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BOX FORT RACE CARS RACE!! ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿš— Power Ups, Gadgets & More!

BOX FORT RACE CARS RACE!! ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿš— Power Ups, Gadgets & More!

all right Jake you ready to race let’s
do this three what’s going on check it out Anki overdrive to sense a bunch of
tracks and this is this two of the Fast and the Furious edition starter kids and
you didn’t even call me sorry man I’ve been playing all day
then you know that’s not how you play Anki overdrive one dude it’s a racing
game where the cars drive themselves you use your phone as a controller and you
can even like shoot the other cars it’s like a real-life video game man it’s
insane I can use my favorite cars from Fast and the Furious I play with the
characters oh that’s exactly what I’m saying Jake and you’re going down then
Logan we’re gonna crack open these boxes right now and build an ultimate
racetrack you’re going down no you’re going down so the way that this works is
we put the cars on the racetrack and they’ll actually line themselves up
around the track we pre scan the track so that the game knows what our
customized race track looks like and it knows when to jump when to have
power-ups and all the other cool stuff other than that it’s whoever’s the most
skilled at racing wins so there’s so many different game modes that you can
choose from but I think we’re gonna do battle which is basically whoever scores
the most points by eliminating your enemy so we got both of our phones ready
now they’re gonna begin scanning the track so it knows exactly what the
layout looks like and then we can race whoa they just line up on the racetrack
looks like they’re ready to race so Logan take your phone three two one by do you all remember look it’s not about
who gets to the finish first it’s all about taking out your enemy with your
weapons Oh good i hack you as you’re going off the
jump and then I’ll maybe fly off that jump it looks like you won this match
man with the power-ups and gadgets you definitely knew how to use them a bit
better hit me off the track a few times I gotta say that was the coolest racing
game I’ve ever played why don’t we do this in real life you mean play Anki
overdrive in real life I’m talking to a box for a racecars jig with power-ups
just like in the game dude that would be sick why don’t we have a real-life race
with box port race cars outside and we model our cars after the fast the
Furious cars this will be next level guys if you want to check out and learn
more about Anki overdrive there’s a link in the description to learn more go
check it out right now it’s awesome hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J Q from TV
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing something
extra special we are gonna be making box Ford racecars because today it’s race
day it’s race day well actually no Logan tomorrow’s race day taste build day as
you guys just saw we were playing Anki overdrive and we thought how cool would
it be to do that but in real life so we bought these things they’re basically
go-karts they use segways and they go fast Logan I don’t know math I’m faster
they go they go real fast Jake exactly so what we’re gonna do is we’re both
gonna have a chance to build our very own car and we’re gonna have an epic
race let’s see who is the champion but because we’re playing Anki overdrive and
because they gave us some really cool features mainly the fact that you get to
use some power of items like weapons we’re gonna be adding those to our cars
I know there’s a lot of cars to choose from but because we’re playing the fast
and the furious edition of this game and you guys know me I’m a huge Fast and
Furious fan I decided that I was gonna make my car have the power up of this
bad boy my car is gonna be modeled after the ice charger which means I get the
grappling hook still don’t know how I’m gonna do that we’re gonna figure that
out later but that’s gonna be my car’s power up for this awesome race day you
think the I start oh I do is Dominic’s car it’s a legend that’s not gonna have
anything on my MXD I’m rockin Hobbes car and I’m gonna be taking the Rockets
alright guys well looks like our next objective right now is to start building
their cars but before we do that I want to show you guys just how cool these
things are we’re gonna lock in the segue on the first one here and just drive it
without any upgrades but one thing we got to take into consideration guys when
we build these things is they gotta be aerodynamic because they got to be fat
but also if Logan’s got a rocket launcher I got to make sure that this
thing’s got like pretty solid siding you can’t be shooting his rocket launcher at
me and have my whole cars roof flop that would just not be fun but on the other
hand if I grapple hook Logan’s car just rip it all apart not gonna happen
you could have to knock in my graph I haven’t decided how I’m gonna make it
yet but once I do it’ll be the best grappling hook ever made all right well
let’s test this car out and see how it works it might not look like he’s going
that fast but guys he is ripping it in that thing let’s bring these in the
garage and start building go back here in the lab and this is where we’re gonna
be building up our two box Ford racecars guys it’s really gonna come down to
whoever builds their car the best and also whoever’s the best drive like I
said I’m building the grappling hook so it’s definitely gonna be a new challenge
for me I’ve never built a box for grappling hook look I’ve been using a
nerf gun for his whoo he’s got a little bit easier but once around the course
it’s the best driver that’s gonna win so I think the best thing we can do right
now guys is start working on our bills and get building these epic race cars I’m working on my car for a little while
now look how cool this is so I won’t be the speedy look I kind of wanted to make
this thing sleek fast and low to the ground it does have a lot of bulkiness
on it which means it doesn’t have a lot on what you do you try to stammer to
have my car I’m just checking it out man don’t even look at it all right looking
low this car over here inside it’s a work in progress it’s like one of those
land boat tank things it’s like both a car and a boat Castle is like we got
this race in the bag Logan doesn’t know what he’s doing mine is a work in
progress also guys let us know in the comments who has a better car is it
Logan and not yet wait wait till we’re done the cars but when we’re done the
cars let us know is Logan’s car better or is Jake’s car not as good I finally finished church yeah this is
my race car for race day tomorrow got the whole thing looking nice and fly
super sleek but at the same time super fast I tried to model like you know like
a Ferrari but also the classic racecar look that can go really fast stay
low-profile it doesn’t have too much to weigh it down I think Logan thinks we’re
doing a boat race it’s a work in progress but anyway guys because I
finished up my car early I’m gonna start working on my weapon now which of course
is the grappling hook and sit awaiting myself down with a real rope I’m gonna
use tape rope that’ll be perfect that I can use to throw my grappling hook at
Logan grab onto his car and then throw him off the track so I can win the race
so I’m gonna start working on that now while Logan finishes up his car and then
he’ll start working on his weapon got our box for grappling hook ready and
this thing is so cool I know it looks a little weird with all the red tape but
trust me this thing works really well yeah I’m gonna show you guys just a
quick example I see this water bottle let’s say I needed to grapple it with
this toss it over and pull that’s how the grappling hook works and that’s how
I’m gonna latch onto Logan’s car I’m pretty happy my weapons done come on man
this thing is a beast I got some tricks up my sleeve still I’m
thinking about attaching a nerf gun right here so I can get Jake so I
officially finished my car I think my paint job is a little bit nicer than
Jake’s as you can see we got the nice green and orange detail we got the nice
wind flap I think it’s gonna be a pretty interesting race to see whose car is
faster and stronger and who’s gonna win the race and it’s gonna come down to
those final laps and who can use their weapons better a little bit of luck and
a little bit of pop Jake’s skill we’re gonna see the winner tomorrow at race
day all right guys it is officially race day and we are back here in the lab
because today it’s the day we’re finally gonna be racing both of our box four
cars gonna be got my red speedster over here we got Logan’s
over there and we’re gonna be going out on a head-to-head race against each
other Logan’s got his secret nerf gun which
she’s not showing me so let’s get in them bring them outside line them up on
the starting line and get ready for the world’s first ever a box sport car race
this race is gonna be fairly simple it’s gonna be a three-lap race you have to go
all the way down the street around that pylon and back here every time you cross
one of these it’s a lap in its first whoever gets three you’re going down
Jake let’s do this me dude that was so awesome was like
straight from the game man I got you with my grappling hook but then I forgot
to hold on but then it messed me up cuz I like couldn’t find my steering wheel
and I went into that I won’t point Logan like flipped around but they start
shooting me when he shot me so could see where I was going I think we need to do
one more laughs just for fun it’s gonna be a challenge of who’s the best racer dude that was awesome
dude I was so sick it’s so much fun dude it was crazy it was fast it was furious
as we were racing the rain started to come in and started making more slippery
our weapons worked really well honestly I gotta admit I think Logan’s weapon
might have worked a little bit more mine in theory would have worked but once I
grappled on it was really easy for him just to take it and throw it out
but in the end your boy Papa Jake was crowned the winner that was only because
of a little malfunction in my car sure put erases the whole race so
malfunction over here or there I mean I almost spun out a little bit in the
middle but I came back the rains starting to come into starting to rain
really hard outside so we decided why don’t we go back downstairs and play
some more Anki overdrive or back downstairs in the basement and we’re
gonna play some more Anki overdrive but this time we decided why don’t we check
out the trucks we’ve played with the supercars first and that was a lot of
fun they went over the jumps but what’s cooler than cars
they’re big trucks Logan you ready to race I’m ready dude another really cool
thing about the Anki overdrive fast the fierce edition is it comes within the
entire fast and furious campaign where you get to battle the actual characters
from the movie so it’s really cool guys you can race against Dom you can race
against the rock aka Hobbs all your favorite characters from Fast
and the Furious you actually can hear them while you’re racing so you know
Hobbs will give you some chirps while you’re driving around the track check it
out that’s just one of the things that makes the Fast and the Furious Edition
it’s so cool and it has a full campaign to play alright guys so the trucks just
scan the track now it’s time to start our race three two one go oh dude I got
some BC power-ups here what are you shopping oh I’d take y’all the Jack Brown one out
– I love how they get back on the track if they fall off it’s so cool dude this
is a really hard track you gotta be really careful all right guys this is a
really challenging track we have to like slow down on that big curve over there
if we want folks not to fall off activate rage was that do what Oh No hey
come on buddy you’re getting back in this race as to what comes me out here
all right hold on I’m waiting for you to catch up hold on
hey no yeah you disabled me come on come on little cream buddy listen let’s get
Logan buddy let’s go charge it charging charging charging come on come on we got
this dude the trucks are so cool it’s definitely a harder race it makes it fun
come on I need that rage mode almost got rage mode oh my god oh no come on buddy come on buddy we got
this we got this the ketchup is real through this guy
he’s so happy that you won he’s flashing toys huh the super trucks were very
awesome but Mia Logan’s both think this game is so much fun we want to do one
more round of straight racing winner-takes-all we get to choose any
car that we want I have an eye in this one ever since we got it in this thing
looks awesome it’s the Big Bang I love it I think I’m going with this I’m gonna
go with the Guardian oh it’s really cool three two one second place but I can make the comeback if I’m buddy we gotta make this comeback
we got this all again someone’s catching up but I got some tricks up my sleeve
get ready no no go back Big Bang come on come on area back here in fact
no looks like you won again a good game man that was awesome so I think this
wraps up this amazing video we hope you guys enjoy it well hope you guys enjoyed
our box for racing as well as our Anki overdrive racing ok guys if you want to
check out Anki overdrive fast and furious edition we’ll have links in the
description down below this game is really fun and get big thanks to those
guys for sponsoring this video thanks so much for watching those smack that like
button down below smack that subscribe button this has been pop Jake and I’ll
see you guys next time for another awesome videos


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You should make a video about how you make box forts and how cool is it part time and maybe make an amusement park and make a really cool roller coaster

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