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CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!

CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!

That fake heart seriously had me SHOOK, not to mention the mysterious dirt that was falling off of it! After this video, be sure to check out "10 Strange Toys "R" Us Items!”

The banana is slow rising it has cloud dough or flour inside people actually collect them some people buy them just to see what's inside it buy cutting the squishy open

Those tattoo sleeves would be cool to turn a short sleeve shirt into something you can wear in colder weather. But would like the same thing in solid colors & patterns rather than tattoos.

Lol, that Loituma Polka from the robot thing… great song, but horrible toy. 😛
Also, the fact that they call that scooter thing a hoverboard is triggering me.

4:02 okay I geeked out when I heard Llevan Polka!!!! I was not expecting that, if it did the dance I would be super impressed XD

Just found this channel and hi5studios a couple days ago, I love it! u have another subscriber! Greetings from Portugal!

Do a montage video of different videos of how many times Matthias says “I am shook.” The answer is a lot. Lol

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