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Hello world, it’s Durox, and today i will present to you one external battery with a capacity for recharge of 11 fois your iPhone Before the videos, i would thank the brand Zendure because her have send the product for free This vidéo is not paid, i was have contacted Zendure for this partnership, because i find her product very interested, and her have accept. Spend to the videos This product was born with a kickstarter, and their purpose was very simple, it was of realized the best external battery of the world We are go to see this of more near. For start, we find a packaging really clean, smell the quality In front of, one little door magnetized opens Behind, we have a lot information as the device compatible, the capacity and a lot other detail Nice, go to unpack this We find the litle jewelry and my first impression, it is the solidity In this subject, no problem for the solidity We can roll on with a car, and have no problem With this, we find a little cardboard with the cable for charging, of USB to micro USB, pretty design and really convenient As all other high tech product, we find a manual utilisation, and a garanty card a small pouch for the transport is given, it is nice. For the battery, i found the design really work with a pretty finition silver The battery have 4 port USB, with 1 in quick charge, it is the USB green. One port micro-USB for charging For have the levels of the battery we have a small LCD For active this, just click on the button. The capacity of the battery is very biggest because he have 26 800 mAH 11 fois one i Phone For the try, not alot thing to say about He just charging the totally of my device The price is a litlle high, because, it is 80 euros If you like Zendure, a lot model exist With all price. For exemple, the Zendure A1, the more small, and he cost 20 euros The link of this battery is in my description I’m really satisfait of this product, for my holliday, it is super. A big thanks to zendure, it is the end and i you say, Bye (little dedicassed for Maya, i’ve do all the traduction just for you 😛 )


Lourd ! Par contre le prix :/
La miniature comme toutes les tiennes d'ailleurs sont très propres et attirantes 😊

Slt super vidéo je mabonne fais également des vidéos sur l'high-tech ce serai cool que tu passes faire un tour et que tu t'abonnes à ma chaine stp!! Merci 😊😊

salut dit moi cette batterie se recharge vraiment en USB ? car ça met énormément de temps et sa bloque a 25%.

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