Build A Life-Size BB8 Droid (Phone Controlled)

Hey guys! It’s me Angelo, your 17 year old Filipino tinkerer It’s been almost half a year since I last posted a video tutorial And to make up for that, I’m back with a very big and special one So this week We are going to build your very own life-sized and fully functional Starwars BB-8 Droid! (BB-8 reacts) I went out to buy some materials from the mall, and here are the thing that you will need for the project. For the electronics we have an Arduino Uno as the brains of the robot. Next we have here a high powered Pololu VNH5019 motor driver which will drive both of our metal gearbox that we have here We also have a Bluetooth module this would be the one that would communicate to our smartphone so that we could control our bb8 robot using our smartphone.

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