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CASH or TRASH? 10 Ridiculous Walmart Products!

CASH or TRASH? 10 Ridiculous Walmart Products!

can you even understand what I’m saying this is batman on a budget im sad batman What’s going on guys welcome to my channel Guys welcome to my channel, Today we’re looking at 10 ridiculous Walmart items I’m going to let you know whether it’s cash, or whether it’s trash! literally gonna throw it in the trash TRRAAAAAAASSH I want to welcome a new member to this team… my Beard before we begin I want I’m serious about this (real talk) real talk Click that bell icon to get notified of my channels uploads because you don’t want to miss them because they’re funny and hilarious Self proclaimed don’t you believe me? Click it so you don’t miss it. Let’s begin. What’s this dude? Oh? What is it like a blade? It’s a toy? Yeah, it’s a sword dude check this out guys. Did you see anything on the package? I dont care dude I saw sword Dude are you serious right now? What what’s weird about this? It’s a toy. if you find something strange and odd with this That’s your fault dude. You’re the pervert. Does it not stay? It doesn’t stay Maybe it’s so when you stab. Oh stood i have a life– STOOD? “oh stood!” This is a power rangers Ninja steel those of you that are familiar with power rangers, that movie came out And then a minute later no one cared about it anymore It was roasted by itself you shoot and launch ninja stars. I can launch a ninja star too! wait hold up That’s a picture, but this is an actual one this one’s an actual one. Here’s the picture books over Hey, just in case you missed this one. We’ll put a fake on that for you the idea is oh you put oh, oh Something’s happening dude. It’s activated. Oh Oh, I see look look guys That’s not doing anything. It throws a ninja star. as you can see it’s literally not doing anything If we can’t figure this out, okay? That’s not true. We’re pretty stupid Okay, so I clearly cannot figure this out so brian found a little video online, so let’s let’s see what this is about Power Rangers Ninja Steel easy dude Wow, dude. Oh, oh you’ve got to throw it? What? How did he throw it and then catch it? Why are there four of them theyre triplets? I feel like I’m getting the wrong impression from this video. Oh It Didn’t tell me anything. So i guess it doesnt throw it. Its just what’s the point of this it’s got to do something. look at these instructions for this toy dude You know you failed when you have these complicated instructions. you have to do it like this no, yeah look that’s what it says right here it even looks like it only goes two feet Hey, watch out dude. I’m about to destroy you Yeah, what what is this dude? What did you get for me is this any an animal it ingested itself? sneak-A-Peek Puppy. Oh how creepy rolls up into itself oh there you go Oh, what the heck – dude it’s like an armadillo What is with his Ears – dude this looks like a hedgehog Armadillo thing dude watch the video. There’s a video. What okay hold on did you see how she just walked in dude like the woman ever walk before in her life? literally like “shhh SNEAK A PEEK” “Aww so cute!” “Shhh SNEAK” they dont even look like dogs See? “shh. SNEAK A PEEK PUPPIES” What’s with the shushing? Stop shushing it. Look. Here’s the thing though. Here’s the thing right well I find it really dumb like I really feel like Luna would like this. I feel like she’d liked it and for that reason I’m gonna give this to my daughter. It’s a cash it for that reason. She might not like it because it’s literally sleeping That’s why the shushing dude SNEAK Next product is a like to buy that’s right guys This is a product that Brian’s like he thinks these would make good dope or nopes But we have to we have to know if you guys actually want to see this because it is quite pricy this razor Ecosmart metric electric scooter evidently has this guy stoked, okay this guy’s like forget about life I’m on my scooter right now. Look at that smile dude What is the last time you see you’ve seen an adult smile like that you know like I want to I want to get that youth Back you know I’m opening up all these children’s toys here today because like I’m obsessed with not growing up dude I want to live in neverland. To do that, I might need the scooter Would you guys like to see this as a doper nope give this video a like if this video gets over 80,000 likes we will buy this and make a dope or nope, and test it around with our crew. The amazing live sea monkeys. Ew what the heck look at these naked sea monkeys, dude world’s only instant pets. The amazing live sea monkeys. You can’t tell me that They’re actually live instant eggs legendary sea monkeys that really come to life from science fiction like suspended animation have been America’s Favorite aquatic pets for nearly Decades they’ve been flown in outer space by Nasa to see what happens to animals born in a gravity-free environment Next level Frankenstein testing let’s see if these animals survive in space Guaranteed to live at least two years and grow just like- i mean What is a sea monkey see monkey is a brand name for Brine shrimp a group of crustaceans that undergo Crypto Biosis sold in hatching kits. ew what the heck that’s creepy No joke. essentially what this is is like It’s a form of shrimp, right? Amanda loves shrimp do you think you could use this as like a form of seasoning? What people eat shrimp? What’s the difference Look we have a couple different packets water purified instant live eggs growth food you pour in water Stir it, wait 24 hours. Oh my gosh pour in the live eggs oh, they hatch bada-bing bada-boom, and then you pour on the food to keep them alive, so you feed them every five days So we could show you this. brian did this off camera. I’m curious to see what this has done if he was successful He has raised a couple kids, so he has experienced raising things i Don’t see anything you guys it happened The eggs are still there. when did you do this? two days ago one is it when are they supposed to hatch? It says it on here No, it doesn’t. floating around I see the eggs floating around And there’s no way that you guys are going to be able to see that. Oh wait. You can’t see that Well What do you know see the top of the tank you can kind of see The eggs floating around see near my forehead actually let’s release them to the ocean In the toilet. doesn’t it go to the ocean? I’m just kidding. I’m not going to do that How do you properly Take care of sea monkeys guys let me know down in the comments below We want to treat these things humanely because clearly the company did not still say it’s a trash I’m not going to throw them in the trash though. That’s just messed up Boom booger balls, so oh what it kind of fell apart. woops i had it the wrong way That’s how it was supposed to look But it fell apart guys booger balls fall apart you know That’s just it’s typical you want to mix them pick them and flick them bonus 30 booger balls included oh sweet I get extra Boogers What the heck dude this is just so weird go to watch if there’s a video tip – there’s a video. Ugh i feel like i almost had a gag reflex What the heck dude? Maybe I wasn’t a normal kid. would you have like played with this when you’re a kid when I like slime didn’t blow called slime Balls. I wouldn’t have played with it Well as a kid yeah, I liked hot wheels and legos so I throw the booger bath into here Okay, mixing mixing, mixing. okay, so now the bath is mixed, okay. That makes it makes a booger bath. Oh There’s the boogers. Oh gross dude. It’s already lumped up What? You don’t think I know how to mix some boogers dude? Yeah? It’s harder than it looks looks like it looks like you got a bunch of egg yolks in here That’s fine. So things you get a scoop out, a tablespoon. No not that. You said a teaspoon. This is a tablespoon I thought you said teaspoon originally eyes them play it back, so then you get a scoop out a tablespoon I just scoop up the booger solution now bring it back into there and just kind of let it settle in there let it settle? like keep it in the spoon, keep it in the spoon keep it in the spoon. Just kind of let the solution mix in there. What is that like this? No, no? That’s what you’re talking about right, so it creates a casing. yes, however. It’s not working. Oh Oh, I’m bored. Disgusting so this is not what you’re supposed to do, but this is what we did Oh my gosh clunk that it created a giant booger oh My gosh, oh, it’s clumpin dude. It’s clumpin majorly. its one big chunky booger dude. Oh my gosh I’m gonna throw up. touch it with your fingers. no you touch it with your fingers dude. C’mon dude. Okay. Look look at that That’s the nasty booger. you throw that at me when I was a kid, I’d be like “bro. You’re going to be missing your teeth soon” This is a trash it dude. I’m sorry. I can’t get behind Booger balls. I’m sorry dude booger balls not my thing sorry I Am Batman 15 plus sounds and phrases, but it’s 15 make an entire product and all you could do is 15 sounds no But redoing what else it is voice changer. Yeah, that’s cool But part of the trick yeah, I need some heavy-duty stuff up in here dude. He watched better movie. Yes It was some part sorry guys. I I felt like the Batman movie was subpar I don’t know there were scenes in that I like didn’t even make sense like [course] [changes] activate calm the heck down dude [there] we go. [gee] this Batman. Mask, not as cool as Christian bale Smash just not I’m sorry Christopher Nolan will always be the best filmmaker So here’s the thing it actually fits my head Relatively well do you guys remember that scene in? The newest Batman V Superman Like Batman’s in this like desert scene and like you What are you doing back there, dude? I’m kind of attachés where it was a desert scene you remember what I’m talking about I [don’t] wash and then like and then he just wakes up, and you’re like Oh great that 20 minute scene literally didn’t matter because there was a dream It was like well what you can’t jump in base for that. Yes [there] [are] changes. Let’s take [Kenny]. Can you like tall? maybe because Well [Gowell], no, where is the mic on this table? This is the microphone. Did you feel like English? Some more like the Joker Can you even understand what I’m saying? This is been a pleasure I’m gonna try to make it sound like the only thing you can hear the mask okay, and I’m enunciated properly [what]? Honey Christopher her daddy Crystal, so it’s like be Hydrated honey, I don’t know [I’ve] never heard of it II deliver honey without the sticky mess these natural tasty crystals combined with the Elegant taste of natural honey along with the convenience and sweetness of cane Sugar, okay So what is it natural cane sugar and honey crystals make lump show you quietly [but] a technical term to clump? What is it to clump have you ever clumps before? Well, I’m a guy and we’re gonna eat this with something or we’re just going to literally eat a spoonful Cane sugar. [oh], that’s strong You don’t smell that That does not smell good. It’s a spoon bulb honey makes the crystals go down the crystals crystals the Crystals go down our student Yes its audit first very odd. It’s a bad taste at first, but then the honey flavor actually comes down I mean, it’s just how it’s like dehydrated have that dehydrated taste Relax dude trying to get sure [hines]. It’s bad at first and then the actual [flavors] start kicking in yeah Once you get past like the rainy texture of whatever it is that’s encapsulating it I say this could work, but here’s the thing you need to put this in hot stuff to dissolve, honey naturally already dissolves in hot stuff, so The question is can this dissolve in cold stuff okay? So we got a play of water here, so let’s see if this dissolved And this is just room temperature It’s not dissolving. I think it did yeah, but honey would do that too. It just takes a while. You know [oh] relax dude [I] Mean it’s dissolving, but just not fat. I say for this guy Treasurer I’d rather just use actual honey all right over the shoulder dude There we go only one take did oh Relax dude that hurt my ears my – oh Finally I hurt yours. What is this dude before I rip it apart [18] inch grid massage bar relieve tight muscles with therapeutic massage so as you can [see] we have a tight muscle massager Just hit your head. I thought it was softer just literally rock-hard Like you mean it How could I not mean it? I’m doing it? I need [to] lose their meaning to do what it’s meant to do. We got to put some oomph on it What am I a piece of dough rolling myself out here? Exactly, [this] is not good. This is not [good] come here. No. What do you do this? I’m going to use it as its intended [own] use yes, I will I promise [it] brian Get here now Hey Me sneaking oh say It [doesn’t] feel good with it actually it is. So that’s pretty good That’s what I think of that. You’re going to trash it when it’s gonna do the [job] [right] yeah Because myofascial release heart before we get into that next product make sure You’re subscribed because you don’t want to miss future videos so see that big a red button down below If it’s red that means you need to click it and we’ll see you here next time next product I just like my beers a little edgy dude All Day comfort stylist who’s using Styluses though what have you ever seen someone use a stylist other than to be like I wonder if this works Are you my apple pen do you? so the idea behind this Stylus is that it perfectly contoured unique shape is comfortable any way you hold it. No look they’re holding it two different ways one They’re holding it down like this. Which is not comfortable at all Because it’s like cutting into you right here, and the other way is much more comfortable But it’s just like holding an actual pen this little lip [right] here is completely pointless Like literally, it is not comfortable in any way you hold it It’s just not this is comfortable holding it like this, but then as you can see this little piece right here is doing nothing It’s just like a normal pen. I’ll see if it even works though, okay? Here’s the here’s the test I was like dude. It didn’t work at first you notice that it like didn’t work at first by the way This is my [Instagram] [check] [it] out dude atmos [ice] I am pretty dope right [there’s] my sweet girl. Look how cute she is on This is just not. It’s just not accurate Maybe that’s just me though okay. So what we’re going to do right now is do a little comparison test What do you want me to write my name? Not bad Hello, it goofed. It. Goofed a couple times there as you can see now. We [have] the apple pencil oh Okay, interesting this thing didn’t let up enough that one did let me try again, ooh interesting hold on You see those dips right there whoops and like on [the] when it comes up like that at the end of the letters That’s because when I write, and I lift up it does that but this one surprisingly Doesn’t do that It’s just it’s actually much smoother You’re the first time. You’re like. You know this one still looks better see this one still triggers a little bit early See you like the edges and stuff like that I don’t mind this I say this is a cat despite its weird. Shape wow Hi home. I home finally I home I Was about to get a copyright strike dude. No Disney. I ain’t interested in your copyright strikes Just through stupid Star wars songs. I’m just kidding I love your start with songs but still wirelessly stream music from a computer tablet smartphone I mean, I was actually somewhat impressed with the volume of that [oh] my gosh Are you serious [you] buy products and they give you homework dude? We’ll leave it like that Okay, so now it’s since it’s in Bluetooth mode. [I] should be able to pair [it] to my phone eat kids live B67 [sleep] that’s it spared. We shall do some Youtube [videos] battle universe much better. Hey guys [wow], jay-Bez, and this is val universe, and this is very very like echoey not a great shape I’m gonna try one final thing. I always have to test it on my music because I mixed and mastered my own music So I know how it [should] sound on good. I’m friends with the Creeper that is [mah] World [charted] I wouldn’t have no one not complex Roxana Burnet County judges ag turns out to one of the friend [of] [waters] man I Don’t really We will take you so man, I know We work for you but why three [hahaha], that’s no good no, bueno Take out the trash and put it on my shelf But it’s a trash it for what it’s intended use can’t trash it if you’re gonna keep it still [bBA] No, you can’t trash. It is here to keep it. No. It’s still [DBa] bro. That’s against the rules no It’s not guys you let me know down in the comments below It’s still a trash it right because this is crappy speaker no, but you’re keeping it no But it’s Bba you can’t throw BB-8 away see that video right there that is a video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will enjoy literally you based on everything that you watch It’s like that’s a video that you’re gonna like let us know in the comments of that video. Do you like that video? I want to know if Youtube is right let’s check it out. All right guys high five


Sshhhhhh…. SNEAK A PEAK! That commercial was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen! Give the video a like if you agree! After this video, be sure to check out "10 Strange 'As Seen On TV' Products!”

20:03 that face he made when it was still going and he desperately needed it to be off lol he was like AAAAGGGHHHH WHY IS IT STILL PLAYINGGGG? THAT FACE!!

Idk if it’s just me, but every time it says a number, the way it shows it reminds me of a grocery store logo…

Hey Matt do video review of your favorite kind of nerf gun between flywheels, Springers, popup action

For me a n strike nerf maverick rev-6 was the very first need breed gun i ever owned so for springers all the way

For those of you who would like, I'm giving away replay buttons for Sneak a Peak Puppies!

How dose YouTube know I just like watching a couple of videos then stop then back to u videos jk love your videos

If this was the first thing I've seen Matthias in, I would never watch another Matthias video. This video makes Matthias look not only dumb but very wimpy too.

in the sea monkeys pack, the first packet is actually the eggs. they grow in any aquatic environment hence tap water is safe. the eggs hatch after a few hours and the shrimp begin growing but are relatively transparent. the second packet is a form of dye that dyes the shrimp to make them visible.

Why a company make a toy that is clearly made for boys and have girls in the ad I don't think a girl would want to play with the boy toy I can't think of any girl that would play with boogers don't girls find boogers gross way more gross than boys but when you See ads for toys that are meant for girls you See any boys in those ads it's okay to have gender based toys I don't think girls want to play with a toy that's not meant for girls I mean girls can play with other boy things but not boogers like really

people who play Nintendo games like the 3ds which sadly I do not think Nintendo cares about anymore because we have the switch now.

Disney owns a portion of YouTube by owning makers studios so in the end its not like you could get in that much trouble with Disney could you?

I thought he said Snake instead of Sneak. I thought Matthias was doing a Metal Gear reference

Some usless info: the sea monkey eggs are actually in packet one and the "instant" stuff is the food and something else. The owner wanted to make it look like it was instant cuz kids dont like waiting 24 hrs for anything. There's a whole vid about it. If he couldnt see them after 2 days, he did something wrong. There's like thousands of eggs in there some of them are bound to hatch..

I don’t consider the Star Wars song on the bb8 product, a copyright! I consider songs with words, copyrights!

Those “Sneak a Peek” toys are basically Popples! Although I think Popples were way cuter. Popples were a toy from the 80s but they had some return on the 00s IIRC

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