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CGRundertow SPONGEBOB’S SURF & SKATE ROADTRIP for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow SPONGEBOB’S SURF & SKATE ROADTRIP for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Who has a Kinect game that doesn’t quite
work? SpongeBob Squarepants! You can’t even turn when come to a fork! SpongeBob Squarepants! If walls are a thing you don’t mind when
you hit, SpongeBob Squarepants! This game is for you! It’s pile of horse…feed! SpongeBob Squarepants! SpongeBob Squarepants!
SpongeBob, you suck. Haha! Now that that’s over with, let me read the
game description. It says, “SpongeBob may live at the bottom of the ocean, but that
doesn’t mean he can’t have tons of fun up top!” Which begs the question…on top
of what? Because certain things are a lot of fun up top. Playing a crappy Kinect game
is not one of those things, SpongeBob. Alright, so I’ve been singing and I’ve
been lewd. That should give you a pretty fair idea what I think of SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate
Road Trip. It’s one of the worst Kinect games I’ve played in a long time, not to
mention one of the best arguments yet as to why the analog stick is still more accurate
than the all-knowing, all-seeing camera. Surf & Skate Road Trip is a surfing and skating
game that uses the Xbox 360’s motion detecting camera, the Kinect. Of course, in this application,
the whole “detecting” part is debatable. But more on that later. The game kind of plays
like an on-rails racer, of sorts, only without the racing. Your character automatically moves
forward, and you have to steer by moving your body. At least, that’s how it works in theory. The game works by giving you a neutral position.
If you stand as you would on a skateboard or surfboard, that’s supposed to make you
go straight. By moving your leading foot to the left or right, that’s supposed to steer
in either direction. You race down the course with no time restraints, the objective being
to rack up points in a Tony Hawk kind of way and reach the finish
line. I really wanted to like this game. I like
SpongeBob. I like the idea of a surfing game based on the cartoon. What I don’t like
is motion controls that don’t work, and the whole time I was playing Surf & Skate
Road Trip, I just kept thinking, “There is literally an Xbox controller right next
to me. Why can’t I just use it? Why am I being forced to play a game with something
that is inherently less **** useful?” It’s like eating spaghetti with a spoon
because someone nailed your fork to the table. That’s what playing Surf & Skate Road Trip
is like. It’s like, interactive video torture. The game has two modes. There’s a story
mode told via slides…slides that see when you’re not paying attention, and believe
me, you won’t. The cut scenes tie together the races that aren’t races, and that’s
when the game’s maddeningly imprecise controls destroy any semblance of enjoyment you might
have had from hearing SpongeBob laugh. See, this time, he’s laughing at you. There’s a two-player mode, but you probably
won’t care enough to try it. There’s a negligible amount of extra stuff to unlock,
but the core gameplay is so imprecise, you probably won’t play long enough to see it.
Even if your kid is a SpongeBob super fan, this is a game you should pass on. Find him
something else with SpongeBob’s face. There’s no shortage of licensed merchandise, and unlike
Surf & Skate Road Trip, a good deal of it is actually fun.


um the game dont make sense..since..its spongebob..he would die out of water..why not make it happen at blue lagoon

This is even worse than Blackwater. Thankfully, we still got the upcoming releases of both Ryse and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor to hopefully turn things around for Kinect.

@Punkyemoking As long as SpongeBob keeps wet every few minutes he's good, cause if you remember the episode where him, and Patrick are trapped in Sandy's Tree Dome during the fake snow storm, they do just fine other then getting too cold.

I didnt expect derrick to like spongebob! He actually does! too bad spongebob is going down hill, his series is starting to suck. im sry but it is true, its starting to ruin my childhood.

@AshmoreVid It works on some games, Fruit Ninja, UFC, Child of Eden, developers just haven't figured it out completely yet.

Such a shame; This game looks like a lot of fun, but I hate the Kinect even when it's working, so I won't even bother renting this game.
The graphics look great. and I especially love the static wave rims on some of the corners.

@Firedragon41520 why was he gasping for water than? and sandy would just drown woulden't she? then again she wears that water tank half the time, oh jeez I know too much about the show, I watched it all the time in my childhood. and hell if I know your probably right.

Just got xbox kinnects for my 8 year old. So far only had it for a week and it seems like a waist of money. Spent $500 for complete system and games are either too violent or just as stupid and boring as this one, … I have a new respect for his Nintendo 64 system.

Man the reviewer is mad annoying

i wish i could bitch slap this little kid and watch him scream and yell at me while i just stand there laughing

It was…okay. My kinect worked ok and it WAS pretty good. The only thing is, I am optimistic, so, to pessimistic people, this game is awful, but my friend got it for me, and it was okay. Not as good as nicktoons moving for ps2 though.

It's a Kinect game… they are all shit… but this game looks like it could have been fun if it used a controller, the graphics are downright gorgeous with how smooth they are

What a coincidence, SpongeBob: Surf and Skate Roadtrip was released one year after Sonic: Free Riders! Why Microsoft do you curse us with bad games that revolve around around skating, (The other Sonic Rider games were great!)!?

The kinect controls are usually very precise. Its just that the developers did not test them out properly. I used to have an insane time controlling the menus until i realized i have to stand straight when doing so. It is atrocious to get all achievements with the ingame controls yanking you off the the right when you try a left or pulling left when you are going straight ;0

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