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and 3 2 1 allow you to my name is RIcardo
lino and I’m a wheel addict hi everyone I’m in fishy also known as the real mo
Fisher the real mole Fisher yeah is there a fake one quite a few let’s start with it today we’re going to
be talking about these things here sorry trying to sort everything we’re kind of
talking about this there’s more there’s more
it is a lot like sorry about the sound we’re gonna sort this out we’re gonna be
talking about these things yeah wheels beneath our feet makes our
life complete what did you write dude you told us we’re going laughs this
morning and we live now so no time to study so hello bro with the Samba Samba
Co Larry what are you doing Julian cus Castle inika Cellini is it Italian
Shalini Shalini is it an Italian name cuz aleni let’s just try to put this I’m
sorry I’m trying to look here and to look here at the same time because
that’s where we got this mr. Carvin van Calvin did so there’s a guy watching
this right now that he basically learned how to do by o5 40s or misty flips and
it just posted it on on facebook on there rollerblading rollerblading it’s
the name of the group rollerblading rollerblading carving how many views did
you add with that mr. flip do you know what a mr. flip is no you know what
about 40s no does anyone want to explain mr. mo what I buy over 40’s so usually
when it’s pin the regular spin will be something like this yeah but there’s
different axles of spinning when you go out of your axle there’s different ways
of spinning so if you spin like this would be called what’s what
the thing that you opened wine bottles corkscrew yes if you spin like this it’s
called a course if you spin like this like the Japanese Brothers it’s called
flat spin okay and then there’s a bio 540 which has been instead of spinning
like this it spin like this in Portuguese we call it the the Arab
somersault which is kind of like when it spins sideways like the side flip it’s
kind of like a mix basically kind of like flip sideways
that’s a piyo 540 how many views mr. Richard Owens mr. Richard Owens got a
new pair of swell you got the swells Richard oh you got them the off-road
skates please remind me anyway so let’s start with these we’re going to be
talking about wheels today we have a downhill skater and someone that used to
speed skate only sorry I’m gonna try to make Moe a little bit more someone that
used to speed skate only then started aggressive skating and then on the way
ended up doing a little bit of everything and still does and that’s me
Moe is also on this going the same way yeah we’re trying to learn as much as
possible with trying to be more diverse in my skating lifestyle life yeah so I’m
trying to get into aggressive skating urban skating flea skating everything
anything with wheels like I just mentioned wheels beneath our feet makes
our life complete okay so we’re gonna be talking about wills there’s two main
things when you buy wheels obviously there’s a lot more but the two main
things are you know I think the size and of course Dardanos yes the diameter and
hardness so basically of course if you’re going to be using a pair of
aggressive skates with a ufs frame the biggest wheels that you can get that I
know and ufs yeah it’s the tropics that can go one time but that’s not even
normal usually aggressive skates and till the power blaming frames came out
and the power blading frame is when you go put bigger wheels on your
SK the biggest would be like 65 s or something like that nowadays you can
have a power blading frame and you can have up to 80 millimeters we have some
different wheels here like some wheel that you can use on three skates or your
power blades but like we were saying like we’re saying the wheels will be
different right beside the wheel size can you imagine like Bart swings winning
the marathon with the 60 millimeter wheels I know that did you saw the video
that Tiago did we tried okay so you guys know Tiago Tiago from from easing Golan
I don’t know if he’s a golden I met him in Angola he lives in Paris we speak
Portuguese so anyway Tiago made a video a few weeks ago maybe maybe a few months
ago like two months ago of M skating with aggressive skating wheels on the
free skate and it looks oh yeah let me show Sally now imagine this this this is
a 150 millimeter frame oh my god is it too tight anyway we don’t even have an
aggressive skating wheel but now imagine is our ridiculous does this look like this is not even yeah this is still big
for aggressive skating yeah this is like a 65 will I don’t even know this one
doesn’t even say so this will it’s not approved it doesn’t say size of our this
Wow you wanna explain about the hardness yeah so basically as you guys know
depending on what type is skating you’re doing you of course gonna choose
different geometers yeah so for if you do want something creepier or you do you
actually want something that’s gonna stick when you go around a turn you’d
want something softer and of course the harder the wheel it’s going to be a bit
more slippery but now I have something that makes no
sense to anyone watching this but it’s the exact truth did you know that a soft
wheel is actually better for sliding yeah yes I actually experienced that
worth the power slide infinity if I’m not mistaken it’s not too hard but when
I would mean our the first layer thing oh if it became quite soft and I feel
that’s a very good will to slide with yeah like the spinners are good wheels
for that too so basically what I’m what I’m trying to say is like at first it’s
quite weird or hard to get into the sliding thing because they are softer
like you said software means grip here at least at the moment but once they
start sliding they’re smoother yeah of course they will also go a lot
faster so I like those guys that do sliding most of them they rather use
soft wheels because it’s just anyway there’s a few shout outs that we need to
give to rafa refine our continued rapid this when how are you Portuguese a
French because it lives in France but I used to go to Portugal for a while every
single I think it still does is a really good photographer
ruff-ruff I’ll continue you can just go through the guys that are doing comments
and talk with each other we got Dontae but it’s watching ok yes
that’s the peachy guy misty peachy and what else
ok we got comments saying that eeeh 236 likes on the missive on the bio 5
forever yeah anyway let’s keep going with the wheels and then we’re gonna say
that it is from both places so what 125 millimeter wheels on Trinity
are you using Tom are you using 125 millimeter wheels for Aki or you’re
using the occiput for urban skating let’s just try to understand what is
that that’s cool cuz I know that most of the people which use dry skates for Aki
because that’s the Rhine skate from from the brand that powerslide made for
Kate I think the skates come with 100 millimeter wheels or with 90s but if
he’s using 125 that’s new one I don’t know I think it’d be cool because you
can lean a lot more without the boot touching naturally but okay so should we
start with small wheels where we got here Wow what’s the small she’d start of
the smallest one which was actually disapproved by you a few minutes ago no
no I have one check this I’m about to show you something even more disapproved
but it’s the old-school one so you have to you have to stay with me check this
you know what these are these things these are rivets you know how many
wheels disk a dad tree check this this is probably one of the first try skating
frames ever it’s from rollerblade and it was given
to me by I think if I’m not wrong was Derek that gave me these two I don’t
know I think it might have been the guy that also gave me the the roller skate
yeah I don’t really remember I don’t want to say anything wrong and if you’re
watching this and if I’m not saying the right person will give me these skates
I’m sorry I’m not doing it on purpose but I just kept it as a collection item
so it’s but these wheels check if you find the core of these wheels you can
choose whatever you want they don’t have core no cool so
basically these wheels come they used to come I don’t think any brand is doing
them anymore because then they would just crack
basically it was just one type of urethane with no plastic doing the the
hub so the bad for the bearings was actually just irritating
so the normal wheel would be something like this which has like a regular
plastic hub and the up can actually affect the speed of the wheel yeah so
I’ll do for you how does it affect for me like as you know I’ve been
skating Daniel for numerous amount of years and I was only exposed to a few
type of wheels that I had like a few type of hubs but when I started rolling
with mistily no I actually figured that is quite a few different hubs on the
market of course that you get a hollow hub used for I think it’s speed skating
if I’m not mistaken and then you of course get this solid up yeah I’m gonna
show I can’t even show you three I can show you yeah three different options
check this four different options I’m gonna go with three different options
for now so these will it’s I can say that it’s almost the complete opposite
of what we just saw on that retro wheel so this one is dual do a metre
urethane and it still has the plastic about let me see if you can see it by
the way today we’re using a GoPro for this livestreamer and the sound is
different too so let us know that sound and Tom said that is using the Rhine
skates for men please send us a clip or send us an Instagram where I can see you
skating if you have a picture of you skating with those kids please show us
that would be cool just leave the link here we can check it so these wheels
these are like it says here dual durometer are the power slide DEF CON
and these wheels from what I know parcel I did this wheel and then they also did
a version of this wheel that it’s not glossy here yeah it’s kind of like stone
grinding yeah yeah and they made that wheel in yellow and in pink and their
will is supposed to be a sliding wheel yeah I think it’s been beautified with
the blue out if I’m not mistaken yes but I don’t know if that will work for me I
never tried those wheels i I know that I know that the stone grinded you retain
it’s amazing for sliding sizing for those of you we’re still learning out
the slider if you never slided before you should know that when
the wheel is this glossy it’s the last layer famously yeah this layer the new
layer get super gritty it’s super super grippy
but once it loses it that’s when the wheel gets good for slides yeah so if
you buy a wheel like that it’s like a ready to slide will but when you slide
you also put your wheels under a lot of stress so I don’t know I’ve never tried
those wheels but I always had the idea that I like a wheel which is solid yeah
the solid up and then with the stone grinded surface so then I have more
control here it kind of feels like I wouldn’t have the same amount of control
because a lot of the control can be lost in the wheel yeah but at the same time
it must be more comfortable soft a ride yeah for sure
so if you’re looking for comfort something like this these can be
comfortable to you I’m sure these will be comfortable but I’m not sure about
durability so I said that at three different wheels here that’s one of them
then we have something like this this is basically what I was just telling you
it’s like it has a core like a plastic up and there’s only one durometer of you
retained but even when it has one core like this it can be different as an
example these and these are two completely different wheels as you can
see these up it’s a lot more solid there’s like this is of course this is
18 millimeter wheels and this is a 19 millimeter wheels 84 yeah this is 84 and
this is a 90 yeah but this one seems to have a way harder core more solid yeah
but then there’s even the size of the core like we were saying can also make
it yeah what do you think it’s gonna happen like do you think the will will
be faster or slower if it has all I think it would be slower if it has a
solid up and I think it would be faster for that I’d like a more open hold hub
like no the size of it oh the size of the core the size of the core I think
the bigger the faster smaller the stronger a bit more slow of course
exactly here see this is the like on speed skating you want a really really
solid will like not solid for impact but like when you push you feel the push or
the power yeah so that’s what this is this is like a lot of really hard
I don’t know this material I wouldn’t call it plastic this is like too much
technology in these to call it plastic oh my god and look at the bearings oh
I’ll talk about the bearings after but like these like these is a really really
solid wheel and then the amount of you retains so yeah yeah because the wheel
I’d like still has a lot of rebound but it’s it’s solid like it’s like a
super-fast ride not comfortable at all okay let’s see what we got here let’s
see yeah not functional okay let’s see what else what else I’m using 100
millimeter wheels 85a on saber eager with tree wheels frame what wheels are
you using those 100 millimeters urban skate let me see what he said did he say
tom is Tom please show us a clip we’re waiting
Ricardo on-post compare our skates in Portugal and Ray andreas looking for
places to buy try skates ok guys so this is important for us at the shop here we
are not able to send anything out of ice yeah it’s hard to explain especially if
you don’t live in Africa it’s hard for you to understand but like the the
shipping services here are a little bit shocking yeah so like companies like
lightning yeah the companies like that you use like DHL
and UPS and all those they still work and those companies are ok but it’s
super super expensive and then if you use the local companies yeah it would be
a little bit more affordable but we don’t know if you would ever get the
skates so we can’t risk it so we came with the solution which is there’s a
shop called blade ville it’s from Poland and if you are buying
any like they sell everything worldwide I know that they sell all the power
slack products but they also sell a lot more products that we don’t have here
and I do know the owner of blades will for a while
so whenever any of you guys are looking for skates if you buy anything through
blade ville in the end if you put code lino you will get every now and then
there will be discounts for that code but blade will will be supporting this
channel there’s a little percentage of that skate that you bought that will
come to this channel and every now and then there will be some promotions being
made we cannot do that ongoing and that promotion has an ongoing thing because
it wouldn’t be fair for other shows as a shop it’s not even about taking 10% like
you imagine if we make 10% or everything it wouldn’t be fair for other shops so I
hope you guys understand that yeah and of course making a purchase from blade
will doesn’t matter where you are around the world it’s guaranteed that you will
be getting your goodies yeah that’s it so uh-huh you’re welcome Andre just
uploading to vmu one minute we’re gonna watch it I’ll make sure to use code when
I order my marathon setup Calvin thank you so much but I’d but in Holland
there’s also there’s also really good shops I know that Evo is doing an
amazing job there’s I’m not I’m not expecting you guys to stop supporting
your local skate shop to go and support whatever I’m doing here it’s really
really important that all of you support your local shops we know now we know
we’re talking about okay so what else so we already spoke about three different
sides of core Edward Taylor just said that the zebra
will the 84 millimeters yeah is there amazing for absorbing the rough ground
lots of urethane and small hub exactly exactly it’s exactly I imagine this this
is not again this is not a comfortable will yeah but there are some big wheels
which are actually quite comfortable so let me show you something so these and
these are two completely different wheels the size of the core looks like
actually the same but it’s a completely different way so these undercover wheel
it’s it’s the urban wheel it’s that’s a completely different wheel I skated that
was it wasn’t my first 125 millimeter wheel because those ones were the ones
that come on the mega Cruiser yeah like the orange skates but the first ones
that I had was just like the back and this it’s it Sun comparable to something
like this the second bill that I had was this and these gave me a completely
different experience I just got the power slide imperials once for ATS my
first case once I get better I want to get those orange and make it cruises 125
you something I can help you with yes the 3 125 mega Cruiser orange the good
they’re amazing if you skate on the daily basis and if you go do a little
bit of abuse on your skates try to get them mega Cruiser pro frame it makes a
huge difference you’ve been skating on the other frame he’s been skating on the
the regular program which is basically it’s kind of like a folded aluminum ya
frame it’s not off as solid as the other one
not at all guys but I’ve been putting their stuff throughout Co abuse and they
still doing quite fine I love them so it’s surviving yeah
no doubt okay let’s see I want to get I want to try three times 100 millimeter
wheels that’s cat how in the traffix frame
hey mr. Calo so I skated the da 100 millimeter wheels on the try max yeah
for a while at the moment sadly I don’t have any try max frame there was a guy
that came to the shop and that was we were runned out of of try max frames and
he really wanted that frame so that was the only option so I ended up giving
mine away and I need to get a new one but it’s one of my favorite friends I
love it cuz yes it’s not the same a lot of people think
that if you put like a three times 110 frame on a ufs boot it’s gonna feel like
a free skate not at all what what what do you feel it’s the difference between
eur/usd sways yeah even if you have bigger wheels on this way as you have 68
between the USD sways and The Imperials and you got two sets up two pairs of
Imperials what’s the main difference the main difference between the the frame
setup and we’ll set up the boot in general the booty when you skate yeah
cuz a lot of people they think that they get just a try max frame and they’re
gonna they gonna get the same out of an aggressive skate with the three times
110 then you get from the free skate do you feel any difference yeah I feel a
lot of difference the compete Imperial compared to this way I feel the this way
is it’s because it it’s a bit higher I think it’s more supportive on the top
you feel yeah yeah no doubt I feel this way it’s it’s not as a support from the
45 ah I might be wrong but that’s just the thick the feel I get from it yeah
and also because of it being a UF is compared to a race deal it is a big
difference when doing a power transfer okay yeah that’s for sure you lose all
you you lose our on that push if the frame is far
from your food yeah yeah but what I feel about a free skate compared to you to a
ufs skate is that too aggressive yeah yeah you FS or yeah or u FS skate
aggressive skate and the free skate is that the free skate is usually a lot
more wrapped around my foot okay I feel it like it doesn’t need to be more
supportive as an example if you use the powers like Kazi it’s not as supportive
as a sway but at the same time I feel that my heel is in the right position
and I’m not saying that not all aggressive skate I’m not saying that all
aggressive skates are like that I know that as an example the Sabres are they
are more of that free skating feel but it’s still not the same because you’re
gonna be your heel is going to be it’s like a flat skate yeah not done to be
raised deal like you said so it’s different but some people like it
more and I’m not saying it’s good or bad or whatever it’s just like everyone have
their own opinions yeah boils down to preference so it’s all basically
subjective can you tell me the difference between the powerslides well
black road and the swell Trinity 125 only difference is the frame let me give
me a second so let me just go through a bit of these comments there Sam a local
shop is two hours away yeah guys Kevin fun yeah he says this local shop is two
hours away doesn’t matter for your local shop is from where you love guys
remember like if you don’t have a local shop in your neighborhood or anything it
wouldn’t be that place and actually buying always buying online simply
because you’d like to feel what you’re getting before you actually make a
purchase would like to my one of my favorite lines are you
on the clients that come in you try before you buy punching them so main
difference between the swelled black rose 125 and the swell 380 125 this is
the newest powerslide Inlet I don’t have to name it sell it this was a sample I
think that’s it this is the rag this is the the frame
that comes on the swirl road it’s a longer frame usually let me see if it
says in millimeters it says 12.5 inches it doesn’t say in
millimeters I do know that something that might be there for you to see don’t
look at the bearings I will explain it in a second so you see this this is
where it should be you see the distance in between the wheels see this okay so
if you have a swell which isn’t a swell Road this is where your wheels are going
to be if you have the swirl road this is what’s going to happen so basically the
swirl road frame is a much longer frame what you’re gonna get out of us a longer
frame is a stronger power transfer yes the ability and a much stronger power
transfer it’s if you’re going to be doing a marathon as an example if you’re
gonna be doing a marathon or if you’re gonna be trying to do like some cardio
training and if you have like a flat place to go if it’s like really bendy if
you’re gonna be going between cars don’t do it I’m sorry like some people like it
but I wouldn’t do it to go I made that mistake man I did make that mistake when
you saw the video that I made with min when I went to Barcelona that’s why I
got this frame and I was so excited I love what the guys from mushroom bedding
do and they have like a long frame it’s not a try skate frame it’s the mushroom
landing it’s the the wizard frame weighs it 4 mm so I thought like yeah let me
take this one and I’m gonna love it I do love it if I need to skate fast or if if
I’m going to be making straight lines but I was with mean like
skidding in between cars and stuff and I felt like this was super super long and
it didn’t felt like like good but then two days later yeah I was flying to
Berlin and I did the marathon and then I was thankful to that I had so yeah if
you just if you’re not gonna be doing like serious training or if you’re not
gonna be trying to attempt to distance or anything like that if you just wanna
ride in your city go with the shorter frame but if you if you plan on starting
to training taking training a little bit more serious if you want to start making
like longer distances this will be like your best friend yeah and the cool thing
is that this will fit on any Trinity skate you know what what frame is this
this is offroad frame these off-road frame should come in off road boot
basically there’s that Kazi the brown Kazi
the if you guys saw me skating wind power slide Brown skate that’s the power
slide kasi off-road there was the there was the boot that I use for the marathon
I didn’t do the marathon off-road ah these do you want to tell them the
difference in between please don’t show them yet don’t show them yet don’t show
them show them difference between these worlds yeah so Matt I can of you guys
I’ve got it offered will and in my left I’ve got the 125 TX undercover okay so
basically the off-road will actually has of course to solid up because it’s
offered will but this tire below the tire is actually an inflatable tube yes
it is yeah so you can actually pump this thing full of a there you can sit here
check out see this thing here right sorry yeah actually as an
inflatable tube so before you taking it out for Cimarron put some air in them
the harder it is I think the more light it would be the soft it is the more
slower you will of course at all you won’t get much speed from it riding on
top but of course it’s off-road we will say you’ll get the best performance
using this wheel of road which is mountain trails their attacks in the
mountains and things like that even on grass you know that yeah you can learn
something you on grass as well god yeah you can go on grass or if it’s like hard
pressed dirt and stuff like that you can rock some stuff for this but anyway there’s still a lot of people asking but
my roads in where I live are really really bad can I use these instead of
these well you can this might seem stupid but especially if
you are starting I’m not telling you to do it especially because this is a lot
more expensive than that if you buy a off-road skate is usually more expensive
than not more expensive than these actually because under cover rules are
not the cheapest ones they’re good they’re the best but yeah
what but if you buy off-road skate it’s usually more expensive than the regular
non off-road skate and you cannot this is something important too
you cannot do this from here you cannot use these on an off road they don’t fit
I’m sorry let me see if I don’t the easiest way would be by showing you the
height of the wheel they just this one is wider than this same if you’re gonna
get like a 150 this is a 150 this is the 125 the 150 also needs a different frame
but other than that all the other wheels are the same width so only the off-road
skates the off-road wheels would need a specific frame yeah so you’d basically
get a 125 frame to accommodate 125 off-road wheels you’ll get a 150
millimeter frame for of course to accommodate the 150
limiter of farewells okay and Ray is still asking about about the swells so
this is really really important let me try to do something like let me
see if I don’t have like bad songs okay no but I can’t really show you yet so
this is important I’m gonna try to make this life moe
watch out because I’m going to put my feet here move away move back move back
move back this is dangerous you know what we’re
gonna do we’re gonna use the box which box yes that that powerslide the sample
box don’t show them what’s inside check this this is life I’m gonna find out
check these mo can you make the mark where my food goes but you mean the mark
until where it goes with a pen we need to do it proper if you’re gonna do it
we’re gonna we using the phone so that the phone goes like 90 degrees that’s
the cool go hi it’s fake it’s touching me go lower lower lower low stay there
here you can leave it I can take it up now you’ll see what I’m gonna do here so the pen to the right I’m sorry guys oh we’re doing something different here
today no do we have a pen can we get a pen for us dude I’m trying to show you
something but it’s not really working basically I want to show you how you
measure your skate probably it’s not the best idea here okay okay so there’s a
mark here oh my god okay you see this this is okay is it is this arrow this is
the length of my foot now let me show you something
keep it more you can keep it here we can entertain them okay so like you gotta
see it that’s the length of his foot that’s what it still was that was yours
I don’t really know what he’s about to show you so please bear with me guys for
now for now I’m going to go through a bit of these comments trying to buy my
first new skates in years that is fantasmic mine it says that’s so that’s
a comment from Fantasmic man you say it’s trying to buy my first new skates
in years but I have no idea of what I want I like the idea of learning tics
but I also want to just kind of commute and cruise yeah we use them at the
Schrader on Tuesday night key boots we’re not skating the G the ADIZ so yeah we’re trying to buy my
first gates well okay this before we just move on to that let’s just add into
that comment before we gonna mr. okay yeah so so firstly if you have no idea
of what you want that is very important you first need to figure out what you
want because of the East difference gates but for various different types of
skating also if you do choose a skate and you want to do a bit of everything
try and choose the sky that is interchangeable unlike everything where
you can actually do that mark is supposed to be the size of my foot
basically I put my heel here and then my tool with all the way here and moment
this is the insole that it’s one in one of my skates this is actually a big one
but what I want to show you is once you do this closer can be make an image you
see that mark on top the mark of my food goes higher than these powerslide later
a video this week about it what I’m trying to say here these this is the
shape of your foot this is a cool one let me try to make it with the draw can’t destroy this on these projects for
something and these one said web Africa that’s a
good one so the one that says web Africa I’m going to try I’m gonna try to show
you something so all Street guys it’s always awesome trying something new like
I said at the beginning of this video I’m trying to be more diverse that’s
skating so don’t be like limited limited to just Daniel example like ours who
about more than 10 years imagine just 10 years doing one type of skating didn’t
even slide so tell me what fun was that that is more adrenaline going hundred
case what I got here it’s really really important check this so you see this
basically here you can see that the heel and the toe area yes I see how long your
foot is right then usually the insole that you use doesn’t go all the way to
your toe area and it doesn’t come all the way from your heel so what I’m
trying to say is that a lot of times when someone wants to measure their feet
because there’s the there’s the size chart for most of the skate yeah and
most of the people the way that they measure the foot is they go when they
measure the insole it’s wrong you should not gonna have a full size then yeah you
should not measure the insole to get the right side of your foot what’s going to
happen then is that you’re gonna get like a smaller see yeah of course and
then there are some skates that are short and they’re shortened shorter than
others as an example I know that the swells run a little bit smaller than
other models I would say almost like office size probably not office size but
a little bit shorter so if you’re gonna tell your size as this is your size on
the insole and then the scale is like a little bit officers shorter then sorry
for your toes that’s it let’s see what else we got
here let’s see so I tried pasting a link on YouTube but it didn’t let me post it
so I sent a video on the lino contact form okay Tom I’m gonna check it
let me see I won’t be able to share I can’t right now
damn it but I’m gonna share I’m gonna check it and I’m gonna get back to you
we’re gonna try to answer your email we’re gonna try to make a little video
and answer it to you let’s see what else again so we spoke about off-road wheels
that you can actually use off-road set up to ride in the city it’s not gonna be
as fast it’s gonna allow you to go through a little bit rougher ground it
can be used by us by a beginner because it’s actually a little bit slower yeah
for some people but if you know how to skate if you really know how to skate
you’re not gonna enjoy the speed because this is a lot slower yeah if you go
off-road and you like it but if you’re gonna try to use these in the city top
and also what I think is if you’re gonna be using that in the city as you know
you’re gonna be riding on a rough terrain which is like toy and stuff like
that that is like a tire like um bike or bicycle tire so of course it’s gonna way
down and because of the wheels or skates being that expensive I wouldn’t advise
using it on it today anyway you’re actually going to mess it up because it
is pretty expensive so having the offroad for basically off-road is what
it’s made for it’s gonna last longer yeah exactly and now you want to talk
about something else we have to 90 millimeter wheels the exact same model
exact same core only with one difference these two
what’s difference here both chameleons the only difference is basically the
hardness which is the durometer of the wheel it’s basically just to the one is
86a and the other one is 88 a would you say one is better or could you give a
different use for both yeah I wouldn’t say one is specifically better like I
always say like choosing a skate or will order your omotola size or anything is
all subjective but of course as you know softer more creepier the harder the slip
yeah so yeah that’s I’m gonna give you two
different examples and for you guys to do so I’m sure you guys saw the video
that we tried to go 100 kilometers per hour I could never do it they did it
before we didn’t film it but they went over 100 case but that road doesn’t have
tide turns so if I want to go to that road if I
want to go I usually don’t change the wheels
because like changing it was just easy but if I want to go fast this will go
faster harder will 88a if i want to go down the Glen which is one of them the
hippies chickens and crazy Titan yeah and then I might want to slide no one
did it with slides yet but I will do it I join you it’s like a really technical
hill in Keighley fast yeah fast and super super technical in in Cape Town
and no one ever did it on inline skates but we’d slide everyone does it but you
need to do at least one tea stop or something but I would love to do it
without the tea stop for that I would use this I know that I would have the
grip but if I need to slide you can slide as well but still maintain a good
speed okay see but now there’s one thing that we actually didn’t thought about
and we don’t have different wheels here so I’m gonna go to my old trustworthy web Africa sketchpad
this back to the car means mr. Calo is actually saying the Glen is effin nuts
lol the Glen on a scooter lol why would you even want to do that
on a scooter lol don’t you love your life lol what
should someone use to start learning how to slide what should someone use what do
you mean just rolling just chill rolling Inc will i speaking wheels are you
speaking skates are you speaking frame you can just clarify that and we can
answer you properly basically the shorter the frame the easiest it is for
you to turn and you kind of need to do a little bit of a quick turn to get into
the slide also shorter frame we will mean that you also have less wheels less
wheels less foot pain less great pair so less grip slides more now that’s when
you want to start right also if you are lower might be easier but at the same
time can be harder because your boot might touch so there’s all these things
but then if you want to do like a really long slide and a really high speed a
longer frame will help you because it’s gonna be a lot more stay stable and if
you have more wheels can also help you because you have more grip and you can
trust it but it can also sometimes pick up yes and be your biggest enemy so yeah
there’s pros and cons on all these things so just chillin just Chile
rolling Inc is actually speaking of wheels and Dre if I if I buy this well
online do I need to buy a bigger size then then my foot please let me know
your foot size and I will try let me know your foot size and centimeters
measure the way that I told you and I will give you the exact size that you
should buy your spell’s also guys you will put the shoes that you are
currently waiting you will also see in the inside there is like let’s see us
size the UK size and it will also say on the label
centimetres and not all of them but I know Jimmy well I don’t know Omar sy all
my shoes are centimeters like this one is actually 26.0 so if you look on the
label you might find the centimeters if not kindly measure them if you want to
prop accurate measurement cut your toenails I’m just joking know the size
in centimeters measured barefoot with your foot against the wall and then from
the top from the front part of your foot you measure down and then you let me
know that now this is something which is also really really important and
stupidly no these guy here forgot it’s the truth I forgot to to bring any
wheels with different with different profiles so it’s actually a very
important thing speaking of wheels I know that there there are some sizes
that we don’t have all these different profiles I know as an example these
wheels like the the really point he wants there’s an aggressive skate like
this fifty nine millimeter wheels remember that the 59 one the dusting
rescue one without course yes other than that most of the wheels have like a
round shape or more like a flat shape but as an example I never saw a 125 with
a flat oh my god with a flat shape like these but usually 125s are more like
these to the bullet and the round profile the thing is usually these type
of will like a more pointer one will when you’re all black let me see someone
was saying that they like the Geodude so here we go just 13 G’s 13 is a little
bit point here then this is also not new but usually when
new it’s a little bit pointer than these what I’m trying to say he is like the
when it’s like a pointer wheel there’s less surface touching the ground which
will make your wheel roll faster of course but if it’s really really pointy
like this if it’s really really pointy when you turn then you’re gonna have a
lot more surface touching as when it’s completely round when there’s a
completely round shape it’s you’re gonna have the same feeling either if you like
these or if you try to or when you turn now something which is important is
obviously the wheels will not stay new forever so the more you use them the
more you can actually make them go this way you can actually make every wheel
this way because we have these bearings and then with these bearings you can
just Dremel it to make a flat one 2525 that with that hub these bearings a lot
I’m good I’m about to show you the best bearings in the market right now do it
we can’t check this is the best bearing in the market right now so this one is
coming from the South Pole I got it from a penguin yeah it’s it’s called the PW
25 ZX basically I don’t even know you know if you saw that was a video that I
made with the woman that I called the worst skates ever and then I made
another video with the same wheels from those skates on my USD aliens and they
had these bearings so what happens is it’s not even a big offer this is
this is too bad this is this is one of those that the first thing is that the
bearing itself I don’t even know I call that part the cage it’s thinner then it
comes with off of it comes with off of I call that spacer the other spacer off of
the spacer on each side of the bearing but it’s it’s really bad
look it’s it’s a really bad but why do I have it on the fast wheels on the market
because the wheels are fast we use these as as a door do I stop them yeah if I
would put like a flat if I would put a flat bearing yeah it wouldn’t like the
height that we need to stop the door so it’s DIY we open the door we put this
into the door and the door won’t close anymore so if you come to this building
and if you see a door with the will that you know it’s leaner Sketch up guys
what’s happening here what’s happening I think we had a problem here with a GoPro
sorry guys I’m gonna try to do sort this out I
don’t know what happened we know that using visuals guys please
let us know if the East Alodia the comments and still I think it’s not
working to act with you guys let’s see we are still here we are still here and so those meetings that Ricardo was
showing you guys now to make it a bit more clear that is like a wicked bedding
compared to a Walmart bidding try to change the camera it’s gonna be really
really different with GoPro – proper camera I am not sure
more you can you can check with them if they need anything you can get them a
coffee what do you is working thanks gave the
most smile I’m trying to like not smile all the time I think the GoPro just didn’t like us
because we took too long check this we are back and I’m smiling
mister give lose we’re back so I guess we’ve been taking too long doing these I
hope you guys enjoy this one we try to help you let me just show you two more
wheels just two more you can show that one first there will I think it’s not in
the market anymore but that’s a 105 millimeter will it’s hard to get I got a
few of these last year and it’s the matter juice 125 emt I think yeah 105
705 it even says how heavy it is it’s actually super super light
it’s so it says 125 grams per wheel and these will Greg Fraser was the one
skating with him he skated them on is 110 skate and he said it was Greg is
actually really really good with slides and he said it was so so creepy that he
couldn’t slide I never tried it I never really tried it but that’s kind of weird
that a will does allow you to slide but it’s it’s a it’s
the f3 all around 105 so check this will if I have the and I’ll try to check with
Greg to see if he has more of these if she still has the Wilson I’ll I would
like to try them maybe and now this is another wheel which is a cool will this
one this is the one that we spoke last week I think more even posted on his
Instagram right yeah so this will is the power slide spinner 110 88 a
glow-in-the-dark I think we just missed something on this wheel recorder so
let’s just go back to this wheel for a few seconds so would you begin to
explain on this hub compared to the other you can do so basically this hub
on this method use 105 all around f3 will it’s actually two pieces of ABS so
it’s like say this is the one side of lab this is the other and it’s actually
put together like that we as these wheels over here it’s like one hub where
you can fit both bearings in it this one OVA is actually two sides fitted
together with some some grooves or something like that that just sits it’s
two pieces up guys it’s way different to all the other apps that you guys so now
means the reason why it’s so very light this wheels use for speed skating I
think it’s the indoor wheel I’m not sure but they use it a lot for indoor now
check this what’s crazy about this one you see this this and these are the same
these will glows in the dark it’s not one of those that when they spin it
lights up not a photon yeah it’s not a photon so keV is asking you about the
photon wheel that’s another tap do we have any photon I think we do it when I
get one of those yeah so just to finish okay we’ve been finishing this for a
while just one more okay so how long
so they light up now yeah so basically it’s it’s hard to explain I don’t really
know how these works but I know if they get a lot more light if you put them
under like a light or something like that and then you put them in the dark
they really light up it’s hard to explain okay so those wheels basically
you like actually expose them to direct sunlight or your flash or any light like
that so these ones those ones don’t need these that I’m gonna show you on these
so these ones are the photon wheels hey you can’t really see it when I was
trying to show sorry guys so these ones let me show you something
in the middle let me take both parents so you can see it you see those metal
things there you see it in the middle in the up okay so these things you’re gonna
put a bearing ah and then you’re gonna put these this is really important you
gonna put these here and then you put the other now those two bearings are
making pressure I like pressuring that spacer that
spacer is using the same technology do you remember those wheels on the box I
think it’s called a dynamo yeah yeah something like you put something against
the front wheel of your bike and because that is spinning it’s going to make your
will light up yeah it’s the exact same technology basically these bearings are
making pressure on that inner space that actually it’s magnetic yeah which is
actually spinning so here you don’t really see but if you go fast we would
need to go darkus you we can see it but probably you can’t see it because it’s
too much light here I guess that’s it huh yeah important is
one thing or not these wheels are going to be slower than the radio
do you feel like we’re slower yeah dude I couldn’t skate that stuff it’s like
dude I could run and I just like walking guys it’s so slow I don’t I don’t really
skate them have you never tried them I scared him on the roller skates I did
yeah which ones these ones or yeah which ones because they’re different
these ones I’m about to make a video about the skate so I need to make a
video about the full skate and then I will be talking about the whole thing
these ones it’s not really my thing I’ve done one about roller skating photon
wheels and I made a video with my wife scaling D my wife and three friends over
skating with these so Cape Town and all the girls were all the girls we do you
okay I think there’s a few comments that we can I have to attend to
there was one further up that actually caught my attention it’s like a live
podcast hi guys if I get a pair of skates with 100 in Kenema wheels and
after the wheels are worn out of place with these stupid figures 90 meters No
so you should know that for a long time and I still do it sometimes I use a 125
frame with the one with 110 wheels why because I like the length of the 125
which is usually 2 55 millimeters and usually the one tens are 243 millimeters
so I like a little bit of a longer frame not like I said before if I’m gonna
skate in the in the city I feel like this is too long to skate in between
cars but a 250 or 260 feels perfect to me so no you’re not stupid
is whatever you want like we just said in the beginning of this video
Thiago did a video of him skating video like it’s not about beating any tiny
wheel that was obviously that was going extreme but what I’m trying to say with
DS is like and you’re free to do whatever you want whatever you like yeah
okay the reason why skates went to 150 s in
one turns and anti rockers is because someone challenged the regular thoughts
yeah one shot something different and if you don’t try it I never know yeah like
I always say guys are all to try and fail and fail to try yeah perfect so
guys what we gonna do is we gonna end up this video for now I’m sorry that we
could not answer all the questions it’s Friday it’s 1:00 p.m. we’ve been doing
this for an hour now and I hope you guys understand that we’d really need to get
back to workers otherwise we want to have nothing done this week so I hope
you guys enjoyed this one I hope you learned something today feel free to
drop us a comment if you want us to do any of this I wouldn’t call it a podcast
but it’s a little bit of like a Q&A with whatever we would like to do it every
Friday so if you have an idea for a theme for next week
more than welcome to drop us a comment anything else protection is number-one
priority and rather try and fill then fail to draw it you are limited to
nothing so yeah and don’t forget it all started skating because it’s fun cheers
guys Andre sorry just to finish this Andre send me an email it’s gonna be
easier I’m gonna reply to you okay bye guys thank you so much for watching this
and hope to see you all


Hola Ricardo! I have a question. Is a harder wheel better for larger skaters? I am just under 6ft(71 inches/180.34 cm to be exact), and roughly 240 lb (109 kg). I want to try the UC Lion 110mm 88a wheels and I wonder if there's anything I should know about them. I typically skate Rollerblade Hydrogen wheels which are 85a and I think the highest I have gone is 86a. Thanks for your help! Love the channel… keep up the good work!

Hi! Could you make a video about quad skate wheels? Like which are good for outdoors, indoors, park,…? You can find everythin and nothing on internet so I'd love to get a video from you! Cheers from France 🙂

Couldnt watch the rest live but came back to see what you guys were up to! Yeah.. I have the Imperial SUVs with those air tyres. What youve said is absolutely right… they're SLOW. On my ice skates, I love the speed and up to now, I can only go maybe 1/4 of the speed I can do on ice. Hey, they are so fun though!!! I was thinking after this vid about getting a road wheel frame so I can switch from one to the other.

Just became a proud supporter. I couldn't justify not anymore. Thank you for being so dedicated. Much love from Colorado!

Hope you guys dont mind, but please sub to my channel, Its all about RAW edits of a 34 year old guy getting back into roller blading and showing daily progression, i seeking for friends to have virtual motivation and help each others out to keep motivated and keep pushing even if there are no roller bladers at your skatepark.

Great job as usual 😉 Can't do feedback on sound etc, cause I have crappy speakers 😉
I wanted to order Next megacruisers but my supplier just told me 10+ weeks because next boots are not available yet, so looking for a temporary replacement. I need skates earlier.
Asked him also for difference between megacruisers and pro version – what's the reason of price difference. Was told only the wheels (ordinary PS vs Under Cover) and that the frames – casted Al are the same. You said that with Imperial megacruisers it's better to go for Pro version for the better frame.
Quick question on frames: in urban skating use (mostly skating, sometimes stairs, jumps), can you feel difference between the CNC frame and the casted Al one (swell 125 trinity city 2018)… so that I'd skate swells now and just buy the next boot when it's finally available… haven't seen the Next megacruiser with CNC 125 frames so far, only the casted ones? But my shop has issues with product pictures on websites and it may not show the right products 🙁

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