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Grab 15 different tools with one hand by packing the Leatherman Multi-Tool. And multi-drool over consuming insects after
reading recipes in The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook. Let’s head into the Great Outdoors. Happy HoLÜTdays. This is LÜT. Learning is half the battle so read The Zombie
Survival Guide. You’ll discover the ins and outs of staying
alive including lessons like “blades don’t need reloading” and “get out of the car,
get onto the bike.” Attach a hammock to your car using the Roadie
Car Stand. Simply slide the bases under your tires and
lounge in automotive-hanging-bliss. But if that’s a bit dry relax in water with
the Hydro Hammock. Fill the hammock with H20, hook up the on
demand heater and you’ve got yourself the most luxurious floating bath your glorious
body deserves. Sit your body on a bottle-y. The Treo Therm-a-Rest chair folds down into
the size of a bottle. It’s container doubles as its tripod base. When you’re away from home base and need
to wash your clothes, there’s the Scrubba Outdoor Wash Bag. The flexible, waterproof bag has water-level
markings and an internal washboard to clean your duds on the…. Go fish for food around the fire with the
Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster. Hook a marshmallow or a hot dog on your stainless
steel line and reel in a deliciously roasted treat. Wash it down after using the SteriPEN UV Water Purifier. The ultraviolet light destroys more than 99.9%
of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts like giardia and purifies 16oz of water in 48 seconds. Sidenote: Giardia is also known as beaver
fever due to hikers getting sick drinking water inhabited by beavers. Leave it to your lungs to inflate the Windcatcher
Airpad 2+. The Quickstream Inflation technology draws
in ten times as much air as traditional airpads, allowing you to quickly collapse your exhausted
body on the mattress like a SolarPuff collapsible light. Inspired by origami balloons, the personal
inflatable lamp made of recyclable plastic, has a solar panel, rechargeable battery and
3 LED bulbs. They also use 10% of sales to fund supplying
lights to the 1.6 billion people without access to electricity and sustainable lighting. Before the light goes out and you rest your
head on your Snoos Funky Travel Pillow. Whether it’s What A Melon, Picnic Perfect
or Cheese Please. Remember….camping is intents. And as always – thanks for watching! Can’t decide what you want? Let us pick by subscribing to The Curiosity Box for regular deliveries of brain-feeding Lüt.


Great Eight! It's the 8th day of The 12 Days Of LÜT and this one is all about gifts for the great outdoors! Happy HoLÜTdays!!!

That leatherman is not a great everyday carry as it is heavier and has parts specifically for gun maintenance. a better option is the leatherman wave

Why would a normal person need that multi tool? It is for EOD use in the military. It's nice but people usually don't need a C-4 hole punch, the cap crimper, and the 154CM replaceable fuse-wire cutters.

Hello people from VSauce, is it possible that you put prices of the beautiful lüt in the description? I often get very excited but then feel sad when I find out that is way too expensive for a student like me 🙁

That EOD multitool looks really cool, but it's overkill for the average person. The largest explosive I've dealt with were those snap things you throw on the ground. I did get a Skeletool for much less. I think most people should carry something similar. There are a lot of things you can fix on the spot.

I like your reviews with one exception – many times there are more than one item on the market that does the same thing, and I think this would be good to mention it somehow. For example, steripen in this video is good but there are other products that are more effective, reliable and cheaper, like lifestraw, etc. I hope, you understand my idea and thanks again.

The Therm-A-Rest Treo Chair looked really interesting until I read a couple of (disappointed) amazon reviews.
Do you guys test any of the products you present? I mean, this series is somewhat of a recommendation.

"travel pillow" I think not, I shall procure a sammich pillow and two cheese pillows and use them not for traveling, but rather as pillows.

Hip Hip Holiday by Pete Masitti and John Andrew Barrow is the outro song I believe! In return, anyone know the background music for the majority of the video?

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