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BMW Scares Employees With Tesla, Waymo Public Tests, LEAF AT-EV, T.E.N. Future Car News 4/28/2017

BMW Scares Employees With Tesla, Waymo Public Tests, LEAF AT-EV, T.E.N. Future Car News 4/28/2017

Coming up on today’s show: BMW uses fear
of Tesla to motivate its employees, Waymo launches public self-driving car trail in
Phoenix, Arizona, and the Nissan LEAF that’s driving from the UK all the way to Mongolia. No, Seriously. These stories and more, coming next on TEN. Like all our content, today’s show is funded
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your continued support. It’s Friday April Twenty-Eighth Twenty Seventeen,
I’m Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and this is TEN, the automotive equivalent to This Week
Tonight, but with less John Oliver, Donald Trump, and Lolz. As recently as a year ago, luxury German brands
like BMW, Daimler and Audi were playing it cool, telling anyone who would listen that
they were far from scared of upstart Tesla and its range of super-fast, all-electric
cars. But in recent weeks, Daimler, Audi and Porsche
have all admitted that Tesla is a major threat to their established market share — and this
week we learned that BMW is actually leveraging fear of Tesla among its employees to encourage
them to do everything they can to work hard to help BMW catch up with Tesla’s electric
lead. As Elisabeth Behrmann of Bloomberg reports,
BMW has been holding regular “pep rally / horror film”showings, complete with images
of rival luxury cars, and Elon Musk. The message? That the auto industry is in the midst of
an electric assault which must be taken very seriously, and that BMW needs to do everything
it can to develop electric vehicles which are better than Tesla’s. Following the slashing of Model S 60 and 60D
battery unlock prices earlier this month, Tesla has confirmed this week that it has
slashed the battery capacity unlock price for Tesla Model X 60D owners to just four
thousand U.S. dollars. Yes, it’s still twice the unlock price for
the Model S 60 and 60D, but this particular upgrade is more attractive than ever before
for Model X owners. While I’m on the subject of Tesla unlocks,
I should note here that Tesla has begun pushing a new software update to all Tesla cars fitted
with Autopilot 2.0 hardware which should activate Automatic Emergency Braking on these cars
and finally bring Tesla Autopilot 2.0 cars in feature parity with Tesla Autopilot 1.0
cars It’s taken longer than Tesla had originally
planned, but here’s hoping the upgrade push goes without a hitch, and finally makes Tesla
Autopilot 2.0 owners a little happier. Talking of fun, it seems owners of the Chevrolet
Bolt EV — all three and a half thousand of them so far — seem to be making plenty of
use of the two hundred and thirty-eight miles of EPA-approved range that each Bolt EV is
capable of. So much so that as of April second, the three
thousand four hundred and ninety-two Bolt EV owners in the U.S. who had their cars at
that point had totalled more than four point five million cumulative miles of zero tailpipe
emission driving, with one owner managing three hundred and ten miles on a single charge
and on a continuous trip. But it also admits that the average Bolt EV
owner covers just 53 miles per day in their car, something that will make hardened EV
fans laugh, since they’ve been telling us that 100-mile electric cars have been suitable
for the needs of 95 percent of the population for years. Still, I guess that extra hundred and eighty-five
miles is useful for long-distance trips right? I mean, that’s why I’d buy a longer-range
car (and probably will at some point). While most of us will likely stay buying plug-in
cars for some time, Alphabet’s self-driving arm Waymo has just launched a new program
in Phoenix, Arizona which not only previews the day when we may not be owning our own
cars but also not driving them. The first-ever public trail of its fully-autonomous
vehicle program, Waymo is inviting residents in the greater Phoenix metro area, including
Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Mesa, to sign up to become “early riders” in its autonomous
vehicle program. With five hundred cars — and five hundred
trailed ‘drivers’ monitoring the vehicles at all times, it’s a great way to experience
autonomous vehicles first hand — and to get a free ride, because there’s no charge to
take part. Head to Waymo dot com to find out more. Back to Tesla now with four quick updates
regarding Model 3. At the start of this week Tesla announced
it would be doubling the number of Supercharger stations around the world in preparation for
Model 3’s launch, expanding existing sites and building new ones, with some sites primed
to get several dozen stalls each. It’s been met with applause from most Tesla
owners, but Roadster owners are begging Tesla not to leave them behind as they still have
to rely on the old 80-amp, 240-volt Tesla charge stations that are becoming increasingly
rare. Along with expanding its Supercharger network,
Tesla says sales and service will grow too, and has just made the training and approval
process to become an authorized Tesla repair center cheaper and quicker, something which
should help those Tesla owners who have found themselves waiting weeks for accident repairs. Finally, Tesla has taken delivery of the first
batch of Model 3-destined robotic production equipment, and has smoothed out threats of
industrial action at its recently-acquired Grohmann engineering in Germany, where a lot
of the Tesla model 3 production equipment will be made, by offering the 700-or so staff
there a substantial pay rise. Essentially, Tesla is oiling the wheels to
make sure everything goes according to plan when Model 3 launches this year, something
that absolutely must go without a hitch. All I can say is that I’m glad I don’t’
work at Tesla right now. I’m sure there’s more stress than a little… They say imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery, and in this case, Tesla should be very flattered — because Audi has just opened
up reservations in Norway for the e-tron quattro electric SUV, long before it’s even announced
official pricing. To join the queue to buy one, customers have
to put down twenty-thousand kroner (just under three-thousand U.S. dollars), and then wait
until next year for the car to actually enter production. Yes, this is very Tesla (right down to the
not-announcing final specifications or pricing) but actually, while people think of Tesla
as pioneering that technique, I want to remind everyone that Nissan and Chevy both offered
online reservations way back in twenty ten for the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt… so maybe
it’s just the EV thing. *shrug* On this show, you’ll know I’ll cover anything
that’s cleaner, greener, safer and smarter. And while this next story certainly ticks
two of the boxes, I’m not sure about the other two. Because this is the Flyer, a flying vehicle
that’s a cross between a water ski, a hoverboard and well, a quad bike. Powered by an all-electric drive system, this
one-seat, propeller-driven flying bike is the first vehicle to come from Kitty Hawk,
a startup backed by Google’s Larry Page which has just come out of stealth. Eventually, the company wants to build a fully-working
flying car, but for now, it’ll sell you the Flyer from the end of this year. It looks …fun to fly, and I’m not sure
about the learning curve, but as to its safety? Well, if you’ve ever crashed a drone I think
you’ll get my concerns. Still, it’s cool… and I want a go. What about you? For some time now, it’s been no secret that
Tesla electric cars — especially Model S and Model X — retain their value as they
age, with very little depreciation compared to other cars of any fuel type. But this week we learned via Autolist that
Tesla Model S cars sell far quicker than the competition in the used car marketplace, with
the average used Model S selling in 87 days — about five percent quicker than other competing
vehicles. What’s more, the listing prices for Model
S sedans were between three and five percent more than their competitors in the used car
marketplace. And that’s just helping to push Tesla shares
even higher as investors grow in confidence that Tesla — and its cars — are a good deal. From cars now to how they’re powered. Or rather, how they’re not powered. You see, last Friday, for the first time since
the Industrial revolution, not a single piece of coal was used to power the UK for an entire
twenty-four hours. Over the past few years, burning coal for
electricity generation has dramatically dwindled in my home country, replaced by cleaner (although
still emissions-producing) natural gas, increased renewable energy, and increased nuclear power. While it’s a good shift toward cleaner power,
the UK — like the rest of the world — needs to make sure that it doesn’t replace coal-powered
electricity with other fossil-fueled electricity. Instead, a continued investment in distributed
renewable energy and products like the Tesla powerwall will make the biggest impact. Let’s hope things go in the right way moving
forward. Back in the noughties, before cars like the
Nissan LEAF even came to market, BMW’s MINI brand produced limited-numbers of the MINI-E,
a two-seat, all-electric conversion of MINI Cooper. But despite this, BMW hasn’t yet produced
a production electric MINI that you can buy. And while late last year MINI confirmed an
all-electric production model was coming — in addition to the recently-launched MINI Countryman
plug-in hybrid — some question remained as to what an all-electric MINi would be like. Well this week, we’ve heard confirmation
that MINI bosses want an all-electric MINI to be one of its brand ‘Superheros’ — a
mainstream model that not only represents the brand as a whole but entices new customers
in. Something that’s not a compliance car but
rather a fully-fledged, well-engineered electric MINI that will sell just as well as the rest
of the range. Sadly there are no more details at present,
but I for one can’t wait to see what this model will turn out like. And finally, If you’ve ever spent any time with the Nissan
LEAF, you’ll know it’s a very competent electric car which, with some help from a
decent DC quick charging network, can be used to make some pretty successful long-distance
trips along major routes. But the guys at Plug in Adventures are about
to do something completely different with a lightly modified Nissan LEAF. Take part in the ten thousand mile Mongol
Rally from the UK to Mongolia. With the rear seats stripped out, the suspension
raised, a special adventure light bar, heavy-duty roof rack and the car wearing some chunkier
rally tyres, the LEAF — dubbed AT-EV — will be tackling some of the toughest rally conditions
possible on this endurance event, just to prove that electric vehicle travel is only
as difficult as you make it. Good luck guys, and here’s to a successful
completion! Talking of completion, that’s your lot for
today. As always, don’t forget to like, comment
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next week, I’m Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, That was TEN, have a great weekend, and until
next time, keep Evolving!


Wow Nikky…start of every episode I say here she goes with a patreon comercial but by the end I'm thinking I need to lobby for your support cuz u do an awesome job 👍🏼

how is Tesla gonna grow their autobody shops? From what I understand they only have a few places that are pretty spread out in the country in the world to deal with car body repairs. I'm excited about the model 3. And it's also great that they're growing their superchargers.

Tesla is like the iPhone of electric cars, only better. They were the first to introduce a high-range BEV sedan to appeal to the public, then others copied along, just like Android phones following the iPhone with a similar principle.

No manufacturer sells a petrol car with a range of 100 miles because it would be massively inconvenient. The same applies to electric.

I hope they make the new mini as small as the old minis, (before they made them look so swollen and plastic). Maybe do a retro-futuristic vehicle with the old minis' clean lines and compact size, with the modern handling and torque rich speed of electric motors.( They probably can't, though, because of all the regs about bumper height, etc, etc…)

You do a really good job Niky I tend to hang off all your news, but could you please slow down a bit, I find myself thinking what was that, hang on a bit, then backing the video up a bit to be sure I heard that right, must get the latest and greatest must know teky stuff correct.

Hey Nikki Great show! I'm so glad you are back in Your studio in your own style …and new hairdo , why a not right? (I've read some comments & replies 😉 it's hard to be a woman in EV show business, ain't? Best regards, ….start to get accustomed to your show , so …subscribed!

Companies like BMW admitting they are scared of Tesla and are willing to take the fight to them is the best kind of news. A clear sign of big change coming.

You expressed your opinion that a 100 mile per charge range would be adequate for 95 percent of the population. I disagree. I leased a Leaf for 3 years. In the summer I could get approx 70 miles on a charge. However, in the winter I could not complete my 46 mile round trip commute to work on a single charge… even with preheating the car while plugged in at home. I suggest that drivers living in a cold climate should divide the claimed miles per charge by 2 if they are going to drive it in cold weather. I anticipate the 238 miles per charge rated Bolt will get about 120 miles per charge on cold a Minnesota winter day. In my opinion, the 238 miles per charge rating is acceptable but not a 100 mile rating.

During the first winter that I leased my Leaf, I drove to work on a -23F morning. The fellow in the office next to me also leased a Leaf so we would meet at the nearby Nissan dealer, plug one Leaf in to the level 2 charger and take the other Leaf to work. At lunch time, we drove back to the Nissan dealer, swapped Leafs, put the nearly depleted Leaf on the charger, and drove the charged Leaf to work. At the end of the day we went back to the Nissan dealer and we drove both of our Leafs home. That was a lot of hassle and we had to do this car shuffling every day the temp was below zero degrees Fahrenheit. So don't under estimate the claimed range if you live in cold climate. The lease on my 2012 Leaf is over now and I look forward to buying a Tesla model 3 once they become available, or maybe I will consider a Bolt.

If possible, try some EV test drives in a cold climate on sub zero days. Let the vehicle totally cool down to outside temperature and see what you get for range when you use headlights, heater, and radio, just like an ICE vehicle driver would do. Then tell me what the range is.

BTW, I enjoy your YouTube videos.

The longer range or larger battery pack isn't just for longer trips. If you look at the charge cycles and life of battery, you will see that 20% DoD give Li battery packs 8,500 charge cycles. Whereas 50% DoD drops the charge cycles to 3000. Huge difference in the longevity of battery life.

What is TEN,s view/opinion or coverage on apples car project and new California autonomous testing permit?

Green screen looks much better with the new hairdo, audio was great too. Just need a 4k camera for the green screen shoot and it'd look fabulous 🙂

Electrics may be suitable for 95% of the population but not 100% for me yet. I own a tesla model S and kept my older Volvo s40 Diesel, just for the once a month 312 kilometer trip I do to Germany from the Netherlands. Yes my Tesla has a range of 360 kilometers but when I drive 180 km/hr then the range is cut down to 200km and I need to make a forced stop on the middle of the way at the only supercharger for 25 minutes. I rather drive in one go or stop when I want to not making the long trip any longer. Once there are more superchargers along the way or the range of electrics are 600 km on one charge then I will sell my volvo.

At least car manufacturers are starting to smell the coffee, It would be hugely irresponsible of any car manufacturer to ignore whats happening, those that don't adapt will only lose credibility and market share.

I have bought Honda for years, but with no suitable EV my next car will be from some other manufacturer.

Time to stop sticking your head in the sand.

Did you mean to say Daimler, pronounced D-a-y-m-l-e-r when you were listing car manufacturers at the beginning? Are Jaguar's marketed as such in the States? Just curious why you mentioned that company..

I think Preston Tucker was trying to fund his car exactly the same way back in 1948. Which didn't go well with with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. And despite court ruling was in his favour, he couldn't get additional funding and actually get going. So only 50 Tusker Torpedos were build.

But it's different with AUDI and Tesla. Those are well established companies with loads of cash and huge fan-base behind them. They can afford taking money before actually releasing the product.

8:30, why not nuclear? It's by far the cheapest and cleanest source of energy available, with the most room for technological improvement too.

There is absolutely no way to compare Tesla to BMW. The German brands will always be superior in regards to build quality and comfort. It's just a matter of time for other car manufacturers to catch up and implement the infrastructure to start using electric cars.

waymo… wtf?? they are seriously playing this propaganda of the whole family taking a morning run…? fucking Göbells would be so pride of you lot…

Girl, clean up the …. thing. That thing where the title of the video says "BMW scares its employees", then in the beginning of the vide you say "AUDI scares its employees" and you show the new "bad bad bad internal combust. engine" Q8, and then in the real news you switch back to BMW.

As a current petrol MINI Cooper owner, and EV enthusiast, I cannot wait for an all electric MINI, although I could do with a bigger boot 😊

Talking about happy – now let's talk about Tesla. Nice transition. All is roses and marshmallows. Listen – I can not make the EV usage anything, either good or bad. It's just impossible! I wake up in the morning, then decide I will go to my country house, about 300 kms from where I live. Did I put the car on charge for the night? Whoops! Cannot go! Alright, suppose I did. Ok, off we go. Whoops! THere is no electricity at my country house. How will I charge the batteries? Naaah… better let's stay home. Or maybe there is a supercharger somewhere along the way, and maybe we will trick our minds into thinking we'd like to eat in the roadside burger king fast food, ….. for an hour. Naah, just forget it. Wow, need some bear – let's get to the groceries. Whoops! Cannot go! Wife forgot to put the car on charge yesterday. No worries, I will just wait for a couple of hours while it charges to 50% on the home 16A power connection. All is still fluffy and roses. Nikki? You there? Is the car some sort of a spoilable …. thing you need to charge every night, like your early smartphone? Or would you rather like to see what I saw in my kilometres to empty gage when I filled my diesel car to the brim yesterday? Here, take a look.
Yeah. I will admit. I had to lean against the car while the diesel was filling. It took whole 4 minutes. Now I can use the car the way it is indended – to go places, without worrying about it. Talking about HAPPY. Now, to sum it up: I do not hate electric cars. I think they're great, and the thing that Elon Musk started, is probably going to relieve the eco-system of the strain we put on it greatly in the long run. I think, once the really fast infrastructure is in place, and once the solar panels and other renewables make about 80% of the total juice in a country, – that will be great. But at this point? Talking about "happy" and being all somewhat… even propaganda-like and … tell me. What car do you drive? You live where? In UK? States? Let's say, you walk out in the morning, what a nice day, let's go somewhere. Ok, once you decide that – your mind starts to calculate where you will have to stop, just to charge the thing. Isn't it better to use a bus or a train? I mean.. A car is a car, right? It's not some sort of a limiting and baby-sitting lump, right? It's not something you need to trick your mind into to be "all positive and roses", right?

Just thought I'd mention that you had a blond moment in your intro, you said Audi was scaring employees, but then later in the actual video switched back to saying it was BMW which agrees with your title. Which is it actually?

range is not the biggest problem anymore, loading stations or a loading system for public use is…if only 10% of current car users would change from ice to electric it would be chaos all over the place…

can you speak a littel more slowly.i am from argentina and is dificultades to undertand evrething you say. the información is ver y good.thank you

Hello there! I've really liked your video! However, I couldn't help noticing that while talking about energy sources, you mentioned nuclear energy as one of those who need to disappear. In the recent decades or do there has been great advancements in its technology, with the latest reactors there's the possibility of producing waste that's radioactive for only a day. And security around avoiding future Fukushima's and Chernobyls has progressed significantly.
Just a kind observation, great work! Cheers!

is that mini using a supercharger? About 9 minutes in it shows them plug it in…Definitely not Chademo or CCS.

fuckn IDIOTS @ BMW. all they had to do was make an all electric i8 with the same performance capabilities as the teslas. combined with the Looks it would have been a bigger hit. But no, they make a sports car with a 3 cylinder fuckn engine. unfucknbelievable.


1. Ignore posts about what you're wearing. You look great and should wear whatever the hell you like. I'm here for EV news, not fashion tips!

2. I think it should be pointed out (and perhaps you should also point this out in videos) that a long range EVs will also not suffer from battery degradation anywhere near as badly as short range EVs for the majority of people. Not that short range ones have much of an issue with it but if you are only doing 50-60 miles a day you will either only charge the car every 2-3 days or probably only charge between say 40% and 80% on most days.
Both of these will massively increase battery life probably way out past 10 years easily.

It is strange that many changes in the world started from america and not europe or russia, i believe that the reason is the freedom and acceptance of new things in america. europe is old very old like a dinosaur and russia is frozen.

If my car already has the battery capacity, why in the world should I have to pay $4000 to "unlock" it? This is just like video game pay to play, only with super expensive cars.

You need to get with nuclear power. If you hate CO2, its the only way to go. Making, transporting, and installing green power take a lot of power. That power comes from CO2. Go nuclear now, and you will have less CO2 tomorrow. Pick your poison, CO2 or nuclear. France recycles 98% of its nuclear fuel.

Fantastic job! awesome, even for someone from Paraguay, with a different language, culture, and background (not to mention: technologies…). Very informative, in a cool way.

We all know waymo (aka Google) will be the first company to offer level 5 autonomy. Not only that they will license it so you will get it in any car (as long as you pay for it…)

This only means The Beginning of THE END for Oil that sustained Islamic Demonic Religion of Peace of SHIT. Soon The Middle East Future. Even there Oil is over flowing that almost for free is no more Value for any Country In the World. And the Islamic Demonic Religion of Peace of SHIT Dreams for world Domination becomes their farts Worst Nightmares broken hearts. That's turns them a zero of MUSLIMS POPULATION around the globe.

why trap me with 100 miles and say its okay because my work is that close.. so I should be a work slave and never visit family friends or travel

Sorry to hear about comments. I don't blame you a bit Nikki. Your channel is amazing for content alone. The fact that you interacted with your fans was always just a cool bonus. Maybe it should just be a privilege reserved for folks that donate monthly through google hangout or something? Could be an incentive to repay your hard work and a way to filter out random trolls.

What happened to the "Change of Policy" video uploaded today? I clicked on it in notifications, but it's apparently been removed?

Good stuff! The 'flyer' is dangerous, not for the pilot. We've had babies lose an eye to a 'parrot'-sized drone in people's homes. Look at the plethora of what appears to be 18-inch propellor blades under the Kittyhawk chassis. No – wouldn't touch it, it is like all other drones, fundamentally unsafe because they do not take the rotor blade (propellor) tips seriously. It's like that story of the guy who lifted his kid to sit on his shoulders as he departed a helicopter ride, never happened (clue – it was a fatal accident). I used to start 3.5cc model aeroplane engines (forerunner of drones) – yes THREE point five cc – with a rubber cover on my finger. If one of those Kittyhawk things drops on some kid or animal, they/it's seriously injured as a minimum. 3rd party liability insurance anyone?!

We still have not reached the point of no return yet with the big conventional car makers! IMHO they'd all still prefer the entire electric car business would go away, and have one arm wrapped like an iron clamp around their 'comfort cars' while mummy tries to reassure them the EV world (the big school) is not so different. Gawd. What a bunch.

I think it is very smart of Ecotricity NZ to employ you to repack your show for them and their more locally centred audience. Good luck, looks great. 🙂

I had notice that there was a live stream in the middle of the night here in the UK but can't seem to find it.

Hi I really like the show. It would would be even more helpful if you could provide links in the description to more Informationen on the various topics.

Around the globe news, INTERNET what a marvelous global service for humanity ! She's making her show from Australia, totally around the globe and down south in the Tropic of Capricorn for any European or North American. This service belong to Humanity and we should defend the right to keep the Internet free of censure and political manipulation by promoting propaganda for the deep state. Peace and Love to Humanity !

Costa Rica Electric system is 99% a year, clean renewable energy, I would love to watch a video about it!!!

Hey Nikki! Do you think that Google is serious about entering the mobility market? They have been quietly the leader in all of this. Seeing as they arguably are the ones that started the self-driving craze, they should be in the lead for the market. But instead Uber & Musk seem to be the market leaders (at least by public perception).

Congrats on what I initially feared would be a right-on extreme green fest but which was well balanced, interesting and informative without resorting to preaching. Well done!

I tried to emulate your experiment of using my ev ,an imiev, as an emergency supply. however the battery consumed 1 kwhr whilst the load ,a 95w bulb, consumed 0.24kwhr. did you experience the same?

Not all domestic nuclear power production should be phased out and replaced by renewables. A case can be made that MSR/Thorium reactors would be more benign environmentally than either solar or wind without any possibility of Fukishima style calamaties. Electric cars ultimately powered by Thorium reactors would make for a greener/ more sustainable future.

"Don't replace coal with nuclear power"?
Do some research!!!! Thorium and molten salt reactors are the solution to the worlds energy problems!!!!!

I've been driving BMW since 1992…But the i3 is the most FUGLY BMW ever… What was wrong with them using the 3/4/5 series and make them fully electric?????? C'mon Bimmer get into the 21st century…

It is so old, "coal should not be replace by fossil" Ok, yes yes, "or nuclear" oh Nuclear is not fossil, it a non-co² producer and the biggest 24/7 producer.

Agree with everything apart from Nuclear power. I mean I'd happily accept a few nuclear plants over any gas plants personally. Go do some homework on Nuclear before dropping the negativity on it as it could be a very viable solution.

Good stuff, thanks! Base on your reports, I'm pondering a used Leaf with new pack…still, a used TDI is 3,000.00 or so.

Weird… She says AUDI in the intro instead of BMW. They put the right brand in the subtitles, but still… is it so much work to correct the error in the video? We're talking competing brands here.

I enjoyed the information you provided, with one exception. With advances and research into Thorium power, nuclear is more viable than ever.

We really need to stop AHHHng and OOOing  everything that Tesla does…..  They have to rely on marketing and promises until they deliver…  PS – make your videos shorter…  Your rapid voice becomes too much to pay attention to after 5 minutes….  Your British accent  is like chocolate…   great in the beginning, but not too much…

nuclear power is still considered a clean energy source, the by products from nuclear power plants are nothing compared to fossil fuel carbon emissions

The Daily Show covered that flying bike thing pretty well, remarking that it was 'the latest way for rich people to act like assholes at the lake.'

Im so so happy the Germans are finally recognizing Tesla as legitimate competition. The consumer is the real winner, Tesla may not haggle on pricing but we'll finally get fully baked BMW Mercs and Audis that have 200+ mile ranges.

My solar panels + my next car being a full EV = FU to foreign oil. 🖕🏻

What, we should not replace fossil-fuel with nuclear power. That is just silly. We need to Use ALL Clean energy to replace fossil. As quick as we can and in more place then we do.

I cut myself on the face, arm, and one finger with a tiny toy drone. It even had guards on the blades. I shudder to think what would happen if I climbed on the big one. Apparently, my coordination skills are sub par for successful flight. The last time I flew my little toy, I flew it over some large trees and I finally found it crashed into a neighbors shrubbery. Please let me drive electric cars but keep me away from flying objects.

Been watching for about a year, miss your hair, not trying to sound sexist or anything, but if you and your partner like it, cool, but if your in the fence grow it back, but understand hair sucks sometimes

8:25 By all means it should replace coal with nuclear power.
Nuclear is the LARGEST source of emission free power.
If you care about greenhouse gases, nuclear must be part of the solution.
Every time we shut down a nuclear plant we see a dramatic rise in carbon emissions (because we end up using more fossil fuels to provide the energy that far exceeds solar and wind capacity).

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