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Chinese Spiralized ‘Noodle’ Recipe | FridgeCam

Chinese Spiralized ‘Noodle’ Recipe | FridgeCam

Welcome to FridgeCam If you’ve got the munchies,
then this will be the show for you. In the show today we focus on Fart.
That’s food art. Jamie and Mike match up two sorted
recipes and the results are interesting. But first, I reckon this FridgeCam
is going to spiralize out of control. Placed in noodle broth. “Noodles” Actually reinvented the noodle here.
We’ve got Dicot and Carrot noodles. But it’s the broth that we’re going to start with.
A very very simple, but back to old school simplistic, g
rab some stuff out of the cupboard. It’s chicken stock, hoisin, a couple of cloves
of garlic and handful of shitake, in a pan. Bring up to simmer. Did you talk about porky balls? Yeah that’s the only bit
of fat in this entire dish. Yeah, so get yourself a pork mince,
lean is fine and we’re going to shape them
into individual meat balls. Flavoured with grated ginger, white pepper,
corn flour to kind of help bind it, and a little bit of soy. Mix it all together, roll them and
they will poach in our broth. What, now with the mushrooms in the balls. Let’s get the garlic cloves out as well.
They’ve given the flavor to the stock, but now we need the space in
the pot for all of these. Lower them in gently, that’s it.
Like a warm bath. These need to bubble away very very gently to poach.
While they do see we can spiralizer our noodles. Yeah! That’s Dicot and Carrot,
both need peeling and then noodlizing. Give us a [inaudible] Noodlize. Spiralize. Noodlize. That’s the way it works. We need to make room for our noodles,
by taking these meatballs out. Again you know they’re cooked because they float.
If you want to check, you can always cut into one. Dicot and carrot into our broth.
They’ll only need a minute or sow. Let’s put some Bok Choy leaves in as well.
And then we’re good to serve. We get plenty of our noodles, a few slivers of pink radish, some fresh
coriander leaves and there we go. Hoisin “Noodle” Broth sorted. Noodle. Notoriously, spiralizers are used
only for healthy recipes. But we like to push the boundaries here at Sorted,
so while those guys do a healthy noodle dish, we’re going to make pudding. I love pudding. I love you. Sweet Sweet Potato Bhaji Apple Pie
Birds Nests with a cherry on top. Is the long title for this dish,
but what it actually is is the merger of two fantastic preexisting sorted recipes that have never
before come together as one in a very Spice Girls way. And it starts by peeling and
dicing some cooking apples. So they go into a pan
with a splash of water. And a handful of sugar.
That was like a T-Rex claw form wasn’t it? Just had a thought.
– Yeah. Do you know what’s better
than an apple pie? Apple and blueberries, like the blueberries we’ve got.
So they’re going in as well. So we’re going to peel
some sweet potatoes. Chop them up and put them
through our spiralizer. Sweet Bhaji batter. We’ve got water and flour
and we’re going to sub out our savoury spices for some sweet ones: cinnamon,
mixed spice and ginger. That’s quite a lot of ginger. Yeah, James is on holiday. We need to put that in there without
breaking any of these lovely little strands. I can do that. 3, 2, 1. Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup! They’re in. Did you get it? Yup they’re in. Ah! You know what this
is actually going to work. So what’s not going to happen though is,
we’re not going to get four or five individual ones, we’re going to get one big one. So you reckon just make one big on. Well I think making one big one might
be the best way forward here. Safety first. I really want this to work, but now I’m quite
sad because it’s probably not going to. Whilst that’s frying we’re
going to whip up some… Sorry, I nearly fell over. Whist that’s frying, we’re going to whip up some
cream with a little bit of icing sugar, in this bowl. I’m going to get in there with my fingers. Out with the mushrooms,
in with the balls. We’ve got pork balls.
What size balls do you want? Annoying video with annoying music.
Down voted. Deal with it. The sexiest are starting to make me feel uncomfortable and confused.
That must mean you’re doing something right. I don’t know why you’re confused.
They’re met to turn you on. There’s something marginally obnoxious
about this new format change. Look at our nest! Yes!
– Yes! Barry, all should stick with a quenelle. I can’t do a quenelle
– Yes, you can! I don’t even know what that is. Ground pistachios.
– Okay. Oh, that is special. I think that needs a cherry on top.
– More like a ruddy bad like glassing. Oh, I’ll get a really horrible cherry. And finally… it’s slippery. A Sweet Sweet Potato Bhaji Apple Birds Nest, sorted.
Give me some of that. Yes! Did someone say dessert? They’re sophisticated milfs, aren’t their? Oh!! What is that?
What is it? Look at that! It is pretty epic. I’m enjoying it. – Come have savoury first. I don’t know I just really want to eat that.
– I just really want to eat that. Although this has meat balls. Oh, that is really nice.
You know what I call that? Subtle. It is.
– I call that subtle. Yeah. it’s subtle. That is dense.
– Dense. Come on Ebbers. Okay there’s a lot of Gram flower in there. Yeah. Judge or Amalgamation. Oh my god. I don’t think it’s cooked
enough in the middle. It is cooked, there’s just too much of it. I think you’ve trumped on the apple sauce thing.
– No next time just make them smaller. Or just come in and say,
best recipe every. Best recipe ever.
I think that one works. If you’re red bummed up like me, you’ll want to give that broth a go.
The full recipe and details are available on Sortedfood. And don’t forget to subscribe because,
well, we will make you hungry. You know waht, I think that FridgeCam
had everything. Go on. It had spiralizing. It had noodlizing. And Badgizing.
– What’s that? – Work it out. Stick with us while we do some food art with
more spiralized vegetables. See you next week. Hey! I like the dance. Badgizing? Badgizing. How can we with our Badgizing? Badgy-icing? Badgie icing would have
been better, possibly. Yeah. I’d give that a ten out of ten for effort. Yup. And a four out of ten? Five? A five out of ten, yeah.
Six out of ten… I’d say a strong seven and a half
out of ten for appearance. And on top of appearance, let’s make
something else that looks arty.


Mike is that guy that you think is just really cute, then you see the full on nerdiness, and that's he becomes a sexy man.

Starting to realize that almost any kind of meat/fishballs turn out juicier if they are braised like dumplings in a broth/gravy than if they are fried first. Plus, it is healthier. Many of the "kofta"s from Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi cooking are similarly boiled in a gravy.

Instead of a measly thumbs up, YT needs to have a ROFL emoji for us viewers to express our enjoyment. This new series makes me laugh out loud SO loud that I'm pretty sure my apartment neighbors think I'm crazy ๐Ÿ˜€ Hahahahahaha. tears in eyes from laughter Thanks for the good vibes, friends!

I would give the 'noodle' recipe a try cos I love soup. Oh Ben, please get well soon! I usually make hot honey, lemon and ginger drink. Maybe you can give it a try.

sorted. i have an idea. Why don't you guys make a pot/pan and oven cam so you can make timelapses of food that takes a while to cook?

I've probably been watching you lot since 2011, and I suddenly feel really proud of how far you've come since then. From a small little kitchen and a slightly camera shy, fumbling group of lads, to a massively beautiful studio along with an incredible on screen and off screen crew working round the clock. Watching the growth has been amazing! And it's a privilege to be along for the ride. From one super fan, thanks so much for year after year of wonderfully inspiring, informative, hilarious content–it's been fantastic watching and I'll continue to watch no matter which way you go, SORTED. โค๏ธ Here's to many more years.

Too right Jamie! Best. Recipe. Ever. Now to go baji-ize some bacon… or hot peppers… or gyms socks. WHO CARES?!!! It's gotta be baji and it's gotta be HUGE!!!

There's a typo on the recipe page for the hoison noodle broth. Where it lists chicken broth in the ingredients, it says "1 l cihcken stock".

I both love and hate SORTED because they give us amazing recipes with amazing flavors that are easy to make, but being a college student in a dorm I don't have the tools to make hardly any of it…:(

I don't know which made me more uncomfortable; the brief moment of electricity between Mike and Jamie, or the strangely discolored cherry on top of the strange pie dessert thingy. lol

I think the previous version of fridgecam felt more intimate…but in any case you guys are as flippin' awesome as ever!!! I absolutely love you!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

i would suggest putting them pork balls in the over first to get some colour (healthy) or just satay them off a little to get a bit of sear

You expect cooking to be sexy, like Nigella sexy. But no, Barry does spiral dances ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ. Not complaining though.

Can I just ask, are you sponsored or something by Co-op, cos as much as I love Co-op's milk and eggs, other supermarkets are available!

Love all your guy's videos! You give me so much inspiration and make cooking look so easy! I love healthy cooing and would love to see more veggy and vegan dishes! I LOVE FELAFELS!

Another really great sweet sweet potato noodle recipe that I've made before is spiralized sweet potatoes with egg and cinnamon. It's essentially just a baked sweet potato with some eggs, which are scrambled with milk and a little sugar. You can also put in ginger, honey, brown sugar, chevre, berries. All sorts of things. It's really tasty

Did Ben say white pepper with the h just like stewe from family guy does with whip cream
Perfect ๐Ÿ˜‚

When Jamie pulled the spiralizer thingy with the sweet potato end, and chuckle.
I legit laughed so hard my roommate was startled.

Loved Mike using the Jurassic Park's soundtrack for his T-rex arms. So funny! Love the spontaneity. Keep it up guys!

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