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ola youtube- my name is Ricardo lino and I’m wheel
addict and today I’m dressed to a special occasion and the special
occasion today is I’m going to tell you what was my favorite skate material my
favorite skate gear of 2008 but before going to that I want to say thank you
very very very much – big wheel blading and to every single person that voted on
the best of 2018 basically I was nominated as the one doing the most to
promote skating and as vlog and YouTube channel of the year
so thank you very very much to every single one of you and now on a little
update on my back well it’s getting better ice I’m slowly able to bring my
left leg up which means with the exercises that I’ve been doing and if
everything goes well in about two three weeks time I should be able to be back
on skates meanwhile well tomorrow I will have a big video for this channel but
before this big video well there’s another big video and that’s the one
today the best gear of 2018 all the gear that I’m going to be talking of course
it’s not the best for everyone probably you have your own opinions but
from the gear that I tried this year I’m going to say what was my favorite of
course there was a lot of material a lot of wheels a lot of boots a lot of things
out there that I didn’t try but I’m going to say from my own experience and
I’m going straight to my favorite aggressive skate of 2018 and keep in
mind that I’m not talking about just a boot or just a liner or just the frame
it’s the full skate we’re talking about a full stock skate this skate
I didn’t skate it for a long time but the little bit of time that I skate with
it I really really enjoy it it’s not a new product it came out a long time ago
and they kept on doing some tricks here tweaks there and well I really really
like the product and in my opinion the aggressive scale of the year
was the Rosie’s m12 yeah I didn’t really skate it for a long time because I’ve
been skating with USD skates and I kept my well I can talk a lot because that’s
what’s going to be next so now after saying what was my favorite
aggressive skater of the year I need to say what was my favorite aggressive
skating boot of the year my favorite boot of the year yes you can
actually buy it as just a boot yes it was it came out in 2018 you can buy it
just as a boot and it’s again another product that was a little bit tweaked
from another product that was already existing in the market but what they did
with the product make it premium and in my opinion the aggressive boot the
aggressive skating boot of the year was the cheaper I was getting in a while and
before I actually also skated with the USD sevens but yes I’m not gonna lie the
USD seven is actually a lot lighter than the G boots but the G boots just have
that premium look and when you land the sound is so different in my opinion just
made it the boot of the year and it made it the boot of the year because it’s
also compatible with a lot of frames including the best frame that it didn’t
just came out in 2018 but they kept on coming with new colorways and I guess
everyone knows what was my favorite aggressive skating frame this year and
that was the wish frame but let me tell you if these didn’t happen to my back I
would probably have I don’t know I would I’m not gonna say that I would have
another frame as the best frame but I have a serious competitor and the
compare is the C matrix frame I just got the C matrix frame a few days ago I
didn’t got to skate with it yet but I really think 2019 is going to be maybe a
bit different now let’s go straight to the wheels wheels
what was the best wheels for aggressive skating I believe that although there’s
a lot of people out there skating with smaller wheels some people skates with
bigger wheels for me the wheel that I enjoyed the most this year was the end
retailer 68 millimeter it just worked if I wanted to go anti rocker on another
frame I could just put those wheels and I would still go fast on the wish frames
they would fit and it was my yeah I can just see it just straight saying it was
my favorite wheel off 2018 now there was something else that can be the
connection between aggressive skating and urban skating or between aggressive
skating and big wheel skating should we call it legal skating I don’t know but
the liner what was the best liner in my opinion again from 2018 there could be a
lot of different liners and I know there’s a liner out there which is
probably everyone’s favorite but I have not tried it yet it’s the intuition
liner and yes I also know there’s a few problems with it especially with the
smell if you skate every single day with the same liner I know that it’s so
little a little bit harder to maintain that liner smelling super fresh but
other than that everyone says it’s just the best I had the opportunity to try it
yet but 2019 it’s going to be the year for sure so in this year my favorite
liner is for sure coming from my feet but from my feet there’s a few different
models and my all-around liner the one that I liked the most was a liner that
was again just a second version of an already existing liner and that’s the
second skin the my feet second skin there was a new release of that liner
that comes with laces all the way to the top and that made a huge difference for
me I already love the liner before but with that little tweak that you could
just put the laces all the way up made a huge difference so in my opinion the
best liner of 2018 is the my feet second skin second edition now since I’m
talking about liners and Aaron’s book about aggressive skates what was my
favorite urban skate my favorite stock urban skate of
well there was actually the last one that I had and there was simply just
like that the power slide next 80 I said that 80 because I didn’t felt the boot
as supportive with bigger wheels then I felt with 80s with 80s it felt just
perfect and in my opinion was the best kick that you could just get it out of
the box and you had the perfect skate so if you’re looking right now for urban
scale I will tell you maybe go with that power slide next now I would also say as
a full skate it’s amazing but when I talk about the best boot of the year I’m
not considering the power slide next or even my favorite boot of all times which
is the power slide also the power slide Evo Trinity it’s a full carbon boot but
these Evo and also the next they both have a Trinity frame and that makes it
only compatible at the moment with power slide products and that’s why none of
these products is my favourite boot of the year and my favourite food of the
year I tried it this summer when I was in Oland and it was the adapt GTO the
adapt hyper skate GTO it’s fully and made in Oland by Peter and I I had the
opportunity to try that skate as a 19 millimeter skate and it was just really
really good and it’s 165 millimeters compatible for 165 millimeter frames and
they also developed this new frame this new system called the Quattro which is I
would say kind of like the Trinity but instead of having only dual mount in
front they have dual mount in front and in the back and that made that boot
because of the compatibility and the quality of the product that made my
favorite urban skating boot my favorite free skating
I appreciate whatever boot of the year but if you didn’t add 900 euros
you spent on abou dollars but if you didn’t have 900 euros or dollars to
spend on a skate as the GTO from adapt ease well I also thought of a price
point free skate or as a first skate of the year like if you’re looking for a
first kid as an adult one of the skates that I enjoyed the most I tried it in
February it it’s from a really small company from Spain collar evil and they
sent me a pair of 80 millimeter skates called the RS one the skate is I think
it’s selling for 130 or 140 euros which is not really really cheap but it’s also
like a really affordable skate and the quality of that product was amazing the
wheels were really good the frame is really really solid the boot I don’t
think these guys had their own molds but they they made it look that boot look
really really good the liner super comfortable well I really enjoyed that
skate and I really think as a first skate it’s a really affordable and
really good skate so I would say that the best price point skate of the year
it’s the Reval RS one and that’s of course my opinion now talking about
first skates I also made a test I also made a review a few months ago I bought
a skate that I claimed to be probably the best kid skate on the market in fact
from all the scales that are in the market that was the only skate that I
really bought from my daughter which is right now two years old that skate goes
from two years old and you can I think you can use it all the way up to ten
because the size is that they make so I’m talking about a first skate for kids
and it comes with the wheels are actually small and they have like not a
round profile they have like a square profile kind of like an aggressive scale
which is good for stability then the f3 wheels only because it makes the skate
lighter and if I’m looking for a skate for kids I want a light skate and
talking about light the wheels also light up which is something they
the kids like but something which is really important for kids is to have a
supportive boot and this boot was actually the most supportive boot that I
found for kids sorry the expression but was none of that crappy soft boot shit
so the kids or the entry-level yeah I would say the kids skate the kids skate
of the year is the micro MJ skate keep going let me
see what else do I have here could the big wheel frame of the year what is my
big will my favorite big wheel frame of the year I’ve tried a few and I would
love to say cuz I got so many friends from powerslide and some of them that
were amazing but again I’m trying to talk about compatibility and if you
don’t have a power slide trinity boot would be hard for me to say that this is
the best frame of the year because you couldn’t use it on another boot but I
would have to say that my favorite frame of 2018 my big wheel frame is a 165
mount it could also be a ufs like the Tri max or the ground control with big
wheels that I’ve tried but I actually this year
I enjoyed one frame that I also tried in the summer also when I was in Holland
and I’m really excited that I just got my own a few days ago and I didn’t go to
skate my own the best frame off 2018 with this being said is the C matrix 90
millimeters frame and I’m really excited to start skating mine hopefully in a few
weeks it’s a 272 it’s kind of long it looks
just like that black just like it’s really solid it’s cool it’s really
really cool and I’m excited now for this frame I’m gonna need two more things I’m
gonna need bearings and I’m gonna need wheels and by far the best wheels that
I’ve tried easier the big wheels were the under cover wheels if I need to
choose a wheel I would say the Dustin we’re best you want and the white ones
those were my favorite and if I would need to go for 100 millimeters I would
also say the mushroom blading wheel which is also a white and
as a 125 would by far the the wheel that comes on the next which is a yeah I
would say maybe the white undercover 125 so instead of just saying one will I
will say a wheel Brandon the best wheel brand of 2019 for big wheels is also the
same is small I just need to say the best wheel brand in 2019 was and their
cover wheels now bearings what was the best bearing in 2018 I don’t know a lot
about bearings I’m just being as honest as I can but
from all the bearings that I tried the one that I felt more reliable just the
quality and the price was good and it felt like they last longer without
having any problems its twin cam there’s a few different bearings from twin cam
there’s the il q7 die Alec u9i lq9 Pro for me the bearing of the year was the
twin cam are lq9 best bearing out there I’ve been using the wicked twin cam ilq9
and a lot more companies are also getting bearings from twin cam and then
they also make different I’ll cues quality and price really good one let’s
see what we have here I don’t know sending me a message right
now sorry Josh blue he just sent me a video okay so I just I just have to say
it is it so this is not a product but it is the best skate school of the year is
Josh gluey chelating camp you just sent me a message with the
videos it just came out with a with the video from the camp in Spain it’s
amazing so here’s to that there’s a new one it’s not gear but it’s the best case
school of 2019 in 2018 my head is already there because I want to skate in
2019 okay there’s actually two more two more and then I’m done with this video
so best downhill frame off 2019 dad came out well I didn’t got any downhill frame
in 2019 and that’s it for me if the rules of these would be frames or new
frames that I try in 2019 I don’t have one so there was no
favorite frame for 2019 and I’m still skating my cutter Moto’s PR 50 which is
no TR 55 which is amazing I’m not complaining and I love that cutter
Motors gave it to me less here it still the frame that I’m using this year I
don’t have a favorite frame I don’t have a best frame for 2018 because I didn’t
got one best protections and they were done
I’ve been using a new protections all year round whenever I use like either
like the sliders or the kneepads and it’s I think it’s one of the only
companies that is really investing in inline skating so that’s it not a lot to
be said so best protective gear off 2018 by far anyway there’s one more piece of
protections that I use and I just got it the other day but I didn’t really fall
with it but I don’t think you need to go out there and test the helmet to say
it’s the best helmet I guess the helmet is like you put it on and the way you
feel you just are you think it’s going to be the best or one of the best for me
was actually the best element that I’ve tried and that’s my new helmet that I
just got a few days ago it’s a pro tech full helmet like it’s a full cut which
means that it it goes over your ears and it’s a certified element there’s two
different elements there’s one weight with foam on the inside and then there’s
the other one that does an F foam which is a little bit harder on the inside but
it’s the certified one usually they say if you have like a heart not with those
ones you need to throw them away I didn’t have the hard knock I didn’t
really skate with it but when I put it on it just feels comfy and it just makes
me want to skate with a helmet and that’s what a helmet needs to be so best
helmet off 2018 in my opinion again the protect full cut certified
and with this being said I guess we got to the end so something lady should know
is that I’ve been working with powerslide and I got a lot of products
from powers lab but that doesn’t mean that when this time of the year comes I
need to say that the best product of you needs to be powerslide yes I do love
their products but sometimes companies do things that I like more and I’m not
here to lie about it so whatever whenever I test the product
whenever I try a product I try to be as honest as I can and that’s what this
channel is all about it is about me giving my most honest opinion about
everything that I try or when I try to teach you something like giving you like
how to’s or whatever I try to do the best that I can for all of you so a big
thank you to all of you if you are a company and if you want to be in the
best of 2019 well you know to do contact me I’ll make reviews of your products
and in the end of the year if your product is really one of the best I have
no problems to say it your product was the best if it wasn’t well at least I
made a review every single one of you thank you very very much
tomorrow’s video is going to be a bit of a different one but I’m really really
excited about tomorrow’s video and about 2019 so don’t miss the one tomorrow it
is if this is the first video that you watch do not forget to subscribe to this
channel there’s almost 25,000 people also doing it and don’t forget to do all
those things like if you like this video more people who watch it if you made me
a comment I’ll try to reply to all of them and there’s actually quite a good
community in this channel so whenever someone comments something there will be
someone replying it’s actually maybe a good message board I don’t know you say
it with all these being said I’m sorry for the long video I hope you enjoyed
and more important than anything else just don’t forget why we all started
skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and see you tomorrow


MY DUDE LINO!!!! Hope your feeling better. I don’t skate. But i watch you religiously. You are dope bro. MUCH LOVE FROM TEXAS!!

I agree that the Twincam ILQ9 bearings are a good all round bearing, came stock with my seba trix skates and they roll just as good as my Bones Swiss and Modus Ceramics. Aside from sound I really can't tell a difference in roll between the ceramics and the ILQ9's.

How could it be that a skate wins a category and you skated it just once when you visited the company? Same with the frame.

Great vid. I'm only slightly jealous you get to try so much skate stuff! Also glad to hear you are getting better. Here's to a great inline skating 2019!

Glad you're recovering!

Also, I'm leaning towards the Next skates for an urban setup, starting with the 80s. I really want the option to do bigger wheels later, but your review has me thinking it's not so much an option on this boot. Do you think adding a carbon cuff could help with the support? And if so, any recommendations on what cuff might work best?

Hi Ricardo. looking smart. ive been looking at those M12 roces skates for a couple of weeks. watched your review. i skate fitness at the moment but would like to try agressive so i think i will be getting these in the next few months. you talked me into it haha.

all the best.

Awesome video and I like how you are so honest even though you work at powerslide! Isnt it possible to wash the intuition liner to keep it fresh? Would be awesome if you tried more seba/rollerblade as well! I also I have a daughter soon to be 2 years so I appreciate the kids skate section! Would be nice to get more tips on how to teach children how to skate 🙂 … only bad thing about this video was the clapping 🙂

Glad to hear you're recovering well Lino!
By the way I agree about the Adapts, I like the frame compatibility factor, it's something that's missing from Powerslide's trinity system. Trinity sounds really good and makes a lot of sense? But I don't want to have to buy a Powerslide boot to enjoy the benefit of the trinity frame, Seba boots just fit me better.
Ideally, all 165 skates should have a trinity? or even quattro system, or the option of both? It's progress, right? Feeling more connected to the boot and having more control. And progress should be universal, not confined to brands.
But that's the way of business, I suppose, no getting around it.
Thanks for your input in helping us choose!
Happy rolling! Soon, I hope!
Also, do yoga, not just for now, but in future, you won't regret it.

Dear Lino, I wished you had put a picture or a view of each of these products to better visualise them… otherwise good luck for your next adventures.

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