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Car – Boat Challenge – Floating Car !!!

Car – Boat Challenge – Floating Car !!!

Disobedient doll Hi guys! Hello, friends! I am the Interesting And I’m Ficus! All of you know it very well, how I like to swim on something with Ficus Not just swim, but to swim on something unusual And today we decided with ficus to make a floating car And how everything turns out to be, we will see it later And guys, here is our car Here it is Сomon Vitya Ficus can do anything Now it will start Oh I can’t I cannot start my doll. That’s why I have to take the accumulator from Sergey Your doll? Yes, I will be flying on it today You’ll ride on such dolls all your life, right ? I can even adjust my seat Wooh hooo We need to fix all the holes, cracks and stuff that it has, so that our doll doesn’t drown Why are you removing everything ? Even this one ? To seal all the holes Now guys we will cut the roof All such manipulations with this technique are carried out with protective googles and other accessories So without these things, do not repeat this. It can be dangerous for your health and life ! Ding Dong We cut your doll I’ll have cabriolet It looks like a Jeep I can already imagine how I m gonna drive it across the field This grey thing is called sealant Cool stuff ! By tomorrow it will be completely dry and we will have some kind of dense rubber And now we will turn over our doll so that we can cover up all the holes in the bottom We didn’t have fun from a long time with this stuff ! Your favorite Time had come Oh guys I missed the Styrofoam. Honestly, I never thought I’d get used to it Well, this much amount is enough for us ! If the water enters the windshield then our engine will stop And we are now introducing an exhaust pipe to the top using this kind of pipe Now we will glue the Styrofoam at the bottom of our doll so that it doesn’t drown Though everything is scattered but effective Guys, how our doll is going to move on water ? And we came up with an idea of a cool system We screw such things on the wheels Two of them We will weld a plank to these two pieces and we will have a blade And this is going to rotate it’s gonna be cool ! And by tradition we will put the YouTube logo on our Floating car traditionally in blue color Not an obedient сar Let’s think together a name for it ,because we absolutely don’t know what to name it Do write it in the comments! Let’s go home Disobedient doll Woooow Anthony ! Anthony ! Slow down ! I am not riding with you ! Anthony ! Anthony ! are you a fool? Let me get out. I want to live Well guys, we are all set to have our first test drive. Now we will try to float Are you afraid? No Ficus can do anything Now, it’s so cold out here, If I fell down in the water, its gonna be too bad It’s very good that we tied my doll That’s true but of course guys, it’s a pity that we did not get the result as we wanted it to be Yes, if the water was not so cold Then maybe we would still be sailing and sailing. Until our beloved car don’t drown We want to offer you a deal Deal Deal ! With the devil. Let’s do so. Give this video a like and by doing so you can show us that you want a sequel to this video Yes, because if there will be many likes, then we will improve our car, tune it And we will have it exactly like a submarine or a boat, and we’ll sail abruptly on it We are waiting for your comments Write down what would you have changed or remade and also do write us how would you have liked to name our doll Yes, because we did not come up with the name Yes, we couldn’t decide it Although we had an option but we forgot it So guys, Give it a like write your comments Subscribe the channel, who has not subscribed yet Thanks for watching GoodBye Bye!


Передайте привет мне пожалуста прошуууууууу !!!!! Пожалуста

hi make da car model plastic or foam just to be light kos da botom is light and the top heavy bt da way cool

Improvements- Better propeller design. Better Sealing. Fog lights. Water pump for pumping out water. Music system.

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