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BTTF Filming Locations TOUR! Back to the Future full movie tour part 1 – Institute future technology

BTTF Filming Locations TOUR! Back to the Future full movie tour part 1 – Institute future technology

In today’s episode: (evil laugh)… I… don’t even know? (introduction animation) Welcome to VLOGNOSIS we’re ambiguous question our legality? we’ve got all the best welcome to VLOGNOSIS (silly titles) okay done. no don’t type that. I don’t even know… yeah hello and welcome to the Institute of
future technology. Here at the Institute it’s our responsibility to make sure
that the space-time continuum stays continuous. if you want to, you can ride along with me today as I make my rounds. I’ve converted my electric car to run
off of a Mister Fusion because I got tired of looking for charging stations! I volunteer at the Institute of future
technology I’m a part-time worker. we volunteer to
keep an eye on locations of temporal significance in the area. Marty McFly? I’m enjoying a drink here at Burger King, but it’s not just any Burger King location… Do you recognize it? Sadly, a lot of the original character was lost recently when it was completely remodeled, but the memories
live on. Ah yes, Hilldale! It was once going to be
a breeding ground for “tranks, loboz, and Zipheads” but thanks to Marty and Doc’s
efforts it’s now restored to its former glory. The place has changed a little bit over the years. The ivy has grown over the
walls and for some reason they chose to take down the hill Dale signs. Just down
the street is where Marty would have crashed into the Rolls-Royce! Here we are Shonash Ravine, or Eastwood Ravine, as those of us today know it. Look at the height of those palm trees
today, and how short they were back in 1985! This area is still in pretty much the same condition it was back then. There is something you don’t see every day! Pervert alert! Pay attention to Vern’s hand: I wonder if that works with the ladies? “Come here!” HERE… (evil laugh) And, of course, what trip would be
complete without a visit to the McFly residence? They’ve taken really good care of this house. It looks the same as it did
30 years ago. They look really happy. I don’t want to
disturb them, so let’s move on. Okay, it is getting late in the day, but I had to make one more stop. Griffith Park tunnel is awesome at night. That is, when you’re not being chased by Biff, in a 6,000 pound death machine! The overhead lights are original. Those
lights on the side have since been taken down. Who needs to see where you’re going
when you “don’t need roads”? To be continued… Thanks for catching my VD Video Diary


Hilarious! Knocked this one outta the park! Thanks for sharing your VD. HAHA

The Making of Back To The Future: The Ride, as well as several very rare photos. Check it out here:

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