Cameras capture hover board fire

we’re getting some new video in at 11:00 of a dangerous explosion inside an East Orange County home surveillance cameras are now revealing the source of the flame if the family says their hoverboard caught fire seconds after plugging it in new Six’s Troy Campbell spoke to the family about the hidden danger that a lot of people have in their home just got a phone call that my house on fire take a look at this home surveillance video showing the time is 1104 this morning the family’s hoverboard on the left side of your screen plugged into an outlet in the dining room then thick smoke starts to rise from the device seconds later a bright spark and the entire hoverboard is engulfed in flames the woman inside the home running around the corner to see what’s going on attempting to put it out but the hoverboard continues to spark what she call like right away and I want one and they tell it to get out of this is what’s left of the device Luis Gonzalez says he bought the hoverboard more than a year ago and at the time he was told the device was specifically equipped to not start on fire while charging that’s not on the news but never expected that was going to happen to me but it’s that’s going through the garbage no more hoverboard thankful no one was harmed Gonzalez says this video shows a danger that could be sitting in thousands of homes here in Central Florida I’m living the experience right now so I don’t recommend it to no one it’s not worth it

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