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Boosted Rev Unboxing Review – What I wish I had known…

Boosted Rev Unboxing Review – What I wish I had known…

– Ooh, we have life! This is a lot of fun. (mellow music) This guy, am I right? Today’s video is sponsored by Skillshare, but more about that later. Look what arrived. Oh wait, maybe you don’t know what arrived because you can’t see it. Oh, this thing is heavy. They said they were heavy,
and they were right. Boom. Wait, let’s fix that for you, hold on. Boom. There you go, Boosted Rev. I’m coming to you guys from a very specific
perspective on this Boosted Rev, and that is that I don’t know
every single spec on this. I’m not here to break down the comparisons between this and the other scooters. What I’m gonna is I’m gonna
unbox this thing really quickly, and then I’m gonna give
you guys my perspective on what it’s actually like to
own and ride a Boosted Rev. Let’s jump into it. All right! Voila. There it is, all in its
pretty little package. Let’s figure out how to take this off. Little disassembly guide right here. Looks like we got a little
Allen wrench in there. This would be the handle
which is attached to the bar. Ooh, no that’s just gonna
pop in just like that. See that nice little
headlight on the front there? So that comes off there, there’s an Allen wrench
inside there we probably need. Don’t need that. Risk of death or serious injury! They are not messing around on this. Let’s see if we can, oh there we go, oh. By the way, I don’t
recommend you do an unboxing of a 40 pound Boosted
Rev on a glass table. (glass smashing) Let’s get the accessory box out. So, we’ll get rid of all that, and inside of the accessory
box, nicely packaged there. Safety and compliance, really? I’m just kidding, always be safe. We’ll read that later. I promise. A couple of more manuals. Gotta have your Boosted stickers, right? Maybe I’ll put this on my
Onewheel charging stand. Here’s the charging brick. Another little box here. Of what looks like, I’m
not sure what those are. Maybe they are tire stem
for pumping up the tires. We’ll find out. Don’t know what this is. Fully deflate tires
before removing screws. There’s some extra tubes. It looks like they provide
a couple of extra tubes for the front and rear tire ’cause they know we’re
going to abuse this thing. So, let’s set this down on its side. Here in the middle. And let’s just put this together. But I’m gonna speed
this up, so here we go. (mellow music) Voila, there we go. All fully assembled. It was super easy and straightforward. The little card that comes with it, there’s literally four steps
and it’s very straightforward. Don’t overthink this step,
cause it really is very simple. To undo this back handle,
you just push down on the wheel cover and then
this just slides directly up. You pull down this right here, and it snaps right in there
so it’s nice and tight. And there we have it, the Boosted Rev. Fully assembled, ready to go. There’s that display right there, which, should we turn it on? Let’s turn it on. Ooh, I’m gonna plug it in and
get this thing fully charged before we take it out on its maiden run, and I am super excited to
see what this thing can do. (mellow rock music) So, right in the back of my
Tesla I have the Boosted Rev and we’re going to pull it out now. It fits in really, really
well as you can see here, but it certainly is not light. Let’s just say, it’s heavy! All right, let’s see
what this thing can do. So, the overall pulling it out of the car, getting it set up, ready to
go, is super fast and easy. Just pulling up that handle bar, very intuitive with pushing down the cover over the wheel which unlocks it, and then locks it into place. As I discuss a little bit later, I do feel a little bit nervous about the amount of drain I
put on that front handlebar. A lot of that has to do
with because I’m, you know, I’m not a small dude. 250 pounds, and so that is
something that, you know, is probably just more personal to me, but you are gonna put a lot
of force on that handlebar and the fact that it does bend backward does give me a little
feeling of hesitation when I’m riding the Boosted board. I’m sure over time I’ll
start to get used to that and be more comfortable with it. But, yeah, it’s a little weird feeling, pulling back so hard on the handlebar knowing that it collapses and folds. So, here I am taking off in mode three, just to show you a little
bit of acceleration here. The thing definitely gets up and goes. Enough so that I really feel
it throwing my weight back as I accelerate, especially in mode three. I feel it some in mode two and
definitely none in mode one. I tend to stay in three
just because, I don’t know, I’m heavier, I like to go fast,
and so I keep it in three. But two is a really
comfortable place to ride, and a lot less jerky as well. When you’re in three and that throttle is being pushed forward, when you hit any bumps and stuff that’s gonna move the throttle, that’s one of the things I really noticed. A lot of that’s probably
gonna come with some practice and getting used to that
throttle and how it works. I love the throttle, I
love how intuitive it is, I love the electronic brake. I found myself very rarely ever using the other two brake options between the handlebar and the back foot. But the overall acceleration
can feel a little bit jerky because your thumb is
constantly on the throttle. If it’s not pushed forward,
you’re not going anywhere and you definitely start
to slow down immediately. So, I’m sure that’ll just come
with some practice over time. So, overall the ride is fairly smooth as long as you’re on smooth pavement. As you can see here, I’m
on pretty rough pavement and then I transition to a
little bit smoother pavement and it did make a huge
difference in the ride quality. The scooter itself, of course
it has no shock absorbers, other than the three inch tires, which they are actual, inflated tires. So, you get a little bit more
cushion there in the tires versus some of the other wheels that are on electric scooters out there. But just be prepared for a
little bit of a rougher ride if you’re going over rougher terrain. The other thing that I
did not see mentioned in the manual or the startup guide is how to turn the front headlight on. The button that you
see right there on the, below the digital
display, that one button. You single press and hold
it to turn it on and off. You double press it to
turn the light on and off, and then you triple press it
to cycle through the modes. So, you triple press it and it goes from mode one to mode two, you triple press it again, it goes from mode two to mode three, and then you triple press it again and it goes back around to mode one. The scooter itself is
ridiculously intuitive and easy to just jump on it and go. Certainly no learning curve like I had when I was first riding my Onewheel. It is a lot of fun. The one thing I did notice is that when you’re holding the handlebars, I really felt like I had to hold on to both handlebars at all times. Because if I let go of one
hand and I accelerated, the instinct was to pull
back on the handlebar, which turns the wheel, and you don’t go on course as intended. So, from that standpoint
you definitely need to keep your hands on the
handlebar at all times. I’ve even seen some videos
posted online already where people were having accidents because they were taking one
hand off of the handlebar and then losing control. One thing that I love about my Onewheel is that I can be hands free,
I can even be on my phone, as long as I’m not running
on busy streets and such, and it’s perfectly intuitive to just ride without holding on to anything. So, different feeling there, but overall, I felt more secure, more
stable, more steady, riding the Boosted Rev overall. And a lot more confident
to go at higher speeds because I was on a nice,
solid, flat, stable board, which is kinda like riding a bicycle in terms of balance and such. But I had to keep my
hands on those handlebars. Definitely did not feel secure
letting go of even one hand. The other thing that I
didn’t initially notice is that there’s actually a bell
on this Boosted Rev as well, so nice little safety feature there. If you’re coming up on people
you can ring the little bell. Kinda reminiscent of
the old bicycle bells. – We made it! – So, one thing that does is
when it gets to low battery, when it starts blinking red, the Boosted Rev completely slows down. Goes only about three
to five miles an hour, and just slowly creeps along. It still has battery juice, but it’s barely moving at this point. So, it gives you a little bit of a pulse. At first it feels like, oh,
you’re in and out, in and out, and then it eventually dies. And note, you cannot
change your driving modes while you’re moving. You have to come to a complete stop before you can triple
press that button and change between modes one, two, and three. Which I get it, it’s a safety thing, it’s just, I would like
to have seen the ability to change between two and three. Kinda like a gear shifting,
going into a faster gear or a faster mode while you’re driving. Just so that I could change on the fly. So, after having ridden
this around for a while, here are just some of my final thoughts. If you’re on smooth
pavement, great, great ride. Power is, in my opinion,
unmatched currently in the standard scooter,
electric scooter realm. The Ninebot is coming out, I’ve got one of those on the way as well, from Ninebot, from Segway,
which I’m super excited about. And I’ll definitely be
doing a comparison video between the Boosted Rev
and the Segway Ninebot. So be sure to subscribe to my channel so that you can get notified
when I publish that video. That should be arriving any day now, and I definitely wanna
see the comparison because from a price point, they’re
drastically different. But from a spec standpoint,
there’s a lot of similarities. In terms of the Boosted Rev
here, it’s a really solid ride. I would say, if you’re
looking for a very durable, long-lasting, fairly rugged
with a lot of torque scooter, this is definitely the scooter to get. In terms of overall build
quality, I’m fairly impressed. There’s a couple of areas
on it that I’m just, kinda questioning why
they designed it that way. There’s nothing wrong with it, really. But in terms of fit and
finish, it looks really sharp from the get go, but when you really start to investigate some of the finer details, there’s a little bit of question on there. Of course, it’s their
first iteration of it. I remember the first
Onewheel, when it came out, there was a lot of questions
in terms of its fit and finish. But they’ve come a long ways as well. As far as getting on and
riding, this thing is a breeze. Little to no learning curve at all. It’s like getting on and
riding a bicycle, basically. ‘Cause all you’re doing is
using your normal balance and forward inertia to
keep yourself balanced. It is fairly comfortable to ride, with the exception of bumps. There are no shock absorbers, so you’re going to feel those bumps. As you can see, even right
here in some of this footage, and that’s really apparent. I did find that after
riding it for a while, the range on this for an average person is about 22, 24 miles. And I would say, I haven’t
gone that distance, but I would venture to say
that your legs are really gonna start feeling fatigued standing that long, absorbing a lot of the shocks. That is one tip that I’ll give you guys, like, don’t be afraid to
bend your knees a little bit. – Now’s the time. You gotta get up and boogie
with this, honey, yeah! – Like, even just getting down into it, if you’re coming across
some rougher terrain, so that your knees can really absorb a lot of that impact when you’re riding. Especially at higher speeds. At lower speeds, you can kinda
just gracefully ride them. But at higher speeds, you’re
definitely going to find that it’s a much different ride quality because you’re going to
experience those bumps with a lot more force at higher speeds. I personally have only gotten this thing up to about 20, 21 miles an hour, and I’m not wearing a
helmet right now just because I’m in a controlled
area in a parking lot. Not going terribly fast. But I would definitely recommend
anybody that wears this to always wear a helmet. You never know what can happen in terms of not just you riding it, but all the other traffic around you. This is a solid board. It is definitely different
than my Onewheel. Though my Onewheel has
a lot of great purposes, I can see myself just hopping on this and going back and forth from my house and my office a lot more
frequently than I would, say, getting my Onewheel out
and navigating the terrain with my Onewheel because
this is just a get on it, step on it, go. I don’t need to worry about, you know, what shoes I have on, anything. I like it. I like it a lot. I’m really glad to have it. I really appreciate Boosted Rev for creating such a durable, long lasting. They also have some extended plans for accidental damage,
which is really cool. Speaking of plans, one of
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link in the description of this video so you can access
it and start learning now. Learn your way to success. It is interesting to see how many looks I still
get riding around on this. It’s like people haven’t realized that electric scooters are a thing. Which you think they would
be with all the publicity of major metropolitan areas having all the scooter ride share programs. You’d think they’d be more used to it, but I was surprised at how
many looks I’ve gotten. Of course, I got a lot of looks when I first started riding
my Onewheel around town, but I’ve gotten a lot of
looks just riding this. People looking at me like, what is he riding, why is he riding that? Is the Boosted Rev worth the price tag? Is it worth $1600? That’s a pretty steep price tag. As we know, the Boosted
Board was not cheap either, and that thing has stood the test of time. People still rave about it. And it’s still probably one of the best electric scooters out there, electric skateboards out
there, that you can purchase. So I have a lot of confidence that the Boosted Rev is
made extremely durable. By the looks of it, it absolutely is. It feels very, very solid underneath me. I gotta tell you, in
comparison to riding some of the Birds and the other, you know, rentable electric scooters downtown, this feels like I’m on a
much more stable platform. I felt like, on the other ones, I was just riding a skinny piece of metal that could snap underneath
me, quite frankly. I like it. I love how solid it feels. I love how durable it feels. Now let’s test out the braking. I wanna test out how quickly
I can come to a stop. I am going to use the handlebar
and the electric brake at the same time at 15 miles an hour. Here we go, and brake. Whoa. I actually skidded the back
tire there out a little bit. Those two together are solid. I mean, at 15 miles an hour, you can come to a really good, complete stop. So do not be afraid to just
hop on and smash that brake. The longer I’ve ridden this, the lot more confident I’ve gotten on it. I’ve really learned to
trust the Boosted Rev in terms of what it can do,
and the handling and balance. As you saw on the earlier
footage of this video, I was very shaky getting on
it, ’cause quite honestly, I’d only ridden an electric
scooter one other time. And even though I’ve ridden a Onewheel now for a year and a half, it’s a completely different ride feel. So it took me a little bit
to really trust the board, knowing what it can do. So there you have it. There’s my Boosted Rev video for you guys. Let me know what you think
down in the comments. Let me know if you’re
going to get a Boosted Rev, or you’re gonna try out
a different scooter. Let me know down in the comments. And if there’s something
that I did not cover in this video that you saw or
wanna let people know about, be sure to let me know in
the comments down there. Let me know what I missed in this video, and subscribe, and hit
that notification bell for more cool videos in the future. See you guys soon, bye. (triumphant music)


Sweet ride. The tires with tubes is a real plus. Have always had problems with the small hard wheels hitting a rock and causing chaos. Very cool.

I wonder why you pronounce the S as a Z, eg. thiZ Zcooter iZ Zo aweZome! Didn't they teach you in school the difference between the pronunciation of the two letters? Or maybe you are wearing dentures, or you intentionally want to sound awkward and weird with the way you talk. "I am Zuper excited to Zee what thiZ thing can do" bwaaaahhahaaaaaaaa

Wow! Great video Michael ☺ I would like to try it as well if it's available in the Philippines. My nephews will surely love it ❤❤❤

Pretty cool review, very thorough. Favorite part of the video, "Now's the time, you got to get up and boogie with this honey!" Was that from a Jane Fonda workout video? Yeah! Loved that! 😉 How practical you think this would be for a short work commute?

Hey Michael, looks like a cool ride. I was wondering if they plan on coming out with a three wheeler with a seat. I have bad knees and a bad back. A scooter with a seat would be awesome, I could go to and from the stores that are nearby.

Great overview Michael! I have a scooter I got from Amazon over a year ago for $430 and it starting to break down. What is the estimated life of this heavy-duty scooter?

You sure about that 22-24 mile estimate? I was only able to get 15 miles in mode 1. Boosted said they got 22 miles going 6 mph, no wind, 160 lb rider, and flat surface.

Nice. I am about your size and weight and am curious how it handles hills. I currently have a 350W scooter and it will not climb a hill. I have heard the Rev is good on hills but all the reviewers I have seen doing it were like 160 pounds. I would appreciate some feedback on hill performance. Thx

Received my Boosted Rev two days ago – as an addition to my Onewheel XR … and it's really awesome!! I wish the battery would last for much longer – so much fun! 🙂

Hi Michael, thanks for the informative vid. I'm interested in the ergonomics for a taller rider. You mentioned your weight but can I ask how tall you are? I'm 6'6" with a 37" sleeve length and a 36" inseam. It doesn't seem like the handle bar is adjustable so I worry that it might be too low.

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