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CETTE VIDÉO = RIRE ILLIMITÉ (avec McFly, Carlito & Maxenss)

CETTE VIDÉO = RIRE ILLIMITÉ (avec McFly, Carlito & Maxenss)

Hello everyone, today I’m with Maxenss, Carlito and McFly
-HE MISTOOK US! HOAX! *Screams and fights* Stop, please stoooppp *cries* Wait, stop stop there’s something serious that just happened, you ripped my jeans *Laughs* Ok Can we go on now? We’re playing “Ta mère en slip” today
-*sings* Look correctly, because normally when we’re there *slaps*
*everyone says no* -Hey that means I can slap you too, it’s the new rule
-There’s no new rule *slaps* So I was saying we’re playing the game “Ta mère en slip”. Everytime I’ll make a video about this game I’ll have a new game, you want to open it Maxenss? I remind you the rules, it’s really easy, we all have glasses with 2 cards on the glasses
One of the cards is a person and the other is an activity
We have to guess the name of the person and the adjective corresponding by asking questions for example “Am I a man of a woman?”
-Do we have to put genders? Can’t we identify to something else?
-yeah, a human AHHH IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN Are you ready to live a once in a lifetime experience And to shut up so that we can play the game one day? That moment when he opens the packaging it’s a bit long, that’s true…
-could it have been prepared before, maybe Oh c’mon, do I judge when I’m in your videos? Ok guys, are you ready? Let’s go Maxenss is spongebob in a swingersclub Carlito is Baba doing a dab McFly is Shrek doing a vlog Squeezie is Jeremstar at the Enfoirés (Singing contest) 1st round Ok guys, one after the other, you’ll be able to ask questions during a limited time to find, first of all, the character When you found the character you continue with the adjective So, are you ready?
-We’re gonna start with McFly Am I real?
-No, he’s never been that serious, man
-An animated character?
-Yeah Am I in 3D or handmade? In 3D
-Geez, he’s good! It’s over
-Hey dude, I think that I’ve never seen someone that good at this game He asks all the good questions! Maxenss, are you ready?
-Ok Is it Johnny Hallyday
-Is it Vincent Lagaf No
-Is it Pachi from…from… Geez! You’re fictitious, you’re fictitious
-Fictitious animated character
-Tintin? No, not too far
-Am I a man?
-A woman?
-Nope Am I, am I?
-It’s over, shut up, shut the fuck up He came back from that with 0 hints
-You ready?
-No, wait 2 minutes
-Tell me when I can start I’m trying to remember the end of Friends
-Yeah but no
-Ah it’s not the moment? Okay okay, let’s go then
-Okayy, let’s go! Am I a fictitious character
-A real character on the television? Yeah
-Television presenter?
-For the news?
-No Then for the weather?
-It’s… It’s over *sad music* You are way too stressed out, you can relax NO DUDE
-I can play, maybe?
– Yeah yeah, sorry Am I a man?
-On the television? No
-Am I real?
-Wait, yeah, you’re on the television Young people watch me?
-Yeah, sadly
-It’s a man He’s on the TV, sadly
Is it a youtuber?
-It’s over What are you doing, he keeps playing! Hey, can I show you something? *turns sandglass around* Ok so, he’s on the TV Man are you for real
-Ok McFly, your turn
-3D male character
-Yeah -Recent?
-No not really
-More than 10 years? The first one yes
-We all saw it?
-YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH And it’s kinda fun Does he have powers?
-He has a shitty power
-Yeah sadly Eh, no, he doesn’t have powers
-THANK YOU Ok maxenss are you ready? Let’s go I’m gonna ask a really quick question
Am I an animal?
-No Okay am I.. *card falls*
*huge no* It’s fine, it’s still playing Forget the glasses, play
-He sweats so much you can stick the cards on his face Give him back his glasses, stop it c’mon We’re putting his glasses back on, no pb It’s really humiliating. Ok so I’m not a man, not a woman, not an animal You ARE an animal
-I’m an invented animal?
-Wtf are you on about? It’s not an animal It IS animal
-Are you crazy?
-You sure? Pause! *hardcore research* SEE! I’m so right
-But it’s wrong!
-Read, first line They are animals
-Excuse me, you’re on the literal thing But you put him on the wrong track
-You guys can tell me and I’ll tell you if it’s an animal or not You know what, you say the name of a very famous cartoon character when we put the timer back on Arnold? the “razmoquettes”
-Why do you only have things from 1992?
-Plus his gameplay is to say the names Well McFly…
*shock* OMGGG
He confused Carlito and I for real!! No, I’m hurt for real, c’mon. Are you the palmashow?
-Nice, I love your show McFly, you ready? So I’m a French TV presentator
-yeah But this show isn’t a game
-Nor entertainment? It is
-But it’s that type of thing, right?
-Yeah Am I funny?
-In this room, nobody thinks so
-Ookay, do I make people earn money No
-It’s over
-Hanouna! *silence* I can’t say it
-It’s not Guélux
-For every joke he loses 5 years Ok are you ready? Do I know him?
-yeah, probably
-Is he youtuber? No
-Yeah, we can say so
-YOUTUBER, IN A WAY? WTF IS THIS? It’s the journalism level 0
-And he’s youtuber level 0
*windows crashed, please restart the computer* “ça balance pas mal à Paris” (song) *kisses*
Hey you’re sniffing *Product placement* Hey you just did a product placement in my video
-Nonono not at all
-Are you crazy? *Product placement #2* Stop the product placements *Product placement #3* STOP THAT, ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY Ready? Go.
-Am I in a maritime universe?
-There’s a little bit of it but no Funny universe !
(pun between maritime “marin” and funny “marrant”, the pronunciation is pretty close) *Product placement #4* STOP IT
You know, it’s been 30minutes and nobody has found the character
-I found the character
-McFly, he got you with a manipulation technique for kids I’m not a kid *acts like a kid* Maxenss, it’s your turn
-Am I the hero of my fiction?
-yeah Series?
-Animated series
-Nooo Ehm.. uhm..
STOOOOPPPP Ah sponbob, that’s it, I got it
-Wait, you have to wait for your turn Carlito, ready?
-Am I Cyril Hanouna?
-Yeah, no You are him but with another name
-Ah, I’m Baba
-Yeah Is the context in the right card a place?
-Ok, an activity? yeah Baba *chuckles* does the dishes
-Baba does hoverboard
-No Baba does curling
-Baba plays the knucklebones game
-No Baba cooks a paella
-Baba builds an IKEA furniture
-No -Baba buys a tripod
-Baba has put little glasses to play a game with his friends Baba subscribes to McFly and Carlito’s youtube channel
*screams* Hey, I really thought you were gonna find it He could have
-Baba does the dab *awkwardness* He could have, he really could have Oh look at him, he looks like a Tibetan monk that’s not a monk and is absolutely not Tibetan Man I have no idea
-I have nothing either Yeah but you have a track
-You have a ski track in your house *badpunftw*
*fart* If you don’t keep it, I’ll come to fart at your studio
-Let’s go Oh he takes his time
-He has a technique
-Did you already meet him in person Yeah
-Them yeah but I didn’t, I don’t want to. There’s a difference between knowing him personally, I don’t know him personally, from knowing him artistically and it’s an artistic void
-I’m gonna tell you, I personally met him He’s a cool guy, it’s just that what he does is not ok
-I’d like to say a thing too, it’s that…
*fart* Best video of youtube 2 farts from Squeezie, do you realize Guys, I’ll cut it, it’s fine, no stress Right before the sound of the fart
-A bit before See, now, I’m getting ready for the 4th part, I’ll be really good Careful, they but your cards back on, but not really well
*kiss&licks* Stop, stop, he left you, man
No, STOP, he left you It’s over
-Can we just 2 seconds, and we concentrate after? I went out 2 years with Squeezie’s left forearm
-And he left him, he was bored of it He wrote on Facebook “I’m breaking up with you”
-Well he might have gone overboard a bit, but man You think I can move on when I’m left like that? Well you ask to see him irl, you don’t kiss them as if nothing happened You didn’t wonder why he called his kids Fore and Arm? Idk
-Well, think!
-You know what, he’s mad, he goes back home He’s probably gonna go chill on Facebook Okay okay, let’s go
-For kids, I’m the hero…
-For the adults too Pixar, WaltDisney?
-Ok Shrek
-Yeah! Maxenss, ready? Let’s go
-Is it Spongebob?
-Yeah Does he decide to change his life insurance? No but there’s the word “change”
-Does he change his pants
-It’s not “change” Does he exchange cards?
-No but he exchanges something
-A notion of exchange (X2) His sperm?
-Not too far His dick?
-Without going in that stuff STOP
-It’s an activity but you go in a place, I give a hint cause the poor guy You see, he comes after the video and he gets mad at me when people aren’t here anymore Yeah but you
-Yeah but I’m tired of it he comes to see me
-Care about how you act
-See he talks to me like that after the video Man, after you want, you want
-We could give them some time to get along
-yeah Come, we’re gonna talk
-No stay here, and we’re the ones leaving How about everyone leaves
-ok, everyone leaves *card falls*
it’s fine, it’s spongebob that fell, right?
-No it’s the other one See how he is? He lies
-Put it back on Maxenss, let me
-Man man, it’s fine Everytime after the video
-Yeah after the video we get mad at each other and I never know why Say something you like about the other I can’t, he’s annoying
-LUCAS, C’MON Yeah but after each video he comes to see me to get mad, you’re not here guys Don’t look at him and say something you like about him, c’mon Lucas! Well, Maxenss, a compliment about Lucas Lucas you smell good ok, well it’s nice, already
-Nice, very nice Lucas, your turn
-Maxenss, you have nice hair Here we go
-Now a little physical contact Yeah, now you get closer, you look at each other Stop, you’re making it embarrassing
-C’mon, look at each other and now what do you do? You won’t do that again, promised? Hey, what are you doing now You’re nice with him Well, give me your foot
-What are you doing Stop, you said that it’s not something we do in front of people Ok, we can continue now, c’mon guys, let’s go Ah, since we switched places, we’re a bit lost It’s Carlito’s turn
Ok so is Baba doing something physical
-yeah A physical movement?
-Something to make people believe he’s young? Yeahh
-Ok, but not a dab?
*awkwardness* -No Baba does a dab
YEAHHHH I want dabs, I want dabs.. sorry
-It’s my turn, does he have more than 100k subscribers? Does he have more than a million subs?
-yeah, well not far
-WHAAAAAAAAT He does interviews of people, he sweats Ah I found, the whole journalism thing put me totally on the wrong track
-Of course You’re the worst, Spongebob is an animal, Jeremstar is a journalist Ah, I have an anecdote
-wait, no stfu I would like a maximum of comments under the video in favor of “Spongebob is an animal” I want #SpongebobIsAnAnimal #TeamMcFly we’re here or for you, spongebob is a dishes sponge
-But it lives under water, a sponge doesn’t live under water!! It lives in the SINK I have the question for you to try to..
Yeah but we’re interrupting each other then 0_0 *rip squeezie’s authority* To try to help the debate, are you part of the people that put water on their toothbrush before the toothpaste It’s not part of the debate
-oh, indeed After you poop, do you wipe yourself sitting or standing? Do you poop in the dark and completely naked? Have you already thought, after poop, to wipe from the front In the shower, do you pee yourself? Because it’s funny, you know, it’s a bit warm You know what, there’s someone with us, in this room, the person filming I’d like for him to come here and to tell us if he thinks that Spongebob is a dishes sponge or a sea sponge, an animal
-We’re 2vs2 Maxenss is with me and you..
-You think it’s a dishes sponge?
-Yeah We’re gonna make this person come here, called Susan Boyle Welcome to Susan Boyle
*claps* Sit here, sit here. Susan Boyle do you know Spongebob I know Spongebob
-Answer with a clear and efficient answer According to you, is Spongebob a sponge, the animal, or a sponge that lets you clean what’s left of your meat in your plate? Or something else? A dishes sponge
-Drop the hourglass Guys, it’s ok it’s ok, guysss
-Don’t touch me Guys, it’s fine, it’s an opinion’s debate, there’s no
-Touch me, touch me *touches* You just told me to touch you
-Don’t touch me Incredible, I said don’t touch me twice Tbh, I need to go pee, I’ve been holding it for a moment
-Geez, the dude goes to pee Guys, we’re alone on Lucas’ channel without Lucas, we can do whatever we want So subscribe to McFly and Carlito’s channel or Maxenss’ who is the star, well it’s a jewel, we try to give our best to innovate and to please you Mommy, I love you
Tiph, my wife, I love you 10 years that we’re together, I love you
-Thanks, thanks again, I love you
~So much love~ Ok Maxenss, you ready?
-Ok he goes to a swingersclub? ok it’s done
-So you are? Spongebob in a swingersclub, it’s done c’mon, c’mon Why do you take them off, I won, I didn’t take them off
-Ah, indeed In fact, it’s been 45mins you pretend to be crappy at this game
-Yeah, kinda Ok Lucas, ready?
-I am Jeremstar?
-Yeah Is it an activity
-You’re part of a group
-Am I on a tour?
-You need the name of the tour Ok, it’s your turn McFly
-It has a link with Internet?
-You do it on Internet A kind of video on Youtube?
-Shrek does a podcast?
-No -Shrek does gaming?
-Shrek does a hidden camera?
-No Shrek does a testing session?
-Shrek does a vlog?
-YEAHHHHH Wanna do another game, guys?
-Yeah let’s go Could we write ourselves the “Ta mère” and the “En slip” so the person and the activity
-yeahhh Totally, yeah
-Are you ready? Ok, Carlito, I write what’s on your cards Maxenss, you do McFly’s glasses
-No, we said Carlito and I! Nobody wants Maxenss to write because he’s kinda weird And he’s gonna write something really hard to find
-He’s gonna write Dalida does ski We’re gonna do it together, Maxenss McFly is Groot ties his shoes Carlito is Neo the one as the National Assembly Squeezie is Elie Semoun eats semolina Maxenss is Alain Rey does a freestyle 2nd round Guys, it’s done, we all have our glasses We are ready, I propose to start this game
-Absolutely Let’s go, am I real?
-Am I a man?
-Yeah Am I an actor?
-It’s not your main activity
-Do I sing?
-Yes, you have been and that’s incredible Yeah, forget about that part, really
-Am I an actor? … I ask the same questions.. Dude he’s incredible
-Do I sing?
-Am I real? Have I gone on stage?
-Yeah, on stage
-Okay your turn, let’s go -Okay, am I on the TV?
-On the Internet?
-Yeah -Am I a man or a woman
-A man A kid?
-yeah -I am Neooo~ I do something or I’m IN something?
-You’re AT something? Where stuff happen
-IT’S OVER Oh what are you doing
-ohh, he’s fast Am I fictitious?
-Am I a man?
-Am I old? Yeah
-Am I good with words?
-Alain Rey Yeah, nice
-Am I doing something?
-yeah Is it an everyday activity?
-Is it a wtf activity? nope
-Stop Your turn
-A fictitious character in a movie?
-trilogy? -Duology?
-Am I Rocket? Look at them, this morning I arrived, they were talking about guardians of the galaxy we were loving it
-about the movie -Ahh, ofc, I am Groot
-Yeahhhh Ok, and what are you doing
-the dude forgot, he thought that was it ok, Groot is doing a physical activity? Physical as in it includes your body moving
-It has a link with a movement
-So before you move? yeah, that’s right
-Groot puts on crocks
-Nope It’s over
-I’m doing it for you, you cheater *sings* Oh in the throat it works I’m the one doing it
-Okay, then go
-I craft stuff?
-No Am I an architect?
-On the scene
-Your activity is known What does he do? Standup, humor?
-Gad Elmaleh?
-no -Franck Dubosc
-Close to him
-Elie Semoun?
-YEAH *Screams*
I’m doing something?
-yeah *screams* I do standup?
-No Ready?
-I’m Neo and I’m in a place
-A monument? Nope. It’s also known like that but it’s not a touristic site We already went there?
-And we can’t go there?
-We can but we don’t care Maxenss? Ready?
-Physical activity?
-No Flying?
-*laughs* gluten Cerebral activity?
-Sort of
-Board game?
-No Uhh, I make paper planes Something you enjoy doing often
-He sings Not far, it’s singing, indeed
-Rap? Yeah, yeah
-a particular activity
-A freestyle?
-YEAHHH So you are?
-Alain Rey does a freestyle It’s your turn McFly
-It’s something about feet? It’s something you wear?
-It’s useful
-Ok, he wears shoes with a point? No
-He DOES something
-OoHH He does… he ties his shoes
-No, stop, stop that’s it Is it an activity we do in a specific place?
-No Is it something we do at home?
-It’s natural needs He pees?
-No, another one
-He vacuums, cleans?
-No Stop, bingooo
*screams* Ok, look at me, this moment of my life, I’m gonna cherish it GROOT TIES HIS SHOES BOOOMMM The owner of this channel is tilted We leave him there, tilted, like that?
Yeah so, bye dude Thanks for inviting us, it was nice
-Here Lucas, thanks for inviting us We’ll see you soon for another video on our channel, Max’s channel
Thanks Lucas, thanks for everything See you soon
-Thanks dude, it was really nice to invite us, subscribe to the channel Mcfly and Carlito, we post really nice videos every sunday morning and funny, hilarious GUYS
-Am I lucas? YES
*screams* *fart* I arrived on it
-Guys thanks for joining me for this very long video We had a good time, I feel like I did an all nighter It was so exhausting So, the result is that I’m complete crap at this game Don’t hesitate to have a look at McFly and Carlito’s channel Thanks Maxenss for coming, don’t hesitate to have a look at his channel It was really cool to have you here
See you soon for another video! We played the game “Ta mère en slip”


Je suis désolé McFLY mais Bobe l'éponge et une éponge qui est dans la mer.😁😁😁😁je vous adores !!!!!❤🧡💛💚💙💜💕

BoB l’éponge est le frère de Squeezie car il sert à nettoyer la vaisselle et Squeezie on la nettoie avec sa salive

2:10 bob l’éponge est un mec cette information a été confirmé par squeezie live sur un death run bob l’éponge douteux

0:37 maxenss galère a enlever le plastique de la boite
0:40 victoire maxenss a réussi a enlever le plastique
0:42 maxenss galère a ouvrire la boite
0:48 victoire maxenss a ouvert la boite mais il a tout fait tomber

Team David et Lucas parce que dans le dessin animé il a la forme d'une éponge de vaisselle et comme il est dans la mer il y a des éponge de mer donc voilà 😑😏

Lukas je t'adore continue comme ça bisous je m'appelle Luna Kopp et J'habite 4 Ruelle du ruisseau à Champigneulles. Fait des gros bisous à tous tes potes À ton chien et à ton chat vient nous voir quand tu veux ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😍 Bisous Squeezie

A mon avis pour l'éponge c'est les deux et il ont pris l'exemple de l'anomalie pour le mettre en produit pour laver la vesail

Bob l’éponge est bien une éponge de vaisselle y’a un épisode où il a trouvé son côté vert de l’éponge mais avec il était méchant et aussi une fois il était malade et pour le soigner bob a du faire la vaisselle avec son corps

"Regarder le focus on dirait un moine tibétain , qui n'a rien d'un moine et qui n'est pas du tout tibétain"
Carlito 😂

Bob l'éponge est une éponge de vaisselle comme Squeezie l'a dit voilà maintenant tout est réglé😂😂😂😁

Bob L'éponge est une éponge car sa le dit dans son nom et car dans un épisode bob est malade et son traitement a était de laver la vaisselle ect…
Je suis avec vous squeezie et carlito.

Bob l eponge et un animal et l eponge de lavabo est au depart l eponge de la mere et meme si on disais que bob est un homme l homme est un animale . final

Bob l’éponge est une éponge de mer parce que Patrick est une étoile de mer et que tout ses potes viennent de la mer bref cœur sur toi Mcfly 😆

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