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Bremsen lernen mit Inlineskates | Beginner Bremstechniken | Inliner bremsen lernen #00

Bremsen lernen mit Inlineskates | Beginner Bremstechniken | Inliner bremsen lernen #00

Unusual ways to brake Hey guys it’s Daniel,
founder and owner of SkaMiDan Skate School and Skate Shop
in Weil am Rhein Germany. I know it’s a long time ago
I published a new tutorial. But today I’ll show you
different unusual ways to brake! Come on let’s go.
Let’s learn some crazy things! The very first stop we
will learn is the grass stop. With the help of the grass stop
we can avoid a crash by just rolling in a meadow. The grass will slow us down
and lastly we will stop safely. At this point,
I would like to mention that I definitely recommend
learning a proper braking technique. But the methods shown here
should help us until we have learned and mastered a proper braking technique. In this way, in case of an emergency,
we can prevent a possible fall or crash. Finally, these methods should also bring
a little fun in our favourite sport. The grass stop can help us
to slow down skating speed while skating down a slope or hill
to come down and stop safely. This can also help us to stop
at crossroads or road intersections. Probably the most common situation is
avoiding a crash, like on a bike path. And many bike paths
lead along a meadow. Depending on conditions of the grass,
dryness and moisture The risk of stumbling or getting stuck
is sometimes higher and lower. That we do not fall directly
when we will skate on the grass, it is important
that we bend our knees. In addition,
we try to keep our skates apart, but still laterally
parallel to each other. We also try to keep
the knee of our trailing foot right above
our toes of our trailing foot. Our ass should be right above
the heel of our trailing foot. As the name indicates
by doing a pole stop we use a pole or something
similar to come to a stop. We skate towards a pole, hold onto it,
turn around there until we come to a stop. As always
there are some things to keep in mind. To have a better balance
we always skate with bended knees. That means we try to keep our knees
in front right above our toes. To practice the pole stop,
we now stand in front of a pole. Next we lean
against the pole using our hands. Then we try to keep
our skates to each other in angle of about 90°
in the heel area. If this works,
we now push our knees outwards, so that they are above our toes. The further we push our knees outward
and the more we lean forwards against the pole,
the easier it is for us to safely turn around the pole. Therefore it is important that
we never extend our arms completely. We should always keep our arms bent to
reduce the impact by using muscle power! If we skate a bit faster,
it is possible that we will slip off
with our hands while grabbing the pole. In this case, we might fall
on the road in front of a car. To prevent that we not only grab the pole,
no we embrace the pole with our arms! This can be a bit painful, especially
when doing it without protectors. But it is still better than to fall
in front of a car or to land in a biker. And that we do not hit
our head against the pole, we should lean backwards,
as well as to turn our head. In best case we wear
our protectors and a helmet! In case you shouldn’t have
any good protectors or a helmet, you may look at our web shop
or visit us at our local store. To find the right size,
simply use the attached size charts or contact us personally. The next technique to stop
is the wall stop. Here we let us simply roll
against a wall to come to a stop. First of all,
please do not use this technique with a higher skating speed. Please also only use
this technique in emergency. Okay let’s take a look at the
motion sequence for the wall stop. The first thing we do is
to grab the wall with our hands. But we should avoid stretching
out our arms completely! We should always keep our arms bent to
reduce the impact by using muscle power! The head, we turn to the side! And our fingers
should point to each other. Unfortunately I didn’t do that
in the examples of this video. Should we not roll against
a wall, but against a pole then we can turn our head
to the side of the pole. But in any case,
please use and wear a helmet! Let’s come to the last unusual
way to brake, the Stair Stop. At the stair stop we roll against
a step or wall to come to a stop. Alternatively we can jump on the
stair step, or skate onto it. The advantage,
it’s easier to lean backwards and come overall to a softer stop. To reach the first step of the stairs,
we just pull up our front wheels. But depending on the high of the
stair step we also may do a jump. How to jump perfectly on inline skates,
we will learn from another tutorial you will find
in the description down below. Do we have inline skates
with four wheels, we always try to land
between our middle wheels. Do we have tri skates
with three wheels, we always try to land between
our last and our middle wheel. Do we have aggressive inline skates, we always try to land on the groove
between our middle wheels. When landing on the stair step
we bend our knees to reduce the impact and land softly
by using muscle power. In addition we lean backwards
to avoid to fall over the stair step. The faster we are,
the more we have to lean backwards. Alternatively, we can simply roll against
the stair step or a sidewalk. But be careful, depending on
the skates we use, we can damage them. In the video example,
the wheels are big enough that the stair step or wall
will never touch the skate itself. Okay, while skating against
the stair step or wall, we keep in mind
to pull in our toes. If we don’t pull in our toes it can hurt. And also here, we lean backwards
to avoid to fall over the stair step. The faster we are,
the more we have to lean backwards. For sure, using this technique
we can also skate against a wall. If so we should pay attention
to turn our head to side. But please wear a skate helmet! And that’s it,
again we have reached the end. Now let’s put on our inline skates
and go skate. But don’t forget to watch
our other videos to learn more! Well we will see us at the next time!


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Entweder knall ich gegen eine Wand oder gegen eine Dachrinne oder Brems mit dem Bremsblock aber beim Bremsblock ist die hinfall Gefahr größer ,weil wenn du zu sehr bremst könntest du hinfallen. Und deswegen knall ich lieber gegen einen Zeun oder gegen eine Hauswand (ja gut meine Zähne sind da zwar im Ar***)😊
Wenn man es lernen will soll man Fehler machen. Wenn man keine Fehler macht dann lernt man auch nicht.

Moin Moin, vielleicht erreiche ich dich auf diesem Wege ja noch, ich hätte da zwei Fragen: 1. Gibt es einen Store, wo man seine Skates individuell bestellen kann (d.h. eigenständig "zusammenbauen", also welche Schuhe, Rollen, Lager etc.) ? und 2. hast du Lust mal ein Tutorial über die Doppel Push Speedskating Technik zu machen ?

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