or something but I gotta get out of here before he hears cuz this thing is loud
come on whoa whoa I can’t believe I just stopped
condors are Lambo so this is actually really nice okay okay Wow okay so we are
now apart pretty far away from Carter’s house the Lambo is gone it’s not the
house now so what I’m gonna do is call him pretend um an officer from LAPD and
say this car was stolen and it’s gonna impound it and he’s gonna freak out I
can’t wait to see his face it’s gonna be priceless because he loves this car and
honestly I can’t believe it was that easy to take it away from him so Carter
if you’re watching I’m sorry but this might be my new car all right Camden as
promised I told you I will fix your hair so I googled a couple of how to cut
hairs the easiest haircut is the whole cut all you gonna do is put a bowl on
your head like this and just cut around the edge of the bowl and that’s it it’s
a hair cut so let’s let’s do this thing let’s make you beautiful again let me take this home is this quarter
share by any chance yes oh okay good this is one make sure are
you sitting that for this before related news to you do you buy happen by any
chance to do own a 1985 red Lamborghini Countach but doesn’t we got the right
car okay so um mr. chair we uh we got reports of a stolen vehicle under yeah
so is under the name Carter share and so we looked you up and had to make sure
this is officer Johnson with LAPD if you are wondering and well well son I I I
would advise you to go out and see if the car is out there and let me know
what a double check there’s no way this must be a complete misunderstanding I hear somebody but it’s officer dogs in the car is
actually being all pounded and hundreds of miles away okay so what do we do to
get this out how do we oh okay what’d you get that was
what Ryan what are you doing sir I’m gonna help you um come I’m gonna have to
come see you in person and get your information and we’re gonna have to
follow right where you are don’t move and we’ll be the best possible only have
like a few hours left yeah I heard the door open I didn’t even
know you were home right I’m soaking wet my car stolen
this is not oh my god I don’t know what to do right now when your car stolen
where you see it in the garage what no that’s the Homer delivery Jesus right
here it’s not there you stole it you’ve been up on the roof
all day well I haven’t seen Liz no I don’t know why did you know I was
cutting cameras hair I don’t know what is going what no I I have no idea what’s
happening a Lamborghini honestly the police are coming to the house the
police yeah that’s bad I should probably get off the roof
hey corner cat I don’t know what happened I think Ryan did something to
him so I think it worked out perfectly the way I intended and now we’re just
gonna roll up and basically say surprise gotcha so guys comment down below
hashtag stub if you think I should win this prank competition and let’s go see
cars reaction it’s gonna be priceless hey mom yeah so yeah my car got stolen I
don’t say it coming to my house right now I don’t
know okay I’ll call you back okay I’ll let you know okay
what wait I’ve got me what that’s my car hello
where did you find this I got a police report that it was stolen stolen I don’t
understand oh yeah it wasn’t Elise is coming right
now looking for this car you know that right oh yeah I think officer Johnson is
right yeah got him hey I mean the 48 hours isn’t up
oh my goodness are you serious so it was never stolen we yeah but your voice
didn’t sound like that how did you do that I mean we got the secret little you
know a hat that changes voice changes so are you serious I’m so upset dude
you cant do that with a car spray oh my goodness I love it look at
his face stop oh my gosh how did I not see this
oh there’s a hidden camera literally right here so okay I got it you got me
good literally prank me right now it was actually crazy it was me I was a part of it
why didn’t I didn’t do anything I just got pranked – I literally just got
rattled hey that’s not fair I didn’t do this my
car got stolen so what got you hey it’s only fair for the bear though gotcha
everybody’s been Frankston though I think how do we decide who has the best
prank list yeah you’re soaked I was waiting for you to come finish my hair
yeah the police called me I had to pause the haircut but I think it looks amazing
guys this outro was absolutely insane these challenges all concluded all at
the same time it looks great so you like it
no you keep it that way yeah alright guys so I think everyone pranked
everyone right Liz you got someone how come I didn’t get anybody well hey hey
it can be fair guys if you guys vote for me right now by commenting hashtag
Carter you vote for me and I win the $10,000 prize money will be split
between me and my friend Camden and I think he deserves it because look at him
guys he is completely all pranked out right now I need the money but of course
guys you need to vote for the best prank because this is the best prank wins
challenge so you can vote for a hashtag Lizzie and the teddy bear pray you get a
coat you can vote – tag Ryan and his a water balloon I did prank at least two
people you Carter and Liz and I kind of got stove a little bit too so I think
that I should win I guess you did prank more than one tin person and then you
come at hashtag school going now the best one I think come for second
comment boys you did get me good but I don’t know if it’s better than this one
but you guys decide the power is in your hands who is gonna win the $10,000
challenge the cash money grand prize comment down below who you think she
went right now and we’ll see you guys on the next vlog bye guys I did it I
successfully cut Camden’s hair check it out give a grand tour I did it I think
it’s awesome a little round of applause for Canada for working hard in this
video so I really hope that we win so we can ensure that $10,000 I think you
deserve it absolutely


I have been subscribed a long time and missed it when the money guns where released so i hope i win! ps like if you saw all the stuffing under the bed! btw #lizzy

Carter u are making Liz uncomfortable can u plz stop making Liz uncomfortable cuz she looks so sad even if u guys aren’t together any more u dany have to make Liz feel like trash

I was watching a video and it was pz4 they were trying to find out who pz9 real name is and they founded out it was marlin

will you ever visit Stefan share your brother hr pebbly miss you and I know you miss him so go visit you 2
haven't seen each other for a long time and my name is Ethan I'm a big fan o your team and Lizzy stove ryan and you
love the vids

Hey carter I’ve subbed and got notifications on and I’ve been watching ur vids and I hope stove is not pz9 which pz9 is in project zorgo if u watch chad wild play with chad and vy

I am subscribed and have the bell on am I entered I have been subscribed since you started YouTube how do I win?

#stove because that idea was awesome carter called his mom and it was so funny this vid deserves 500k likes

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