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what’s up eSk8ers?! Are you looking
for a good yet, inexpensive electric skateboard? If you’re willing to spend
$370 bucks stay tuned to this review. With so many electric skateboard companies
out there, there’s really a lot of choice and price is getting really competitive.
The Meepo board is one of those boards that has really shocked the scene with
such a low price tag. However I did find another company for $25 bucks cheaper and
that’s the Wowgo board! Jason the owner of the company actually
was nice enough to send me one. So let’s go for a ride and see if this board is
worth the cheap price tag So here’s the remote. This is actually a
pretty common remote for DIY guys it’s known as the Winning remote. Has your
throttle right here has a little finger hole right here and it has your slow and
fast modes right here. You’re on and off right over here and then your forward
and backward right here one thing I don’t like is how close this forward and
backward is to your thumb if you decide to kind of do this there was one time
where I pushed forward thinking I was going to go forward and I had
accidentally kicked kicked this back into backward and went backward it
didn’t it didn’t it wasn’t good does they at least alright so let’s take this
thing for a cruise safety first always make sure you got your helmet let’s go
oh wow wow this thing has her hub motors has a nice nice torque sorry I’d be real
careful once you jump on this to be real sensitive with with the controller the
throttle on the controller real smooth sounding apparently any
sound feel like the deck is a little small first I mean I’m a small guy so
for anyone bigger than me might not be too good this is definitely worth
mentioning is that a braking curve just like the throttle curve is very
sensitive I’ve gotten used to it I’ve gotten some practice with it but you
never want to jump on a board that you don’t know start riding it and hit that
brake super hard it’s something about the Chinese ESC is and the way they
program it to be kind of one size fits all I’m so pumped by on this thing and I
hit the brakes I am going to I’m gonna eat it pretty hard there’s
some guys over the skatepark right now let’s go talk to them and get their
opinion on the WoW goal board actually to like this is where you got like
really just kind of make sure you’re on your you know you know what I’m saying
right yeah yeah yeah but you’re just like oh well I get it Wow sweating and I tell like what’s your
name in one I’m Georgia George Neal nice to meet ya
nice to meet you one ok so like when you’re when you’re sitting there like
this it’s gonna kind of gonna push you back nothing is gnarly
yeah Wow go board yeah um it’s scary and awesome at the same time
I guess you just gotta learn how to ride it but it is fun and it has like an
intense like he said like cuz I didn’t know how to jump off so I was like oh my
god i’ma try to slow down but it’s fun and
it’s good it’s a blast that’s all I can really say if you want your heart going
and you don’t feel like pushing anywhere cuz if you actually look there’s cracks
all over the park yeah that thing is convenient and super fun is your first
time to play at first time while go you killed it would that would send me wood so let’s talk about the specs the Wagah
border runs on two dual motor hub motors with 250 watts apiece adding up to about
500 watts the front two wheels are running on two 90 millimeter longboard
wheels that are about 85 euros the deck is actually a combination of bamboo and
maple so it’s 1 ply bamboo and 7 ply maple I’d say it’s a little bit on the
rigid side it’s 36 and a half inches long and about 9 inches wide the ESC are
the electronic speed control has a Smart Start and regenerative braking and then
some of the boring stuff to some people but the battery if you don’t understand
batteries too much click on the link right here and check that video out but
the battery is a 10 s 2 P batteries of 10 cells and 2 in parallel it’s 42 volts
so it’s a higher voltage and it’s a 4400 milliamp hours and that comes out to 158
point four watt so you’re gonna get a lot of range on this board so pros and cons about the wallboard
first off this is a dual Huff motor board going up hills was not a problem I
was actually pleasantly surprised these are both 250 watt motors adding up to
about 500 watt so it’s just relatively low but when I went up those hills it
was pretty nice it was a nice steady speed going up hills and I didn’t have
any problems if you see here here is the power button to turn it on the nice
thing about their ESC is that there is a Smart Start so you just roll the the
wheels make sure that there’s connectivity between your RC remote and
the ESC and then you’re ready to go there’s no need to bend over that’s what
she said to make sure to turn this on it’s just kind of a small feature that
is really noticeable and then lastly I would say is this just small addition of
a handle I I found myself using it a lot this thing comes in at 360 $9.99 if I
was able to find a board at 360 999 I’d be all over it especially during the
time that I was looking for Electric skateboards by the year I couldn’t find
anything with decent specs under $500 I think at the time that there was like
the unique ego and I wasn’t really interested in that at all so I decided
to build my own but if you’re not kind of up for that challenge you’re breaking
into the Eastgate Hobby 360 9.99 is an awesome deal I mean just that’s like
parts alone the funny thing is is that this is the exact same board as the
meatball board I didn’t see anything different about it
his price on his board is 25 dollars cheaper than meepo
regardless I mean I’m gonna take advantage of it at 360 $9.99 that’s
that’s really cheap so now on to the cons of the board and there are some
cons first off if you look here there is a camber on the deck and what I
mean by that is that the deck actually goes like this but because of that
camber and the speeds that you’re going to be going on I did kind of feel like
my back foot felt a little unstable I always kind of had to constantly adjust
that and when you’re going at high speeds the last thing you want to do is
adjust your foot you want to make sure it’s really planted in there and it just
feels nice and snug and that’s kind of something that I was searching for on
the Wow go board the next thing is the hub motors these are dual hub motors
they’re great they got me up hills they didn’t seem very warm after going up
hills are going on long runs or you know going really fast but I can already kind
of notice that the polyurethane on the outside over time you’re gonna want to
change these the polyurethane is on the thin side and unfortunately you can’t
change the polyurethane on this you actually have to buy the whole hub motor
honestly all in all if you’re trying to break into the scene trying to get into
electric skateboards and not break that Bank this is the board to go with I’d
say this is probably the cheapest electric skateboard with the highest
value that I have ever been on yo guys so thanks a lot for checking out this
video and taking the time to watch it till the end don’t forget to hit that
like button if you really like this video also don’t hesitate to share it on
your social media every share actually goes a long way for me in growing this
channel hopefully you guys really get a lot out of this I’m gonna be getting
back into more DIY as I’m gonna be putting together another electric board
also I know that there’s a raffle giveaway winner that’s long overdue and
I’m gonna be announcing that in my next video so don’t forget to subscribe and
see in the next one who’s first off it’s really cheap it comes out to about there’s just a lot of time with some


Neil it’s a Meepo Board Copy with less support and with bad attitude to customers, I’d stay with Meepo, Kieran by far helping all

The downside with meepo is you have to wait like one month or more to receive it while wowgo has fast shipping, only 12 days…

Great video. Does the deck on the board have concave? Also since you said your making a new diy esk8 you should make a video series on the process as you build it.

Hi BIG Niel
17 Dec I go to china and pick-up my new elektric up board whit hub motor
If you like a sent photo by mail to my or wathapp +31653963141
You Its expensive to sent to us from Holland Its les under
I Heff contact whit kieran and visit his factory

I ordered my Meepo last week, but I don't anticipate getting it until the end of the month (November). Would you recommend I buy this board over waiting for Meepo?

looks good for the price at the moment its a toss up between this and meepo ,Unless santa wanta to be extra nice to me this year

Can u add a flagship cellphone battery which has 4400mah and higher battery to get extended range without the extra weight and bulk?

I think the Wowgo and the Meepo is the same board. I would just switch out the deck for a lighter more desirable long deck.

have you still been riding this thing? i just copped one and plan on putting at least 30 miles on it a week (work transportation), how long do you think the rear wheels would last?

How long have you been using this? (Since you made the video) I want to know how long it took for the wheels to wear like that! Thanks :3

Hey Neil awesome review )) I just receive the Verreal V1 looks like similar clone but V1 has a KV rating of only 62 and rpm of 2060 so I think it’s great )) looks like more torque on the wowGo .. the Verreal V1 has peak wattage of 500 W per motor so I think it’s got a bit more grunt again … and it’s coming at the moment at US$259 plus shipping it’s incredible price but it will probably go back to $459US probably a month or so …no voltage sag noticeable on the Verreal V1 and no Camber on the deck and it comes with a set of replaceable urethanes that include the bell housing and rotor assembly with the magnets on the urethanes , which essentially means they are you getting pretty much brand-new motors after you replace the rear urethanes well)) I couldn’t help noticed the magnets inside the rotor are touching each other and their 20% more than what’s on the Meepo and they curved magnets with a very heavy course hand wound coils pretty impressive … Neil get in touch with Vic Duan (his details are in my description field of my unboxing video) and see if he can send you one for the shipping cost only and you can review it it’s a nice EBoard … keep up the great work Neil )) cheers Andrew )(

Hay neil we talked about buklding the past few weeks and i think ill go with this until i get into my build. Thanks for the heads up on all that info

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