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Can Your Electric Skateboard Accelerate & Decelerate Smoothly?

Can Your Electric Skateboard Accelerate & Decelerate Smoothly?

Mellow is smooth and quiet enough for a sleeping baby but please don’t put your baby on a Mellow! Each riding mode of the Mellow has it’s own dynamic acceleration and braking curve programmed just right for the user. This will give you the smoothest ride ever and help keep you on your board. And if you fall during the push start it will automatically stop.


Thanks for coming out to Seattle for test rides yesterda, was awesome to meet everyone. Your board is SO QUIET! I'm impressed!

Great product but way too expensive. Over two thousand dollars for a board that only goes a few miles on a single charge. No lights. And the wheels are baby blue 😂

ah hamburg beste stadt schade dass ich euch nicht beim filmen mit meinem meepo board getroffen habe man hatte n race machen können. nicht dass ich da ne chance hätte

The Mellow Drive S is on sale for 999euros (EU only). 2 more days to pre-order! Don't miss out 💸

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