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Burn $500 Worth Of Gold

Burn $500 Worth Of Gold

♫ Burn baby, burn – Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here. So I got this $500 gold car charger. It’s absolutely crazy and I
already made a video on this, but my Ferrari needs a fresh
paint of gold on the inside. So it got me thinking. I need to get the gold off this. How are we gonna do it. And I actually showed you guys this video earlier on snapchat, if
you’re not following me add my code right up there,
it’s tons of fun over there, seriously do it. Now let’s figure out a way
to get the gold off here. If this things really painted
with gold or plated with gold, however they want to say it, I should be able to get the gold off here. I went to a local pawn shop
and they didn’t even want to give me $500 bucks they wanted
to maybe give me $50 bucks they said and they’d
have to think about that. So, I’m taking matters in my own hands. Instead of burning $400
like we did that one time, we’re gonna burn $500. ♫ Burn baby, burn The top is made out of metal
since it’s like a car charger and that’s where like
electricity is conducted, charge your stuff obviously. This honestly feels like
the closest to gold, it feels pretty heavy. The rest just seems like
it’s spray painted gold. If you guys think that
I just buy these things and return them, yeah
like you think Amazons going to take this back after I burn it. No they are not, all the
gold will be off there it will just be like a normal one. Like the normal $30 black one. Gold shouldn’t scratch either, let’s see if gold scratches here. Got a pair of tongs. I just made that mark on there, if you can see that too well.
Gold should not scratch, so. (sighs) Let’s burn this thing. I got a pyrex dish here, just
cause I don’t want to ruin another table, we already
went through that once. Got some tongs so I don’t burn my fingers. So essentially we’re going to hold onto the world’s most expensive car charger, some way somehow I don’t even know. Get the infamous money burning torch. Alright, side note here
guys I haven’t even burned this thing yet. There is more scratches than
when I started the video. There’s that fat scratch
right across there. And then on the side there’s
more scratches, more scratches, more scratches right there. Like make a product that
doesn’t scratch especially for $500 bucks it looks boss
it looks great in my Ferrari. Seriously, that video was
bangin’ thank you guys so much for accepting my new car. I really wanted to make a new car video, I probably will soon. Only one thing left to do. Let’s get the gold off here. It’s gonna be bad this things
gonna have a very bad day. There’s gas going everywhere. (coughs) Oh, don’t let the gas go
on without lighting it. My lungs just took a beating. Here we go. Goodbye sweet prince. Whoa that is getting hot. Oh, and we’re on fire. And we’re on fire. Whoa, get some fans going guys. That is probably not good to breath. Don’t get in my air system. You can see right here, I
don’t know if it’s the gold. I wanna say it’s the gold
paint, it just came right off. Just right off as we saw. I don’t want to breath this is so toxic. (standby beep) So the fumes, they were
really getting to me, I got a gas mask on. Let’s continue to burn. Oh yeah, getting the gold. We’re good, we’re good guys. Either that’s the gold, that’s actually, that’s actual gold there
or that’s just spray paint. I don’t know, but. I don’t know about you guys. Here at TechSmartt we don’t
let any survivors happen, so. I don’t want the guts
to crack all over me, cause that would be very bad. No, burn. I want my gold. I want my gold give me the gold. No. This is what $500 in gold looks like guys. $500 in gold right here. So that’s pretty much it for this video, if you guys enjoyed it
and made it to the end and liked seeing me burn things
drop a like on this video and as you know I respond to your comments so leave some down below. Today Kimberley Jordan asks
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If you're smart then you know that it's still worth 500 dollars melted I say it's cooler melted and you can't melt gold with normal fire

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