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Charge Mobile from Peltier using Lamp DIY Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Charge Mobile from Peltier using Lamp DIY Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Best Channel in Electronics World. Subscribe Maaz Electronics and press bell button to get notification of new videos. Asalam U Alaikum , Hello Friends, My name is Syed Maaz Gillani and you are watching Maaz Electronics If you didn’t subscribe my channel ” Maaz Electronics”. please do now. Press Bell icon to get notification of videos instantly. the video i bring in front of you is about Mobile Charger. Very unique project. we’ll teach you how to make it. we are not using this thing. this thing not usable now a days. we use this nothing to make mobile charger. and charge our mobile. if you want you can turn on any 5V current equipment. you use mobile charger in this case of emergency. so our mobile can charge. i’ll show who’s this unique thing. unique thing is fire lamp (Diya). we’ll charge our mobile with use of this fire lamp (Diya). this is very common thing. you can get it from anywhere. you can make it your own with clay. today we’ll teach you how to make mobile charger with this lamp (Diya). you can charge your mobile with it. turn on your LED lights. you can turn on any 5V Current things. now i’ll show you how to make this mobie charger lamp (Diya). how it works. Let’s Start. to make charger from peltier. what items required i’ll tell you. first of all you need these 2 heat sink. this is common heat sink. this i get it from china UPS. you can get this heat sink from any china 1000 Watt UPS. these holes you are seeing before FET was placed here. then you need a stand. this is pen stand you can get it from any book store. then you need buck converter. this is 24-12 to 5V converter. this is step down. if our peltier is go to 9v. it’ll do step down. this support max 3 ampere. this will support to charge mobile. then you need Fire lamp (Diya). we will do fire after put oil in it. then heat produce and peltier make current. then we need peltier. this peltier module TEC1-12710. this is 12710 model it takes 10 ampere. we’ll use this. because of high voltage capacity to charge mobile. after that we need one more buck converter step up. this is step up buck converter. if we give it 2 or 3 volt then we can make 5v from it. if your peltier is week to make current. with this voltage boost up and then we use other converter of step down. with this mobile will charge. if our peltier make current good. then we don’t need this. if peltier week then we use this. otherwise we use this buck converter. i forget to tell you one main thing. this is thermal paste. we use this, this you can get from any computer shop. we use this on cold and hot side of peltier. this is one of main item. let’s start fitting. first of all we need this pen stand. we cut through pen stand. so we can put diya in it. and flame came out from here. ♫♫ Royalty Free Music Playing ♫♫ now i cut it square. now diya came in it easily. if sometime oil finished so you can put it out. put diya in stand from top is very difficult and not a proper way. now we have to do peltier module fitting. first apply paste on it. this is peltier apply paste on it. then it can easily fix on heat sink. don’t be miser to apply paste. if you not apply properly peltier will not work well. apply paste properly so peltier will work fine. paste applied now flip the peltier on heat sink. i put on center on heat sink and give little pressure. peltier fix well now apply paste on other side of peltier. after apply paste now put second heat sink on peltier like this. before put peltier you should know which side is cold and which side is hot. after this fix nut bot between both heat sink. to tight heat sink you need 2 inch and 2mm bolt. and tight with nut from other side. now tight the second nut and bolt. tight it properly so peltier can’t move inside. tight it as much peltier should not loose. now peltier fix properly and tight between two heat sink. put it on stand and do rest wiring. put peltier module on pen stand. top side is cold side and hot side is downside. we have to put hot side down. so diya will hot it. we put the heat sink on stand now it has two wires. red is positive and black is negative. first we attach cables with step down buck converter. if voltage came low then we have to use step up converter. if voltage good then no need of step up buck converter, we use directly step down buck converter. this step down converter attach positive with positive and negative with negative. this buck converter positive and this is negative. i attach positive with positive and negative with negative with peltier. this white thing is smd led. when voltage came good then led turn on and then converter will be on. now we start heating the peltier and see it is working or not. we have to put oil in it so it became flame able. now make flame diya. now diya is flaming and we put in the pen stand to heat the peltier. now peltier is going to heat. now check how much voltage coming. now it became 0.28 volt. it is very low current. buck converter should on 5 or 6 volt. so we use other converter we don’t need this. you can use this buck converter or this step down converter. in this converter no usb output and we have to do adjustment of volts. no need of voltage adjustment int it and it use only 1v to 3v to turn on. it gives 5v output current. it has a red led. now we test it and check it is working or not. we check the voltage again. now it came to .50 volt, now check it turns on or not? we joint positive with positive and negative with negative. as it is going to heat our module will turn on. and then voltage became increasing i attach volt meter with it. now i check output voltage. now voltage is increasing and flame also bigger then before. now its red led is on. we didn’t use any external source nor any battery. we produce voltages from peltier only. now it gives 0.76 volt now check output voltage. now 5.26 volt coming. now smoke also coming from diya i’ll adjust it. voltage are coming good. now i attach mobile and show you. this is our data cable i’ll attach with it. now i attach mobile with it. firstly i turn off the screen of mobile. as you can see i didn’t use any external source. now module led is full on and attach mobile and check its going to charge or not. mobile is staring charging i’ll show you. see charging logo my mobile is charging. i put out cable charging logo is gone. i’ll attach again you can hear voice of charging notification. mobile is charging now. you can charge mobile in case of emergency. you dont need any external source nor any cell, solar, motor or dynamo to charge mobile. make for use in emergency at home. now i’ll show you that led also turned on from it or not. this is 5v led light, i’ll show how to turn on. you can get light form it. i’ll show you. put out mobile cable and insert light cable. led is also turned on. we are using led light with buck converter. put a side mobile data cable. as you can see no external source. you can check the light of this led. see this is enough light. you can use this also. when i hide the light you can see light of diya. you can get benefit of diya light. with this led you can get more like to write or study anything. hope you like this video. 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Dear maaz if u use ice on cold side of paltier and use fire lamp for hot place then your volts will be 12 and your amps will b 5 . Dear you should make a new video with this prectical and show to people that how can gernate power with paltier with cold and hot place like a solar 80 watt panel. Hope you ll understand my point. If u need more info plz conteact with me.

Sir ji iska koi fayda nahi hai charging display ma show Hoga lekin mobile charge nahi hoga Baki Rahi light ki baat toh Diya ki light LED Se Zyada hai

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