BUILDING A SELF DRIVING CAR IN 72 HOURS (what could go wrong)

hey guys so we just got invited to an
awesome event in Australia come with me hey guys we’re here down under just up
the Brisbane vents and today and we’re gonna be converting some
cars to self-driving this weekend so then pull us out all the way from Canada
to participate in this event and make a video about it we’ve got about 10 people
working on in each car we got we got three days and by the end of it they’re
all gonna be self-driving safety is like the biggest concern I have with all of
you we’ve got gloves for class safety glasses and got earplugs and you all
should be wearing a covered Footwear the whole time all right since itself gravity we don’t
have the seats be a lot easier to work on it does put more room in there you’ll be measured on the back of the
car in case the car goes rogue so we’ll have to chase the car and hit that back pattex no strikes buddy you wanna fall over the emergency step
back running and a big thank you to all the event
sponsors Telstra provide the event with high quality 4jx internet and Nighthawk
routers they kept the event online with the world’s best for G X network we’d
also like to thank the motor Traders Association of Queensland ethereal
capital neo Bharatha lidar Blackbird ventures coltec Scouts Queensland trade
tools Woodstock redbull and finally the Queensland community especially Monika
Bradley Tony wheeler and Kylie Hickling so there’s clearly two teams that are
kind of this is a month in the making this is not like a year or anything this
is a fever dream and thanks for coming and being part of it we want to make
this so much bigger we want to take this everywhere in the world but we had an
awesome time in Australia but it’s time to go back to the cold and that’s how
you convert a car to self-driving in just three days you guys want to see the
full episode where we explain how we did it check out this video here on our vlog
Channel we also did a video while we’re in Australia exploring down under it’s
right here thanks for watching

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