Borrowed a $250,000 Rolls Royce!

(down tempo RnB music) – Good morning from Belfast. You see this place? This hotel is so cool. We got plenty of sleep last night. Lincoln, how many hours you sleep? – Like, 11. – 11 hours, I think that’s enough for him, so this ground is so beautiful, the weather is perfect, you can hear the water over there, there’s actually like
a waterfall type thing, but here’s what’s cool. Check out these cars. ♫ Ooh baby on that track
I’m going vroom vroom ♫ Try an catch me when I
pull up in that zoom zoom ♫ Oh nah. That’s right, two Rolls Royces. These are the hotel’s cars. So we asked a little favor. We’re filming a video right now with something super fancy so we thought if it’s a fancy product
we should probably do a fancy intro with a fancy car. So this is gonna be pretty funny. I go and I push this
button right here, door. (door whirs and slams) – It was just magically shut. – It just shuts! – Look how it’s so fluffy. – Rolls Royce Phantom. Oh yeah. – You have one too. – That is so fancy. (woman laughing) See the front it says Phantom. So how much does one of these cars cost? – [Man] Um, I think quarter a million. – Okay, $250,000 for this guy. It feels really nice. – It’s fancy. – So we’re gonna do the intro
for our video right now, for the main channel, I hope it turns out. ’cause it sounds really goofy
and over the top (laughs). ♫ Race out, I can not do this solo ♫ Pace up down speed and in my polo ♫ Wait wait no I don’t have time for slomo ♫ I’ve been doing this all
my life just for the lolo [Father] Okay, go ahead,
both of you guys walk. – Thank you. – (laughs) Video is gonna be really funny, it’s gonna be great. Oh, look who arrived. – We made it. – [Father] Man, are you awake, or what? – Just barely woke up
like two seconds ago. (all laughing) – Billy, all right this is Billy, Zach, you guys know ’em. We just got done filming
our opening segment for that goofy – [Man] Is that for you? – Yeah – [Bellhop] How’re you
gonna get that home? You better leave it tonight. – [Father] Yeah, you better
leave it, I think so. (laughter) – [Bellhop] (mumbling) to my wee boy – [Father] So Lincoln
got a electric skateboard it’s like a penny board though, right? – Thanks Billy – Even thought we have to go
film the main channel video Lincoln is already opening this – Yeah well I’m excited Whoa – [Father] Orange wheels,
how do you like that? – Yeah! – [Father] Oooh! You
almost fell on your head – Oh ya, it’s working! – [Father] You got it? – Yeah – [Father] Oh yeah, electric penny board. It’s funny because he was
kinda bothered with me cause I told him, you’re
not allowed to bring your penny board cause he
really wanted to bring it and now look what happens, even better, and electric penny board – Even better, much better It works! – [Father] What do you
think, what’s your verdict on this new guy? – It’s awesome, I love it – [Father] You gonna
take it home with you? – What do you think? – This is a solar charging hat, you just plug in your device there – [Father] Wait, and it’ll charge like, your phone off of the hat? – And it’ll charge your phone from the sun – [Father] You’re brilliant, Billy, did you make that yourself? – Wish I did (laughter) – [Father] How bout that Lincoln? – Awesome. (soft RnB music) – We found a pitch-n-put,
it’s like a nine hole short course where you just
use your wedge and your putter Look at that, they even have a bridge like St. Andrews, right there Now we’re in Scotland Look how cool it is
though, nobody’s out here There’s our hotel right over there (birds chirping) This will work great,
so we need to undo this I can’t say what we’re doing Have you seen this place,
this is one of the restaurants it’s like full on glass, everywhere It’s beautiful, there’s a
few different restaurants Tryna figure out where we’re gonna eat Looks like this is just for tea so let’s go to the other
restaurant and get some food. – There’s a picture of a cow – [Father] Picture of a cow, you got lions up here, metal ones That’s nice. More cows – Dad, dad, dad, stay back here. – [Father] In dining, wait
here to be seated, okay Here’s our table, look outside,
it’s like a horse stable but there’s a goat, see the goat? – Uh huh – [Father] What’s he doin? – [Laiken] He’s chewing on
rope and playing with it – [Father] Huh, he’s tryna break free, it’s like his handcuffs Why you so sad over there Lincoln? – Look at all around us – [Father] We’ve got some friends and everybody has a computer,
except for Mr. Lincoln – I have no electronic – [Father] Look at that goat,
he’s eating a broomstick now Look at him (laughter) He looks just like you We have a couple of our
favorite people we’ve been waiting for them to
arrive, but they came all the way from Hawaii so
they’re super jet-lagged so we’re gonna let them sleep but Devin and Megan made it – We finally made it to
Ireland, luck of the Irish believe it or not and we’re just hanging out with the crew – One thing I like is that, I’m from Utah They’re from Utah, the last
three times I’ve seen Devin has been Hawaii, New
York City, and Ireland In like, two months time period – We don’t see each other in Utah but we see each other all around the world doesn’t make sense but it works. – Awesome, so we’re gonna go, I would like to get up
one of the days early and watch Devin work
his magic to get some of the sunrises, maybe a sunset, but – Which means we have
to wake up around 3:30, 4 AM tomorrow morning, so – Which is nothing new – Nothing new for us – [Father] Yeah, I bet.
K go get some sleep. It’s good to see you guys – Peace (Excited screaming) – [Father] What is this! (laughter) – [Father] What is that thing? – It’s an electric bike,
I’m not sure what the name of it is though – I’ve never seen anything like it, is it like home-made or – Almost, the funny part
is, is that the handlebars are so loose you think
they’re almost coming off so like, when you try
to turn, like there’s flex in the handlebars,
it’s pretty sketchy actually – [Father] It’s kinda jerry rigged right – Yeah – [Father] There he goes, look at em I have no idea who that guy
is, and I didn’t even know they’re on it, all of a
sudden I just hear Lincoln screaming and he’s coming on a crazy bike Can still hear him There he goes – Ahh! He almost killed me eighty times! – Eighty times! – Whoa, yours almost hit the grass – [Father] Are you seeing that Lincoln? – Yeah – [Father] Is it scary? – Yeah No, it’s coming! – These guys are flying these teeny drones and they go so fast (electronic whirring noise) Whoa! Oh my gosh, that is crazy! – We’re getting a bit, yeah there we go See that blackness, can you see it or not? – I can’t see blackness – [Father] Here’s the view,
this is what these guys are seeing right now – [Man] Are you on me? Who’re you on – [Father] I think he’s
on you, I don’t know – [Man] I’m in front of us right now – [Father] Yes, that’s it Oh look how high it is! – [Man] Ready to sky dive? – [Father] Oh my gosh, it’s free falling – [Man] There’s no control right now One more time, let’s go (whooping and cheering) – [Man] No hands, look, no hands No hands, it’s still falling (screaming) – [Lincoln] He went
through those things, Dad did you go through the metal
thingys you walk through? Ready, look at this weave Oh! It’s still alive – [Man] These guys just
trimming the bushes here at Galgorm today – [Lincoln] Ohh! – [Man] The battery came out – The carbon fiber’s pretty resilient, they’ve got different
mixes in the carbon fiber to make it like more flex – [Father] What about the
wings though? The propellers? – The propellers? Oh there’s millions We’re sponsored by Gen Fam,
these are Gen Fam propellers You can get different changes in the pitch – [Father] (laughter) is that bad? – No it’s fine – It’s hot – Is it hot? You know why, cause it’s
screamin’ fast man, that’s why Did you like it? – [Father] Do you wanna drone race? Do you wanna start doing that? – [Man] Hey you wanna drone race? – There’s no one for me to race in Utah – In Utah, are you kidding
me? Utah’s blowing up – [Father] Really? – All over U.S – [Father] Where do we go
to find out more about this, it’s not even sponsored I just wanna know If you wanna go to Team
Canada FPV on Facebook – [Father] FPV? – Yeah, FPV, First Person View – [Father] First Person View – They’re a bit big – They’re a bit big? Alright
ready? I’m gonna plug you in I’m gonna plug you in, ready? Can you see now? – [Father] It’s hooking – Yeah the prop’s down You see now? You see yourself? – I see myself, I look wacky – You look wacky? Why,
cause you got the goggles? – Yeah So here’s our room, here’s the bed then you think that
you’ve seen it all, but no this is my room. Mr. Ducky’s here. – [Father] They left him a duck. Should bring him home to your sisters – He’s really fluffy – [Father] That’s really cool So Lincoln has his own
room here, his own TV even but, this TV is hooked up to – Nintendo Switch – [Father] Nintendo Switch.
So anyway, here’s all the closets here, we have a
mini bar that they said everything is free inside of it, everything meaning a couple of drinks Bathroom is really nice.
Toilet, sink, bath tub – Here’s the water they
bring us every day, they bring us this fancy water like, (ping on bottle) glass, but they gave us chocolates that’s really good too – [Father] Turn down service This is a shower, shower
head’s right here up above but the weird thing is,
the drain doesn’t drain all that fast so the water goes all throughout here, (mumbling) So, anyway, there’s your
tour of our hotel room and Devin Graham, Devin Supertramp, his room is right across
the hallway, so kinda cool We got some presents in our room – Okay – [Father] What is it? Face mask Please enjoy these
products for my compliments Spa manager, ah cool Look at this: Dan, what’s inside? – [Lincoln] What? – [Father] Lincoln what’s inside? – That’s me! – [Father] What’s inside
Lincoln? What’s inside the what’s inside box? Ooh, nice hat – Fancy – [Father] Another hat, a shirt Wear, share, peace Little wide for you but
that’s still super nice Guessing that’s what mine is too Yeah, I got a black one. Look at that it’s from team Outside-In We are a Belfast based
social enterprise looking to re-write the story of homelessness. Oh that’s cool. Welcome
pack is an additional beanie which we encourage you to
give to someone on the street and join the movement.
What! That’s super cool So the beanie and the shirt, and the hat, are for us to give other people, to help people that are
homeless. I have the chills right now, I didn’t expect that. I’m like Oh, gifts for us but, what a cool gift So thank you Outside-In,
team Outside-In in Belfast Love the idea Tomorrow we are gonna go to the cosway, we’re gonna go to these
places with these trees that overlap the road,
we’re gonna go to some amazing places. So get ready for that, tourism in Ireland, it’s
all happening tomorrow Super excited, and fun day right? – Let’s play some Zelda (Down tempo RnB music)

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