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olá Youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict I´m in a skatepark called Centro dos esportes Radicais and I am with jesus loves you skaters and skateboarders skaters, this is Sassi whats us sassi merry x-mas everyone merry x-mas and a happy new year thanks Sassi, go for it Sassi GOLD!! don’t hate me because rollerblading is easy! sh*t will happen! can i ? i did it wrong im now going to be a TV camera Man YOOOO! TV channels, invite me to work for you because i have all the skills just look at this! really good! that was SICK! really good! I´m leaving and get into the park and that´s it! this was another day in São Paulo Brazil today with two brazilian skate legends with Pia and Kalléo Hipolito we also had Lucas and jimmy excelent!!i hope you enjoyed this one if you enjoyed it dont forget to give me thumbs up!! if you didnt like it thumbs down but tell me why!! and if your not subscribing the channel, now might be a good time to do it WOW, was that a bomb? ill see what that was have a good one and don´t forget why we started skating ITS FUN!!


My favorite part is the little tunnel. I am small so I would just go straight for the tunnel and never come out. I would be the weird rollerwitch of the tunnel.

I confess I’m not a fan of the Aeon due to the fact I love to fiddle with every part of my skate but those colours are pretty sweet. I hope you are having a blast in South America. I was also wondering, the skate crew I usually go out with are going to have a Christmas bash at one of the local indoor skateparks, provided I am able to go, I was wondering if you would like some video as I was planning to take some?

Hi Ricardo,
Sorry i haven't been as active, but i do keep watching your amazing videos. And boy oh boy how i love your grinds, absolutely amazing!
I have a question: I'm trying to learn Miszou Grind, but everytime i jump on the box, my soul foot just sticks to the ledge, and doesn't move, i put a lot of wax, but I'm afraid there's something wrong with my technique. You once made my soul grind 1000 times better with one tip. Can you help me here?
Thanks, Nikita

Vídeo muito foda!!

I bought my aggressive skates (Razors Cult Blue) around 3 months ago, manly inspired by yours and Tiago Inline Skater channels. Wish my city had a nicer skate park like this one, and also more skaters (as far as I know, I'm the only one lol). Wish I could train with someone to learn it right!

Hey Lino! What boots are you riding in this video? They look like USD Sway II. If they are, did you modify them to fit those big wheels?

Love how you casually just sort of step on the rail and doing negative and stuff. Amazing. Thought you always had to jump guess not.

I don't get it, soul grinds on 1ft ledges, frontslides on 1m rails?pull any video from 98-2005 and its like rollerblading has gone down hill since then.

Everytime i watch your Video, i want to buy my first pair of Skates! 😀 good thing some older guys skate.. the question is how hard is it for a 31 year old. i probably break my neck haha =D

Hey bro your vids are really nice 🙂 can you tell me what is a good weight for a stunt skate? A couple of years ago i bought me some rollerblade dt-5 but they were super heavy and i could not enjoy skating with these now i really want to start again with skating and need some good buying advice from you. Pls help me

Lino i believe that is your name, im sorry if I am wrong but what brand of skates are you wearing i see 4 wheels and you grinding on the sole they look dope

Twenty years ago we skated like that in Tasmania.
Nice retro moves, too cool to wear a helmet.
Role models you ain't……….

damn as a skateboarder i always thought blading sucks but you proved otherwise! Nice video.
Please tell me where to find the beat you used?

That little 'race track' spot was awesome.
I'd love to have something like that to skate between mini ramp sessions.

hello, I leave my channel I make videos on roller skating among other things, I hope you like and subscribe

Haven't put on a pair of rollerblades in about 10 years. 37 now but vids like this shure get that blood pumping.

Nice edit, the music isn't to overpowering and still get to hear the actual sound of skating. The actual skating was sick as well, we hardly ever get to see Ricardo sending it.

ima 35 now left my wheells 12 years ago ! its in my blood should i just hop on it again ? awsome videos makes me wanna roll

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