oh my gosh this is what’s left of the
box tore it out to that flaming marshmallow touched it oh my goodness
that is not good what is going on Sharra’s welcome to the vlog welcome to
another awesome summer day well actually it’s almost nighttime we’re about to go
do an epic bonfire oh hey baby otter what are you doing in the kitchen
oh I know what you’re doing in the kitchen you’re waiting for food you’re
waiting for food baby cuz liz is cooking food oh yeah this chicken is not cooked
but when it is cook is gonna be good and that broccoli broccoli is so good and so
good for you but the question is where is Carter Liz
where do you think Carter is snack he’s back and let’s go check the pantry where
is he where is it I got marshmallows I’m gonna start snacking are you Vince
negative you’ve probably eaten so many already okay well we got the
marshmallows we just got to get the bomb part where they get some sticks we got
to get outside yeah we convince some wars and snap on those later sure
they’ve never heard of the chubby bunny challenge the chubby bunny challenge
what is that I don’t know I want to try it what is it the chubby bunny challenge
is when you put as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible and try to say
chubby bunny you wanna try it Liz okay here we go one two three chubby bunny okay well we got the
marshmallows well what’s left of them the harder ate like half of them oh my
goodness oh we got the marshmallows you know what we just need a bonfire now we
need some sticks and we’ll be good to go yeah we the tent – Oh even better than a
ten card we can make our own tent oh we can make one like we did like a box
floor Oh a box for bonfire for a tenth let’s do it let’s go oh
there’s boxes on the driveway uh this was a little ripped this one looks
pretty good this one looks actually really good let’s go to the basement
let’s see if Cardiff in I need more boxes down there Oh Carter you find any
boxes down here oh whoa these are big too these are perfect and
we have the box for it airplane chair shadow to the box for airplane we
actually made this thing fly like crazy and three oh and by the way shirts check
it out this is our fan mail wall it’s getting bigger and bigger every day
that’s right chairs cuz every vlog we hang up some of your fan mail so you
know what hey Liz where’s the phthalo box let’s put some female up on the wall
come check out Carson sent us check it out play mine keychains one in green and
one in red oh those are so epic we have to hang those up oh these are so epic
thanks so much Carson domestic one here oh yeah and let’s put the other one oh
right here right by the show they love logos so cool remember sure if you ever
want to send us any fan mail our mailing address is right here and it’s also in
the video description below oh and looks like the box works ready
they got whoa wait Carter what is on your arm what what is that get it
whatever bug oh oh my gosh you scared me Oh temporary tattoos are the coolest oh
you need one – I got one right here for you I got one I got you
you can pick you can get a snail a snake or a dragonfly
oh I’m gonna do the dragonfly okay let’s do the dragonfly this temporary tattoo
from Georgie in New Zealand thank you so much for sending up it we’re about to
stick this one on Stephen stick it right on your hand right here and I got water
on a paper towel will dab it on like this let’s see will it work
a little work ready and tow yeah here we go check it out
dragonfly tattoo that’s so cool back to making this box work let’s get this
thing put together what we’re going to need is some duct tape now sweet Carter
we should probably build this outside because I have a feeling if we build in
here we’re not gonna get it out that small door yeah got this piece let’s go
oh yeah fits through the door much easier if we take it apart now that we
got the cardboard here let’s tape it up and make a box for it let’s start by
taping this quarter together whoa whoa careful here we go let’s put some tape
on right like that let’s hold it together and start pushing the tape
together you go all the way along the edge yeah this is gonna be so strong oh
yeah that looks good start from the bottom got it all right there we go
sweet we got the face of the box port made now we just got to figure out how
we want to put the roof on Liz what do you think it for the roof okay for one
part of the roof I’m gonna make a triangle so let’s take this boom we did
it let’s see if it’ll fit on the box for it oh yeah looks good before we can
mount the triangle let’s add this piece for the foundation of the roof let’s
keep this on Liz we’ll put a piece of tape right here oh yeah now we’ll tape
across the side right here put a piece of tape on just like this just gonna add
a little bit more tape over here to finish it up oh yeah that’s looking good
oh there’s baby otter he’s looking out the window Sharra’s covering up you can
see his little head peeking out the window hi otter so good to see you just
watching us build our box for it oh yeah because it’s looking epic oh yeah now
it’s time to take this triangle piece on the last part of the box fort roof this
is such a cool looking box where it’s like the perfect bonfire box for it
let’s take the triangle long one across the side right here
longer okay now let’s stick it on so wait the box for it is all done check it
out Cher’s oh yeah wait where’s this door Carter
there is no door there’s no way in and there’s no way out
uh-uh are we gonna bet err make a door let’s get a door right here awesome
check out this door let’s go inside let’s take a look oh it’s dark but it’s
huge inside of there to let some light in let’s cut open a window voila the
window is complete check it out oh yeah now we’ll have more light inside this
box for it oh yeah and I need a window over here check it out oh hey that looks
good thanks I’m gonna add a little bit of green duct tape onto my window to
make it look even cooler boom check it out we got the green window oh that
looks so good oh no you’re missing one little panel that’s okay there’s it
still looks good sweet I’m gonna run upstairs grab the marshmallows
Carter’s gonna get the bonfire set up over in the box we’re down to a box for
a bonfire woo oh yeah I got the marshmallows let’s go now I think we
just need to get the bonfire started so I grabbed a torch it might be hard to
start some fire because it’s been pretty wet it’s been raining for a while so the
wood might be wet but let’s see what carton I can do actually you know what I
just realized I’m pretty sure we have an old bonfire
pit that we can bring out and use let’s go check over here oh yeah here it is oh
yes this looks perfect sweet now let’s go
find Carter and Liz let’s get that thing out we load some wood in it let’s start
I think bonfire ah there is Carter over here I found the bonfire
Carter I found the bonfire pin I need your help to get it oh just looking for
it it’s over here let’s go doesn’t this look awesome
yeah this is perfect all right looks nice ready three two one oh it’s heavy
and there we go all we need to make a bonfire is logs so you have a nice stack
of logs right here but sometimes the logs are not easy to start so we have a
pile of kindling which is sticks and twigs and that’s easier to light on fire
and if everything is wet like it is because it just rained this morning it
might be really hard to start this fire so we brought down some extra pieces of
cardboard because the cardboard burns really really well so let’s put
everything again and let’s get this fire started step 1
lift the grate off oh no look it’s all wet in here this is gross we might have
to clean that out we’ll take a stick to it look at that there’s so much in here
yeah let’s just scrape it out and we’ll dump it in the woods right over there
and ready Carter hell is dumping this is all ashes from old campfires and it got
wet and it’s like it’s like turned into dirt it’s crazy it’s like mud now now
that we got all that gunk cleaned out let’s start loading it up with logs
we’re gonna put a couple big logs in the bottom like this it’ll put a couple more
across like this kind like a Jenga tower now let’s get
all these twigs and let’s put this in the middle well break them in half and
make them real small well load them up in the middle the twig should really
help get this fire going oh yeah it’s gonna be a nice warm toasty fire oh this
looks awesome let’s trying to light it at the torch now will this start is the
question I’m hoping this will start I don’t know Carter pretty wet out here
yeah there’s like water in the bottom look at that oh yeah shudder in there
yay oh it looks like it might start working
we’re getting a little smoke that’s a good sign
oh there we go to get started to work yeah starting to work this is awesome
we’ll just open like the bigger logs well the good is a little stick Scott on
fire the question is will the bigger logs light on fire as well that’s the
question that’s super wet part of what do you say I don’t know I really hope
this works and sure it’s anytime we do bonfires always a good idea to have a
bucket of water so I got a bucket of water right there it looks like it’s
worth getting the fires lit oh yeah let’s go box for here we come
Sherri’s this is gonna be awesome we’re gonna have a box for it by the bonfire
we’re gonna roast marshmallows it’s gonna be epic oh yeah I’m so excited for
the marshmallows oh yeah box board is looking good Liz you ready carry it down
sweet we got the box for it all set up and then right next to the box port you
get the nice bonfire this looks awesome the bonfire kind of went out we’re gonna
need to add more kindling to get it going again uh-oh hold on technical
difficulties let’s get the fire going again well card is getting the fire
going I’m gonna go look for some sticks for the marshmallows all right I found
some sticks let’s put the marshmallows on there’s one this one’s for you
Stephen oh yeah thanks Liz sweet the fire has finally started oh yeah time to
roast some marshmallows whoo quarter how do you like yours burnt or just like a
little golden well you gotta do it perfect just enough not too much let’s
see Oh put yours on fire no looking good it’s looking really golden-brown and
delicious what’s mine looking like uh mine still white except for that one
part right there I gotta get a little lower to the fire but it still tastes
good yeah it’s all burnt mmm Liz loves it burnt Oh yummy Oh check
this out this is like cooked to perfection
Oh crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside all those awesome oh this is
so good it’s so yummy mmm this is so awesome we’re doing a
bonfire we’re cooking marshmallows we came into the 3 a.m. challenge we can
just hang out in this box for it oh yeah we can like camp out inside of here it’s
gonna be so cool you can sleep in there like all night here can you see me
oh yeah yeah this thing is pretty big that we put like three people in there
and if we get like camp out in it all night let’s try out the box for it
it’s so cool yet the box for it it’s like a tent at a campfire cuz the
campfires right there it’s so awesome what if you can roast a marshmallow from
the box it’ll be cool there’s your marshmallows stick oh it’s definitely
gonna work that’s awesome you never have to leave the box for it you can just
cook and grill oh yeah how was it in there okay let’s load this up with three
marshmallows this time oh she can make one for each of us one for you one for
me and one for Stephen yummy oh yeah now let’s roast it oh yeah oh it’s good you
got to get it just toasting huge this we got a bucket of water oh my gosh it’s huge oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh quick
we’re still smoking it’s over oh my goodness look at this quick dump it out
oh my gosh oh my gosh this is what’s left of the box tore it out to that
flaming marshmallow test it oh my goodness
that is not good oh my gosh that was crazy
Oh box words are super flammable so please do not try this at home yeah you
got to be careful when you’re building a box or don’t do it near fire or a
campfire anything because they will burn yes leaving marshmallows box for it’s
not a good idea oh yes there’s still fire on that water
when you water go water water water water water water
oh yes whoa sheriff’s that was crazy we’re gonna put a couple more buckets of
water on this box sport to make sure it’s completely out it’s not hot it’s
not gonna start again then we’re gonna put this bonfire out whoo Liz that was
crazy oh that was so crazy we definitely don’t
have a fire coming back up that was crazy always played on campy on
that box work all night but I guess I can’t do that anymore
whoo that looks like it’s out now Carter let’s put the fire out let’s put the
fire out in three two one yeah so much smoke in the air that’s
crazy I’m gonna do another bucket of water oh yeah there we go now it’s out
bull shares our box fort might have burned down but the good news is if you
remember in last vlog where I started making box where brownies oh that’s so
good so we can finish those today I can’t wait go to some box for brownies
box for me earlier is gone because we’re gonna make a brownie box for the first
step is to cut the brownies into little squares it’s perfect let’s get going they’re all cut now we got to take them
out while Liz is scooping me the brownies
I’m gonna start stacking them and making the box work we’re all done now Howie’s
need to add the roof let’s put this on top let’s see if it works so good oh is
that the door that’s the drinking will actually go inside it oh my gosh that’s
so cool brownie box for Lizzy you can climb inside this one I guess I could
put it inside me and eat it let me try mmm so good Oh brownie box for it
mmm oh god I know it’s really yummy Oh Ronnie Bucksport is so yummy come in
hashtag brownie if you guys are gonna make a brownie box for it – whoo well
I’m glad this box for worked out shares don’t ever do a box for it near fire
that’s a bad idea yeah really bad idea yeah sure make sure
to stay sick and until next time you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love peace

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