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Best Week Ever in Las Vegas

Best Week Ever in Las Vegas

– Hey, what’s good guys? Keaton here, so we’re
officially at CES, but before we got here a few things had to play out. So I picked
up Will at the airport on Saturday, and then on Sunday we grabbed Matt who wasn’t too happy
to see me at the airport because we were an hour and a half late. – Landed at 10:50, it’s currently 12:29. – You can’t blame me Matt, you got to blame
L.A. traffic. So from there we drove from L.A. to where I live, which is about an hour
away. I showed him the apartment, we unpacked our stuff, and I just kind of wanted them
to see the apartment because he’s going to be living there for the next half year. Then
we packed a super small Honda Civic full of all our stuff and then we headed out to Las
Vegas. So the drive was quoted at around four hours but we ended up getting there in just
a little over six hours, and yeah, we landed at this really sweet AirBNB, this house is
freaking nuts. If you guys want to see a part two on this video, as we shot a ton of stuff,
drop a like rating on here, and yeah, let’s check out the house. – Walking into Albertson’s right now with
Andrew. We were just getting food because I’m trying not to eat out every night and
this is the only way that will stop me. Skunk-Bud you ready? – Oh yeah. – And when you think Vegas can’t get any worse,
let me go grocery shopping and gamble a bit, like what? We have enough food to feed a family
for a month. Came back into the grocery store, basically Skunk, a.k.a Andrew, lost his phone,
so I’m in the grocery store, no one really knows where it is, so he’s going to hit play
on his Pebble to see if he can find it and hear the music. I never thought we’d lose
a phone in a grocery store, definitely a first. Hopefully this turns up, because if not we’re
going to have to go through all the aisles and everything we bought to hopefully find
it. Dude we found your phone! I think this is a first, who loses their phone in a grocery
store? – – It’s okay, hey, at least you found it you
know? – Dude, and then the lady’s giving me lip,
saying that I can’t take my phone unless I call it. – Really? – I call it all day, every day. – One of the first things we did when we got
out here, and even before the show started, was check out the new Honor 5X. We’re on our
way to the Honor 5 Event right now, we’re at Caesar’s Palace, like, so fancy, it’s just
crazy designs and everything, and I’m pretty excited. Just wrapped up at Caesar’s Palace
back there, the event was pretty lit, got me a new phone, the new Honor 5X. So what’s
really sweet about this phone is its nice metal feel, like this guy feels super premium,
and the fingerprint reader on the back is hella fast. Something that’s really cool is
you can actually assign different apps to certain fingerprints. So my left hand index
finger opens up my e-mail when I unlock it, and if I want to try it with my right hand
index finger, right there, opening up YouTube. So that’s pretty sweet, and in general what
kind of blew me away is the fact that this phone goes for 200 bucks, and in my mind it’s
so worth it. Day two at CES, we are in an Uber now. I’ve got my super healthy tea, it’s
literally Arizona Tea. “Sugar with water,” is what Matt calls it, and a chocolate chip
Clif Bar, and that is how you get your day started. The only reason we’re at the Venetian
today is because they have some of the smaller vendors here, and not going to lie, a lot
of the smaller stuff is kind of the coolest stuff. Can you open the door for me please?
Can someone open the door for me? Alright, well, I tried. This is a thermometer that
you just put up to your head like this, and it, oh my god, 99.5, that is pretty sick!
So this is for your dog, so you can like track where it goes, my mom would love this. It’s
a little pricey, little pricey, but Fido over there looks so happy, so happy. Mom, Christmas
2016, it’s going down. Do you guys want to blaze, FitBit Blaze that is? It’s kind of
like a weird feeling control, it’s almost like a Wii-mote, like if a Wii controller
had a baby. Woah, could’ve been a leg-buster there. Oh, oh okay, I got you. Woah, this
is a lot more rigid, this is a battery so the cells are in here. Yeah, I’ll take faster.
I could totally rock with this in the airport, I love this! Have you ever wanted a $40,000
safe? Look no further than this one. Has a fingerprint support, little bit of wi-fi connectivity,
I need this in my life. They say it’s for rappers and for basketball players, but I
think your average 18-year old could use this. So this product, I’ve seen this thing before.
Basically, it’s a case that’s wrapped in this goo, and normally this goo is, you know, pliable,
super soft. When you drop your phone or it’s at high impact, it really provides a nice
shell around your phone. Super cool, I’ve never seen this much before in my life, like
this is a ton, look at this, and they got a hammer? Basically, I’m going to test out
how strong this goo is. Andrew and Matt are putting my hand in this goo, and we have a
hammer, so this is the true test if I could survive. – Hammer test, three, two… – Honestly, not bad. – Okay, a little bit harder this time. – No, oh geeze, ow, alright. – You don’t need that much, you don’t even
need that much. – Really? Alright, we’re doing another test.
Alright, Matt wants to do it to me. – Andrew wants to do it, give her a nice hard
whack. – Don’t go too hard, don’t go too hard, ow,
that hurt. So do you guys remember Oovoo? Well, I do, I used to use their service in
middle school when we were too poor to actually buy Skype video calling, So we used this,
and now they make clocks. So this is a $1200 clock here, and get ready for it, boom, I
need one of these in my house. Headed into Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix right now, came to
drive some karts with a “k,” let’s go! I got to do a clutch dump, and then we’re going
to be good. Getting ready to go-kart, who’s ready? Woo! This is a lot of fun, I’ve wiped
out three times, pretty sure management isn’t too happy with me, sorry! We’re going in for
a turn, going in for turn two! Go-karting is my life, woo! Alright, now we’re going
to take it low and slow, low and slow, got to stay under the speed limit. – Broke the go-kart. He’s currently over there,
trying to fix it. – Matt, turn it on its side. – Uh, broke the go-kart, took a turn too hard,
she gave out, she couldn’t handle it. She gave out just mid-turn, she gave out. Literally
mid-turn, she gave out mid-turn. – My arms are pretty sore, I’m not going to
lie. I got last all five times, skidded off twice, was told to “take it easy,” but overall
it was a pretty successful night, Jeff Gordon, out. Alright, I’m going to look straight at
Will. – Oh hey, hi Phil, bye Phil! – See you at the club later. Checking out
the Fast Wheel, a.k.a. Hoverboard 2.0. I’ve never seen this in my life. I have pretty
solid balance, I don’t know if this is going to work out so well, let’s give this a shot.
Gee, gee, that balance though! Just made it back to L.A., we’re at the Griffith Observatory
as it’s like on our way home, it’s super freaking nice here. You got awesome views, the Hollywood
sign’s over there, and overall, this has been my best CES yet. I want to say thanks for
Will and Andrew for coming out, and of course Matt for shooting this video. So if you guys
enjoyed the CES experience, drop a like on this video and go ahead and get subscribed
if you haven’t already, and follow me on SnapChat and Twitter because I’m super active over
there, and go ahead and buy a shirt if you haven’t already. Thanks again, and I’ll see
you guys next CES, peace. Wrap it.


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lots of fun in vegas for a 18 year old hun i went to NAB in April and not being able to many thing's in the states really sucks at times

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