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Beware Holiday Hazards ~ #smhTopTips

Beware Holiday Hazards ~ #smhTopTips

– Hello, my name is Jeremy Lund. I am a clinical pharmacy specialist here at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in the Emergency Department. And today, I want to talk to
you about four different things that your children may be exposed to during this holiday season. The first is alcohol. So we may be having more parties at home, and since there’s more
people in the household, there may be more alcoholic beverages that sometimes get unattended to. Adventurous youngsters may want to try what the adults are drinking. To avoid this, just
have everyone make sure that their drinks are covered or in people’s hands the
entire duration of the party. The second is poinsettia plants. So these plants are in
the family Euphorbia, which is a giant class of plants that are usually all toxic
to human skin and eye. So just make sure that your children don’t break apart the leaves or get any of the pollen in
their eyes or on their skin. It may cause a rash or an ocular exposure which could be pretty
painful for the children. The third thing is button batteries. Many of you may have seen
our button battery video a couple months ago. But with Christmas and Hanukkah around, we may have children with more toys that use button batteries. So I’ll refer you to that video for the detailed management
of the button batteries. But again, just make sure the children do not swallow them. If you suspect they do, bring
them to the emergency room. And last, trick question. What’s the difference
between these two cookies? Well, these two cookies were both made at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, so there is no difference. However, if you have family
coming in from other states where medical marijuana is legal, or even recreational marijuana is legal, they may come in with cookies that have more than just sugar in them. So if any of your guests are bringing in any marijuana-infused
treats to your household, please just make sure to let them know that they need to keep them safe and away from the children. Those are my holiday tips
for poison prevention. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Poison Control. Their number is 1-800-222-1222.

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