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[Music] for Japanese when they think of fat guy they cannot do sports or like zero athletic skills me I do not happen to be fat for a long time and you know I play basketball and I do karate I went all the way to back though yeah I kept doing a lot of you know like sports and stuff you gotta see my calves see I got big when I saw him tre flip I was like wait what you can plug in skateboard and I’m not gonna lie it’s fucked up to say but it’s just you don’t look like someone who would skateboard yeah I’m a hundred twenty kilogram but yesterday I check in pound because you know us is pound right in pound he was like a 270-pound Japanese clothes doesn’t fit me you can see my little belly is showing in the bottom if I buy my clothes in Japan is like this [Laughter] [Music] think I got the battle begins guess I got that fast I can roll away no roll girl so she told me ollie that’s when I started yeah without here no to escape we see the comment it’s all about that wall that guy doing a flip I need my stomach like you need me my stomach despite their problem I don’t think this habit there’s like a sushi place right down the street Oh Wendy hey hey put your father died there’s no way Lee’s right Yoshi Wendy’s do you can get in Japan literally the dude gets hyped over Wendy’s going the sushi and he gets hyped stops and stares at the menu and was the he both literally not just Wendy’s but sushi you gotta make the fish touch the soy sauce not the rice so you’re not supposed to go like this you got to put it to the side put it like this make the fish touch [Music] you still want to go to windy your pervert man Robin yes baby food pork and burger that very happy he said he liked exercise so much that he needs to eat this much [Music] oh yeah in Japanese you say oh you see when it tastes good Oh is she and I got that one this one you know food pork burger barbecue it’s food port and burger [Laughter] [Music] so I started flowing you know stay a while back but we haven’t been able to meet up much to like film or skate because yes school middle school okay that’s it we hit fire it’s dark by 5:00 this kid always is skating a contest he just messaged me on Instagram he told me he’s actually gonna go skate Tampa I’m in the States that’s a big deal it’s a big contest in the best of the best go there he’s only 14 years old but I’m sure he can like hold this ground against people like it’s people twice his age is it fun for you to skate contest is that your favorite thing to do yeah I’m gonna get my phone get a timer on it I want to give them like 30 minutes to like an hour to film as much as you can because I want to show you how consistent he is because he’s a contest skater you have to be very very on point with your skating to skate contest what I got a little side trip from guys coming today is if I gotta take a look nah it’s still really cloudy too but this is better than nothing maybe we can try our best to make it work somehow is that your part-time job in Japan yes this is my real job we tried our best to dry up some skate park it’s like 75 percent dry we’re gonna do a one hour timer and see how many clips to not skate can get it just cruisin around seeing this more like a park edit than the contest but I just want to show his consistency as a skater press the timer ready [Music] [Music] hey Felicia [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I’m so shy yes 47 minutes of left so he’s only gone in for 13 [Music] [Applause] using a switch and that’s a pretty solid for him [Music] towards the end you got way too tired the first half hour was really good the second half hour he didn’t really do anything but attempt the kickback Smith yeah he did good I think he might be warmed up enough so you can try to skate the four block over there and get a trick for identity back at the four-block good yeah a month away from its release on November 23rd but before then on October 25th which is next week we are doing a small capsule drop or erased which includes two t-shirts and a crew net all of them have different colorways to choose from as well and I am doing a giveaway on Instagram for an erase deck everyone knows erase is not a skateboard company we don’t sell decks we sell clothes wares streetwear branded so we decided to do a limited release and we’re not doing that again it’s just that’s not us but this will give you an opportunity to get one if you did it before or if you want another one all you have to do is go to my Instagram at least more vids make sure you’re following me go to my four most recent photos which I’ll place right here like them and then go to this video it’s a Tokyo Dreams at it and comment done that’s all you have to do and I’ll choose a winner randomly through the comment section and post it on my story that’s next week [Music] [Applause] [Music]


well this video made me feel better, cause all of my friends started skating and i also want to start it. and if you can't tell by this comment i'm also over weight

I'm 170lbs and I don't know if I'm to heavy to skateboard or its just my mind. Someone help me please

i love skateboard videos. they don't make me feel bad for watching this while eating two pop tarts at the same time

Im a girl and im getting a penny board but im not skinny. I feel like i will break it right away.

you should sponsor to the fat guy, is a very good image to your company and you can put his face in a board like a toon or do boards with a hamburguer with fries I shoud buy it of course….. believe me try it..

I'm a little fat my tummy but I only weigh 180 pounds I exercise and hope I can do skateboarding in the future

I have always followed luis mora and his channel and I totally respect the big guy as I had 108kg at one point and still could skate. But I gotta say, the music in this video at the 1 hour challenge is just awful. I had to mute while watching that part.

Dude I hope people tell you but your decks are nice asf I’m not gunna lie I fw your boards more than these other brands my next deck will for sure be one of yours

Im big myself and this guy just inspired me to a whole new level and im only 12 so im might start to practice skateboarding.

Shit dude I’m up to 200 pounds, and I gotta say, when I was 160 it made all that much of a difference with grinding rails.

Another thing that I noticed about this video, is that fat guy could not to nearly as much as that lil skinny kid, I couldn’t see a 270 pound dude bigspin board a handrail

There is no way he is 120 kg. I can look at him and see he is somewhere around 140kg. Well over 300 pounds!

Absolutely yes. You just need to make the right choice with the type of skateboard you choose. Here is a post that can help you make a right call

I searched up fat skateboarders because im fat and i want to start starting lol and this made me really happy seeing him do all those tricks

I knew one guy in high school that was prolly close to 300 pounds…he had a board made of metal and was 3X a better skater than me. I wonder whatever happened to him……

I’ve always wondered how come skateboarders (especially street skateboarders) don’t break there ankles more often ???

I have trouble with learning how to Ollie, I’m pretty new to skating but I got the basic movements down… it’s just when I put my shoe against the board to ‘scrape’ the nose it’s like my leg is too short for me to actually get it going well? ( I’m a 5’2 dude with small ass legs,,, I also look like a sushi roll dhjssbjs )

What I need to know is… What kind of board is he using?????? I use to skate but snapped boards left n right so I just quit cuz it was getin expensive of the boards snapin lol

Yooo I fuck eith this guy. I was 240 pounds in grade 9 trying to skate. I know, I'm huge. I'm around the same weight, or less at 22, and want to get back into it so bad. This guy is encouraging me rn.

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