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Brian Lotti: The pro skateboarder prepares for his solo art exhibition

Brian Lotti: The pro skateboarder prepares for his solo art exhibition

The first or second day
I started working down in Chinatown,
and it was like I just had to get out
and see what was going on I remember there was
a morning view and there was this blue building You can kind of see
up to Elysian Park I think this was the first little thing
I painted in Chinatown Yeah, it’s a pretty
tropical-looking hill, it’s cool Very Echo Park, though Weird pastels The turquoise… yeah Another little crown of palms and more little pastel buildings just kind of cutting
through the trees Serious wallie country here You come down here,
you wallie off this… bam! Yeah, this is it, precisely Yeah Actually from right here This little corridor,
and the hills and all the telephone poles So we’re real close to where a lot of the places that inspired
a lot of the paintings in the Echo Park show It’s a space that has good light and I have northern-facing windows and it’s pretty bright all day long I try not to think too much I try and let my thoughts or the direction for that piece
or the next piece come from just working, you know? All the paintings in here now
are getting poked at and pecked at They’re not quite done Some of them need
a lot more work Yeah, see?
It never ends, right? I was done, and… shit! I’ve just got to spread this out This is bugging me It’s not there yet Sometimes it’s just good to have
the paintings up on the wall sometimes for weeks,
and then one day I can walk in and be like, okay, boom! This is what I want to do to this to kind of push it a little bit further It wasn’t connected
to the whole as much so I think these highlights will bring it into
the rhythm or something to the lighter tones Walk away Painting, it is having
a conversation with ourselves and I think we feel best
when we’ve grown and when we’ve explored and we’ve arrived at something that we had never seen before I think that’s what
makes it so interesting Painting isn’t a straightforward thing It can be, you can just make
a drawing of an apple but it’s more like
how can I paint this apple in a way that is going to give me
new appreciation for life? That’s the pursuit, yeah


Lotti has the style.. Marc Johnson’s paid his style respect on now and later and skates a lot like him too, damn. Style matters more than crazy bangers kids..

People get so obsessed with colours and shapes when painting reality they forget they are the creator ,it’s how you manipulate reality that makes a great work of art not to be a slave to it .

It's weird some how so many of skateboarders turn up to be artists. Something about skateboarding, may be the freedom, the moves. I am also an artist. Interesting same as many of my friends who skated.

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