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– Okay so our next one, oh
shoot I don’t even have it out. So but we’ve gotta go to Dutch Bros, oh it’s not focused on me at all. We have to go to Dutch Bros and roll up and with straight faces start rage dancing to the song ‘I’ve Got the Power’ by Snap. (‘I’ve Got the Power’ by Snap) (laughing) – Excuse me does the bathroom
supply adult diapers? Are there adult diapers? – Diapers, no we don’t have them no. – Okay thanks. – Oh my gosh, Doug, hey how are you? How’re you doing? – Great. – Good so good to see you,
have a great day Doug. (laughs) Honestly, I really think
that there’s a reason why Jennifer Lopez waxes her upper lip. – [Man] No no no no no. – She’s Latina right? – [Cashier] Waxes her what? – [Man] Jennifer Lopez, I
don’t think, I honestly. – She does, she’s got to. – [Man] I think she just
has smoother lips than you, just because you have to wax your lips doesn’t mean Jennifer Lopez has to. – Whoa that’s a bit personal. – [Man] What, honestly. – [Girl] She’s Latino there’s no way she doesn’t wax her upper lip. – [Man] You think all
Latinos, that’s horrible, that’s so bad. I say Latinos have smooth lips. I think that’s your issue. – Have you ever dated a
Latino cause I wouldn’t. – [Man] No actually that’s true, doesn’t mean I haven’t kissed one though. (laughter) – [Girl] My gosh. – [Man] I definitely think Jennifer Lopez, do you actually think she does? – [Cashier] Honest to
god she probably does. – [Man] Oh my god. (‘Stayin’ Alive’ by The Bee Gees) – So about the alpaca, I just don’t think it should be allowed in the kitchen. – Why not? – Because it’s dirty and it’s an animal. – Yeah but if it’s outside, it’s hot, it’s gonna die of heat. – Alpacas are too big for my kitchen. – Maybe we need a bigger kitchen then. The alpaca’s not the problem. – Well if you built me a kitchen then I would be fine with it I guess. If he had his own little section. – Well, I’ve gotta ask you a few questions and you’ve gotta have the right answers before I worry about
building you a kitchen. (‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by Shakira) So we can get into this
debate right now if you want, until then the alpaca
should be in the kitchen. – Are you gonna clean up the poop? – Always, you have a broom, I’ll clean it up with your broom. – I don’t want an alpaca in my kitchen. It’s super creepy I’ll be
like trying to make eggs and the alpaca will be like, (electric keyboard sound) – [Girl] See I told you this is more you. – This is twerking and
crying in front of strangers. You are so red right now. – I don’t know I’m just on a diet. I’m not, I’m not allowed to have it but, I really, it’s been hard
like, I can’t keep it up. I don’t know what should I get? – [Order-taker] The bacon
ultimate cheeseburger. – Oh I. – [Order-taker] With ranch. – I don’t know. – [Order-Taker] And then
you want sriracha sauce. – I could, that sounds really good, I’m just, I’m not allowed to have it, I’m on a diet, I don’t know
I’m just not allowed to have it you know, I can’t do it man. (laughs) (laughter) – Run. – For the last time
Phyllis I will not get that laser hair removal on
my knee pit, let’s go. – [Girl] She was laughing so hard. Okay. (singing ‘Stephen’) (‘Stephen’) – What if his name really was Doug? – He was so natural like
that happens all the time, that it probably was his name. – Honestly I just walked
up and gave him a hug. I was like ‘Doug’, and he was like ‘hey’ and I was like ‘it’s so
good to see you Doug’.


Stephen do you remember those Nintendo shoes that you got when you're with Shonduras I got those for my birthday they're really cool

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