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Before I start this video I’d like to thank all of you for your subscriptions It warms my heart! I’d also especially like to thank my good friend Ockam Razor for spending his time on the channel’s design. Without him, the logos and banners wouldn’t be as good quality. We are going to talk about something beautiful, very peculiar and somewhat relevant these days. Well done, you saw it in the title, it’s the hoverboard Let’s not hide it, we’ve all dreamt of flying on a hoverboard, it seems crazy. So, the first thing to know is the the hoverboard has no true origin it’s mostly the film “Back to the future 2” which “launched” the concept And 27 years after the film’s release, where are we in the real world? How did we come to call this a Hoverboard, as in people’s minds, this is a hoverboard? Because, in that case, a hoverboard can be this, that, on even this! Note that even the definition from Wikipedia says it! Actually, we’ll say that the hoverboard is the board that levitates and lots of “spin-offs” are trying to give that effect and get close to the initial concept, and that this thing (yuck) is just one of its most recent shapes. But the history of this object is relatively recent, just a few years ago. So we can expect a lot better in the future. I’ll start by talking about the development of the hoverboard with wheels (it’s necessary), then i’ll talk about the levitating ones, before looking into the spin-offs. A Chinese entrepreneur, Shane Chen, yes, Shane Chen is his real name, claims to have bee the first to invent this motorised board, that he named the “Hovertrax”. Basically, this hoverboard has 2 wheels, and you lean forward to make it work, then, you move thanks to your body weight. It looks easy, but everyone wants one…. So Shane Chen created a Kickstarter in 2013 to finance his project. He then fought to keep it his project. But as you know, In our world, you cant keep a monopoly on a concept for long…. Others say, this maching comes for another company, Chic Robotics, which presented the Smart S1 in 2014 as a practical and effortless way of locomotion indoors and outdoors. In China, where the company is from, patent laws are very lenient, so, everyone copied it. That’s why it’s so hard to find it’s origin. And a lot of firms are fighting for intellectual property rights Everyone claims to be the creator. And well, it stared to inspire the western world, starting with the United States They pounced on the concept, as there was a lot of skrilla to be made… I don’t know if you’ve heard of PhunkeeTree, but this American company sent their design, the PhunkeeDuck, to Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber, who then shared it, creating a global buzz and launched it into the spotlight, Social neworks and sharing websites did the rest with Twitter, Vine etc…. Originally, this company just sold phone cases and chargers. Their model actually sells at 1500$. Buzzfeed claims that one board is sold every 2 minutes in the US as of novembe2015, so that’s a Jackpot. What about In France? They are already available for instance with the brad “moovway” by Boulanger. A bit expensive, but still; it still works, as their revenue since September has been multiplied by 20, which is massive. But the French market hasn’t yet been flooded by these creatures which will surely happen in the next few years. The thing that we can be pround of compared to the Americans, is that to quote Boulanger “French users see it as an eco-friendly means of transport, whereas in the US, it’s seen of a toy, for entertainment. Depending on the culture, this machine is seen completely differently. Personally, I find it entertaining. This form of Hoverboard is increasingly accessible, but models like ones like Marty has are being developed a the moment and some even commercialised. Let’s start at the start. At a Science fair, In October 2011 A team of researchers for the Paris Diderot university presented a Hoverboard, Magsurf, which is a Superconductor, the skateboard, which contains superconductive parts. Basically, we use liquid Nitrogen, which cools the materials .This then allows the electricity to flow with no loss and creates strong magnetic fields. This technology will be used by several companies and developers, to make the board levitate. Lexus, known for their cars, also tried their luck in 2015 with superconductivity to use SLIDE, but this prototype is limited in 2 ways. It need to be used on a magnetic track made for the hoverboard. It also has a short battery life It is a very big step for flying hoverboards, but still needs improvements. That’s where the Arca Space Corporation appears in late 2015, announcing their first useful hoverboard, the ArcaBoard. Only,it works with fans, not with superconductivity. Lets see what’s inside: 36 fans, it can carry 200kilograms, last 6 minutes and comes in 3 colors, Blue, grey and green. It comes outin a few days, on the 15th of April 2016 and costs 14900$, or 17000 euros if you buy an external battery These types of flying boards will arrive one day or another cheaper and more powerful, so wait a bit, several companies are working on it, like in Silicon Valley with the Hendo, which has been tested by the famous Tony Hawk. Today, what makes it closest to a real hoverboard is one by the Quebecer Alexandri Duru, or the one by the Frenchman Francky Zapata, with his Flyboard Air, a hoverboad which doesn’t float,but flies And if all these models, wheeled or flying don’t satisfy you, know that the website, offers a one-wheeled skateboard which gives the impression that we are flying, because the wheel is in the middle. I’ll call it a Onewheel. And it can also play music…
To not be noticed in the street, I’ve seen better! But they will sell quite expensive, because they will be on the market by July 2016, ranging from 3000 to 4000$. There are still quite a few spin-offs, that are inspires by each other with the will of always innovating and the will to take off the ground! But will hoverboards also change or even worse, disappear? Numerous problems have appeared because of these machines. This worries local authorities, as the hoverboard market has grown so fast They are scared that the traffic becomes out of control. Also, if badly used, it can be dangerous! In the street, it can injure someone, as it moves at up to 15Km/h, Quite Impressive! It would be a shame to end up in the hospital for a accident that can be easily avoided. In fact, In New York, you can’t use it in the street, you need an immaculation plate because it has an engine. While they are expensive, it is recommended to buy an expensive one because they are better quality. The cheaper ones can have problems, and even take fire! Also, wile it is cool It shows how future populations will live, don’t you think? People are ready to use their hoverboard to travel a few meters, while it is better for our health to travel this distance on foot. Will we become dependant to these machines? We must be careful not to generalize, we are far away from that, 2016 could well be the year of the hoverboard, with the Arca Board for example, but maybe others will follow. Tell me in the comment section if you have one and how you use it, or simply how you’d imagine your board maybe with nitrogen shoes? would be crazy… And most of all, tell me if you like this type of video, if you have suggestions, it would be of great help I also recommend my friend science manga who understands science far better than I do, and mixes that with Mangas, with looks super cool and I find it really interesting! And it would make him really happy. So, see you next time my little cups and thanks again for coming on my channel, you’ve given my the strength to carry on


Première impression confirmée, ça sent le bon concept ! En plus c'est bien monté ! Bravo tu peux aller loin !

j'ai deja tester une sorte hoverboard (le vrai qui levite)
c'etait une trotinette sans roue qui levitait grace a beaucoup beaucoup d'aimant et beaucoup beaucoup d'azote liquide bien sur seulement sur 5m en ligne droite
PS c'etait au CERN
rePS c'etait une expo temporaire (plus dispo)

je m'appelle Marty Colet alors oui jais un hoverbord rose mais bon et oui je sais a la base c une trottinette mais bon allez salut !!!

Belle vidéo très bien monté ! Tu as redémarré ta chaine car 5000 abos avec 4 vidéos bien joué sinon ^^

connar les hoverboard son très bien alors arrête ses juste que tu en veux un connar est je ne dit pas les hotre mot est moi j'en fait très bien de l'hoverborde

l'Hoverboard du futur, je le vois comme un skateboard, sans roues, roses avec des bandes vertes et le logo Mattel! nom de Zeus!

Trop bien ! N'empêche, c'est dommage de faire une vidéo sur un objet qui évolue tellement vite… Faudrait un épisode 2 dans deux ans… ou pas…

quelle arnaque l'hoverboard ce truc peut même pas monter les trottoirs, il est cher et il va à seulement 10 km/h
autant prendre une monoroue tu vas à 25 km/h tu monte les trottoirs et pour le même prix et au moins ça ça n'explose pas !

En l'an 2200 "J'ai un nouveau concept, c'est une sorte d'enveloppe pour les pieds avec laquelle vous pouvez vous deplacer par terre un levant et avancant chaque pied pas a pas, et ca s'appelle "marcher", je vous vend mon premier modèle pou la modique somme de 2'000 euros "

il est assez étrange que quand quelqu'un parle de l'hoverboard de retour vers le futur, il ne fais pas mention de l'hoverboard amélioré que l'on voit dans le même film, qui possède un système de lévitation (hover en anglais d'où son nom donc les machins à roue sont pas des hoverboard) mais aussi un système de propulsion (un seul pouvait faire les deux à la fois) ce qui donnerait un véhicule de déplacement rapide et pratique pour les rues des centre villes mais aussi un nouveau véhicule de course (Planche de Rachet et Clank, Extreme gear de Sonic Rider…)

J'ai un hoverboard et au début je détestait l’appeler comme ça car pour moi le seul et l'unique c'était celui de retour vers le futur mais bon a force d'en parler on est bien obliger de l'appeler comme ça. Et je l'utilise pour faire du foot sur ma terrasse et je peux vous dire que c'est hyper fatiguant

moi mon "Overboard" je dirait plutôt un Segway sans Guidon me sert juste pour faire de long trajet quand je sais que l'endroit où je me dirige à très rarement une place de parking libre

2016 overboard , 2017 hand spinner …..2018 tourne disque qui fait gri pain et glacière oui oui je vis dans le future ma gueule x)

moi je ne peux pas avoir d'overboard parceque je vit dans une rue très pentue et déglingué

Ha merci un hover Board c une planche qui vole !!! Pas ce truque de merde pour les bof qui roule 😬😑😒

Ce qui me rend furax et que je ne comprends pas, c'est que l'hoverboard à roues a des batteries vraiment minuscules à côté de celles de mon fauteuil et va au moins 2 fois plus loin et à 20 km/hre alors que suis bloqué à mes 7,5. Quelqu'un m'explique pourquoi les leurs ont un bien meilleur rendement que les miennes ?

J’ai trop hâte de ce qu’y va arriver dans le futur, les hoverboard volants, les voitures volantes, des imprimantes 3D de partout! Je pense que l’on a de la chance d’être nés à notre époque, il y a des inconvénients mais pleins d’inventions incroyables qui vont arriver dans le futur!

J ai un cousin qui a crée un hoverboard volant et il s est envoler dans l espace on la jamais revue. N. N. N. Non je blague

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