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Chala Hai Motu Hero Banney – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Chala Hai Motu Hero Banney – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Leave me!! Please. Whats wrong with him? Wake up boss. Where is Motu? I can’t sleep, if I sleep then I dream, and in my dream I see Motu, he comes and beats me. He jumps and beats me. Wow boss!! What a poem you have said on Motu!! I don’t want a poem on Motu, I want to teach Motu a lesson. I want him away from my dreams, I want him away from Furfuri Nagar. Boss, look here there is a shooting in Furfuri Nagar today. I have heard that they feed chicken biryani at the shoot, boss lets have lunch there today. Shooting in Furfuri Nagar, lunch in the shooting!! There is a devilish idea jumping in my devilish mind. Today I will make fun of Motu Patlu in front of entire Furfuri nagar, I will make them a joke. Uff!! Director sir there is no reel in the camera, I will just go and get it. Ok, hurry up. Director sir please listen, this is a mad horse, don’t use him for shooting. If you pull his reins he runs even faster, doesn’t stop, I will just go and get another horse. Hands up!! Nobody is going to move, now all move towards that storage, move. Close the storage, close it and now change your clothes and get busy with the shooting. John will be director don!! Number 1 you are cameraman, number 2 you are my assistant. Hero has not come, why is he not here? I will remove such late comer. In his place I will get a new hero, I will make one new star from Furfuri nagar. I found him!! I found my hero, you are hero!! Yeah!! Motu has become a hero!! Motu congratulations, you have become a hero, good luck. Come on hero, sit on that horse and come running from far and stop in front of the camera, ok. Ok sir, I will come, you say action. Action!! Who are these people? Where are my unit people? Hey horse brother, we have to go in the front towards the director not up. Stop !! Cut!! You have killed me, stop my brother. What kind of a friend you have, he doesn’t stop even after I said cut. He doesn’t know how to ride a horse and he wants to be a hero. I will stop this horse. Don’t cut, keep the shooting on. Hero has risked his life to save the heroine. Now hero’s friend is going to save him. Wow, great stunt!! This should be shot. But they don’t know that there is no reel in the camera, I will give them the reel. Director sir, this can. Go at the back!! Let the shoot complete, take the autograph later. Patlu you are here to save me or kill me. Sir, there is no reel in the camera. Who is he? Throw him out, he is trying to teach me, throw him out. Stop!!! John will be don!! I have made them a joke in front of all the people of Furfuri nagar. I have achieved what I had decided, I have done it. Wow! What a stunt they are doing!! Look stupid this is what we call a stunt, that brave man is standing on the others stomach. And holding the horses tail like a rein and riding the horse, you said that the horse is mad, you are mad. Hey Moyu Patlu, don’t worry, why fear when Chingam is here. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. Chingam sir, leave the dialogue and stop this mad horse. Stop! Stop in the name of law, you have swear of horse law, stop, you have swear of mother India, stop!! Help me!! Help me from this opposite horse, mummy!!! Look this is Hollywood style stunt, watch and learn. Hey my horse, brother, eat this fresh green grass, eat. Hey Motu my brother take these skates. Patlu, I can’t think on empty stomach, you only think of something. Idea! Look now how this horse will stop. Even the donkey has brains, you ask him to stop and he will stop. But this horse does not stop, what kind of horse is this, looks like it is a donkey in horses disguise. I will try once more to see if it stops then it is a horse, if it does not stop then it is a donkey. Hey brother horse, stop!!! What kind of hero you are? You are not able to stop a horse, you ruined my shooting. Give the shot again!! Director sir, show us once where to stop the horse and how to stop, then Motu will do exactly the same. No!! I cant do this. Wow sir!! You have shown great bravery. What a stunt you gave!! I was not able to shoot your stunt. But I will shoot this Johns condition. You jumped on me only, help!!! Motu Patlu, sorry!! How did you stop this horse? Tell me. Help!! Chingam sir!! Boss, see your exhibition, I told you to not use your devil idea, don’t get into Motu Patlu’s way, but you don’t listen. I am listening!! The laughter of Furfuri nagars people, I will get back.


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