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Today I’m going to unbox this package I don’t know what’s inside (i know what’s inside) I’m going to do an unboxing video SICK That’s Good Ok guys that’s it for the Unboxing and skateboard setup I’m sorry for the inconvenience that I faced yesterday as you can see this is a new day I changed my clothes ; since i was unaware of my storage space that i have, I cannot film all the way through sorry guys as you can see its an BRGTN Skateboard deck its an 8 inch board These are some bullet trucks oxelo whells (54 mm) with Spitfire burners bearings Oxelo riser pads and some stickers Oxelo Grip tape I made this one myself, so if you want to make one for yourself, check the video in the end The guys from urban monkey they hooked me up with this RAD snapback I’ll be definitely rocking this during my skate session They’re generous to give me some grip tape but i was having this spare black grip tape so i like it better in a month or so I’ll be reviewing this product again whether they live up to my expectation or whether they’re worth the price or not make sure to subscribe to my channel and watch out for that video and if you enjoyed this video hit that like button make sure you check out URBANMONKEY.COM links should be in the description down below so.. Please check them out


Yoo…7.75 oxelo nge 8.125 k th 7.75 chu k hmng mk a mhse a aia lian team galaxy vel kh lei k tum deuh a min lo pui teh

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