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CCM Jetspeed Inline Hockey Skates // Inline Review

CCM Jetspeed Inline Hockey Skates // Inline Review

Hi, I’m Ken with CCM Hockey. I’m here at Total
Hockey to talk to you about the new CCM Jetspeed Inline skates. CCM is very excited to introduce the Jetspeed
skate into the inline world considering all the excitement and conversion we’ve had at
the pro level with the ice boot. The Rocket Frame which is our new contoured
fit is going to give you the maximum speed in each stride that you’re looking for. Studies
show that a skate that fits closest to your foot and gives you maximum heel lock is the
skate that is going to be able to generate the most speed. The dual zone soft touch liner is a new unique
liner that CCM is now using in their top end skates. It also comes with a pro felt tongue
with lace bite abrasion that’s going to provide you maximum comfort as well as protection
when you are out there on the floor. The skate also offers the fast frame magnesium
chassis with all 80 addiction Labeda wheels. Hope you guys enjoyed the knowledge on the
new CCM Jetspeed Inline skate. You can find it at any Total Hockey location or at
Thanks and we’ll see you next time.


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