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Butt Putt Putt? | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products

Butt Putt Putt? | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products

New channel lan gaming subscribe now, link in the description below (Matt) oils of peppermint and (Matt) Eucalyptus oils one to two inhalations each nostril so you put this up to your nostril, dude (Matt) It smell so good though. It smells like Christmas (Matt) What’s going on guys I am Matthias (Matt) Today we’re looking at 10 the strange Amazon products that Tanner from rekt found (Matt) Yeah, that’s something to do is click in that Bell Icon (Tanner) Oh yeah, thats what the bells for (Tanner) Kept ringing up in time sup guys click that (Matt) Bell icon to get notified of future videos (Matt) if you want to see me coming back to you in real time COZ I comment back within the first 30 minutes, so (Matt) Be a part of it, man (Matt) Ring the bell am I right ding ding ya’ll (Matt) Oh my gosh Rubies Costume I pity the fool, Mohawk and sideburns wig I like how mr. T is. Not in the title you know I mean (Matt) I dont know, I dont know (Tanner) Did ice-t to play as mr.. Chia that (Matt) May be, guys also just so you know all these products have links down in the description below that you want to click you want to check out If you’re interested in buying them does help the channel out just let you know that little bit of goodness Add to Cart Like this dude, hey like how that blends in with the skin tone, I like how this guy’s not black Maybe they did that purposefully I know they’re like anyone could be mr.. T You could be black white Mexican, Muslim any of the other one We’re going down some bath dude. I’m gonna have to be all-inclusive and name every single race on the planet, Oh yikes This hair well tanner. I don’t envy you right now. Well. I thought it was whiter than that I Thought this was lighter than that dude yeah alright come here On camera don’t look at it. I got hat hair everybody How do you smell this smell – smell that no, thank you I did smell That’s why I was like. Oh the inside is so nasty looking That’s just mo. Oh Ho that’s Elvis mixed with mr.. T I’m not good at any any impressions guys is this offensive down in the comments below. We’re not sure That’s offensive Trash it You sure I Got a tickle Youssou back posture corrector It’s like a little to prevent What the crap tell me how you feel, not good you sue back posture corrector adjustable clavicle brace comfort corrector shoulder doesn’t posture support strap for women men improve posture correction computer sitting work prevent slouching ah Dan tall and confident, I don’t think I have much to do with your posture if this improves my confidence like game over But here’s what I think it’ll be I think what’ll happen is. It’ll look like I’m wearing a bra through my shirt I think it’ll make me feel like 50 years older than I am Let’s see if this works hit me Adam So many straps, it’s a little time Just a Bowflex here. Can you tighten this dog daddy? I’m great at tightening tighten my straps up. They caught me tight Tanner I don’t like that come on tighter Tanner. It’s a lot tighter Come on Tanner tighter tighter tighter So the only thing that this is gonna. Do is potentially keep keep your shoulders back Right, it’s not gonna. Help you to slouch because you can have your shoulders back But then still slouch it’s just more of a reminder right that could be a particular problem that someone has not been slaughtering but just the Shoulders will leaning forward. I’ll say Kashyap The webcast Irgun Halloween spiderweb gun shooter oh So the gun makes those dopes oh, that’s how they do it I’ve always been struggling with that dollar store stuff that you have to pull apart to make like a web And then it just never looks good, and you’re just like why do my webs always never look as good as my neighbors webs It’s a you know I wrong Huh world’s most realistic fake spider webs. I feel like they didn’t need to use the word fake. They’re right I mean the world’s most realistic spider webs Already says it’s fake, so here. We get here. We have like a little stop-motion of their pictures To me it looks creepier in daylight is that just me cuz it looks like an actual spider web Yeah, what’s the light there like we try and do be spooky, but daylight. It’s like I never leave my house come visit Oh What these DS my friend the web cast they’re gone? too – That’s better than the first one dude. Hopefully do we have an air compressor? You bet we do Everything easy-to-use professional results easy cleanup, all right. We’ve got some instructions right here three I’ve got the blow port Just link that up real quick. I think this is just a hot glue gun with a blow port Okay, here we go you ready yeah, so I’m gonna make some web on this thing okay Oh geez ready turn me on dog I must be doing this wrong I gotta go from bottom Okay farther away works a lot better Cause my wrist is so tired Okay so first off dad’s wrist is getting tired I Mean it feels like rubber, dude you would not be able to break through that to feel it All that is really thick I’m sure there’s a skill to it, and you know as I got better As time went on I got better and better and better however I still think that’s a wrist workout And this is only if you’re like hardcore into like decorating and you don’t care if it takes you all day I say I say it’s a it’s a cache because it does work and it can look cool Um, but I don’t think it’s for big areas like they were talking. You know yet, that’s something. That’s do something early. Yeah Oh Micro luggage ok micro kickboard so this little guy Here you can skate around with so you can skate from place to place in the airport It’s like a scooter with luggage on it mm-hmm. See that’s good This is kind of cool for big airports right but not all airports are big But people that are in big airports probably generally have to fly along but I mean if you’re traveling so frequently you probably have like a Really like finite go bag, but if the other luggage you bring you check-in right off the bat, anyways true But I mean I mean find it measure that in snicker bars is probably like 40 snicker bars Volume you know no no, I’m sure you could fit more snicker bars than that guys Let’s find out how many snicker bars would you fit in that? this is $299 so if you guys give this video 200,000 likes that’s a lot, we will fill that thing with snicker bars Tanner thinks 40 I’m thinking over 100 easy all right well Let’s find out guys see if you want to see us review this product check this product out See how many snicker bars can fit it Give this video a like and we will do that, and then we will have a feast What watch a thief ol boss Inhaler powered to breathe what Rapid Action makes nasal passages feel cleaner helps you endure seasonal discomfort Original swiss essential oil formula. Oh this has essential oils in it so what are essential oils, so? Other people have done. They are oils that aren’t super essential to your well-being, but the help They’re not essential they’re not essential, but they feel essential They some people like to claim that they’re essential, but they’re not my wife Loves essential oils dude my baby is the most aromatic baby in the world for evening I know she just always smells like something because a man is like let me put you and put this on you Let me put that on you. Let me put this sometimes. It’s just the smell of poop So the idea here is that it contains? Menthol of course, that’s gonna clear your nose. Yeah oils of peppermint and Eucalyptus oils isn’t mint all the stuff. That’s in Vicks. Yeah, and that will clear you that’ll clear you up real fast Yeah Eucalyptus will help naturally too as well as peppermint those will definitely Just as essential oils if you just make a little mix and do that it’ll clear you up. It’ll give you like itll alertness, right? Now not as much as like drinking it drinking a cup of coffee, but You need a cup now. I do yeah, maybe I should read the instructions cause I don’t know where that goes Directions adults and children years of age one to two inhalations each nostril so you put this up to your nostril, dude Dude, it smells so good though. It smells like Christmas. Oh Oh my gosh a headache thinking about it Oh my gosh You wanna try it kinda? I just touched it to the tip of my nostril try it you see Wow it was knocked me off my feet Wow Dude I feel like a brand-new man That’s what I’m saying dude Wow I rate this a cashew cache cleared up my nose holes good Chyna pet, Bob Ross, China We don’t like to do each other just like what? Chia pet Bob Ross who’s Bob Ross stop You don’t know who Bob Ross is oh the painter yes. He’s a he’s a living legend. Yeah. Yeah mean sensation Yeah, no no. No ya know the painter right no now, I remember yeah He paints like all those scene the scenic scapes you know landscapes and stuff. He’s known for his like motivational quotes You know I doesn’t no such thing as mistakes. Just happy little accidents No, that’s not true. They’re mistakes for real happy little accidents from it talent is a pursued interest That’s true. There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend Right and then follow it up with I guess I’m a little way All right, man I’m into it dude. Let’s let’s do this add the cars All right, man there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend Right on the box dude how did I miss that before? I you know? I’m not gonna argue with that per se but humans make better friends if you can’t get any friends settle for a tree But try to get some human friends wait why is it so light, okay? You’re growing Bobby got it, and you could say he’s going through the puberty stage, but oh Man well gently place He’s my son there. Oh Jeez, that’s like crooked. Okay, so hold up. Wow this is heavy, dude What’s wrong with this beard? Calm treatme am I right over there hangs joke everybody Treebeard Yeah, okay nerd I mean there’s not much to it I’m just trying to get I’m just trying to get on board with it really you know I’m trying to find Like can you eat these I mean? Why not this is what you use? Chia seeds are they actually Chia am I thinking of chia the stuff that a man who puts on my smoothies Like the cgc. Yeah, Oh Actually never thought about that. They’re actually kind of look like I think they are okay eat some Right now if you want, I think it’s the same thing all right, I’m gonna have to say tragic I know I think people make better friends so sorry Bob Oh My gosh dude, I almost got shook right now. Why cuz I couldn’t tell I saw skintone and I could not tell what this was but it looks like it’s just the nose guys. What is this? Stop snoring in sleep apnea reduces dry mouth prevents problems with your partner Hey, I don’t have any problems with my partner all right mr. Assumptions, so do you think this will make it so men don’t cheat little sluts on the surface let you nose hair catch airborne particles and prevent them from reaching your lungs you will sleep much better and healthier How do I know? Do I have a big nose too, and this hurts, huh? Dude, no way Who’s got nose that big who’s God knows that big? This is literally doing absolutely nothing and make sure the hose and pop work. It’s kind of like plastic surgery your chest sorry Brooke That’s so painful in my nose, it’s not even they don’t even attempt to shape it like a nose. There’s just a cone Big mouth Inc, but put Farting golf putter game. They missed an opportunity to say cooter Plays six different farts shoots out the ball when you make a putt. Why would it shoot it out of the side? Yeah, wouldn’t shoot it out of the butt, and then you aim it into the side Yeah, right cuz the but isn’t the intention is for the exit So why why put hands hole to the side, right? Yeah, so we’re shooting it in the butt for it to come out the pockets I think we should shoot in the pockets, but come out the butt yeah, and then fart when it’s coming out yep Like your partner a golf ball. You know so we got the puter thing for ya It’s a common thing does it come with a ball or a golf stick I’m not a golfer, and I want to buy this as a gift I’m not a golfer. I played golf ones in my life, but I know it’s not called a golf stick. Oh my gosh I need this in my life at the car Putt-putt am I right. I’ll make that bat go putt putt am I right Hit the ball in the hole and the butt will blow Promise promise I Hate it. I hate it I hate it. I hate it so much So did it seriously not come with a golf stick no golf stick and go doll stick But I have a golf stick we can use let’s do it Dude
All right putt putt Eric tanner how confident are you are you confident enough to make a bad way just to make a little wager? Good fan of right smack that ball Two shots cuz you’re missed up. Oh Way too hard dude, I’m a strong guy Wow I was closest anymore I hit it I hit it up the ramp we’d even make a wager we just sort of gulping On database You’re already enacted noise oh That was your fart noise Todd you put me on the spot. I had to fix it myself try again, dude No no try again, just your mouth why you what are you gonna do the hand thing hugs I’ll be your partner Do that look thin part, that’s what you do there is no form on your fire Oh you do more of an upper lip part, and I do more like the tongue lower lip part That’s a horse Regular voice ooh, oh Dude these are parts these are diarrhea, it’s stuck coming that’s like diarrhea. That’s not your average part That’s not your average fur that’s like when you have to go yeah, but you’re like that’s when you’re rushing to the bathroom I’m gonna have to label that one a trash Guys guys guys guys guys guys guys Make sure you click that subscribe I con so it looks like this Boom, baby, cuz they’re gonna get these videos regularly Are you looking at me like that dude? I’m just are you subscribed yeah, of course I’m subscribed you best be I’m not a bad person Next item Toothpick bird does it pick a toothpick for you Oh, no you have to do it, but it allows you to not touch all the other toothpicks. I See I see I see slightly ugly Not something that you’d have out, you know, it’s something like you’re your grandma would give you you would have this out for real This Have you seen my house this would not fit the decor style yeah, I wouldn’t fit the aesthetic. I’m gonna imitate I Get you I get you that’s just so oh Well that’s cool, it looks even dumber when it picks it up. What is on that toothpick, dude Yo, that’s gross, so here’s that here’s a deal right? What’s wrong with just doing this So you did that now I get with the bird That’s cool, but it doesn’t work There they only gave me three and two of them were stained they’re kidding right, so here’s how you load it you load it So they always stay in that kind of that kind of way, you know a sane rightful position Yeah, the frontal position you know saying and then The bird is like dude. You don’t want me to take this dude think of Brendan alright, man You love this so much dude. I don’t need toothpicks that often you should alright That’s yours must yours I call that attraction sorry What is this honeybee puppet, Oh what I all of a sudden became aware that it was an insect Okay, I’m sorry dude the the bead triggered me more than the puppets fainted Oh, it’s like a little hand thing. Yeah, oh How is this supposed to fit whose hand is that wide, but that’s short? Creeped out my daughter, but she never gets creeped out by anything. She’s pretty hard cooperative video. She is pretty hardcore Let’s put a little Hector the elephant up here, what are you doing? You want to have like a little a little hand puppet? Do you wanna have a little you want a little hand puppet thing I feel like this is a darkness Situation you know and you get invited things, but you should my parents have taught me to say no I’m gonna say no That’s a trap sorry see that video right there that is a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy Will you I don’t know let’s find out click it I don’t even know what that is, but I know it’s one of my videos, and I know you like it yes


Remember guys, in the words of Bob Ross – “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as your friend”, but I say try to have a human being as a friend first. If you liked this video go check out “10 Strange Walmart Items!” It’s a throwback video!!

I play golf and I am triggered 🤬 it's a dang golf club not a golf stick for that you would use a dang putter 😠😠😠

My whole whole family uses those inhaler things they are so useful for colds when you have a blocked nose

Also what happened to ryc

I don’t travel a lot but the only airport near me is 3 hours away and it’s huge soooo I don’t travel but I DO go to big airports

16:22 For some reason I sang this to the tune of Don't Let Me Down.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it so much.
Ya I hate it so much.

Bob Ross isn’t alive he’s actually dead he passed away in July of 1995 so if he is dead how can he be a living legend Tanner because he isn’t living

Matthias, for a ticklish throat, nothing works better than wild cherry ‘Life Savers,’ or, those Gourmet lollypops. It’s worked for me for years.

I still don't know who bob Ross is and whenever I ask everyone yells at me for not knowing 🤪🤪🤔🤔🤔

Listening to that explanation of essential oils as someone who knows them 😂 they’re not called essential oils because some people think they’re “essential.” That was so funny though 😂

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