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Christmas Gift Ideas 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas 2015

So what are the top trending Christmas gifts
this year ? I’m going to share with you 10 Christmas gifts ideas that the person
you are shopping for is sure to love plus a few money saving tips right now Hey whatsup guys Sean Cannell here in our
holiday gift series and I’m excited to share the 10 most trending buzzy gifts of this year
and hey at any time during this video definitely check out links and details and every gifts
listed out in the YouTube description so this video is all about the gifts that
are trending this year that have a lot of buzz around them
that are really popular and so the people you are shopping for are sure to love this
gifts let’s jump into them the first gift idea is the BB-8 droid by Sphero
now before you think that this is just a toy this is one of the coolest gifts of the season
this is an app control droid that is catching all kinds of buzz and selling out everywhere
you can get this at the apple store you can get it
online in places like brookstone or right from the Sphero website
but it’s a ton of fun people are loving it kids and adults alike will love this gift
so if you can buy one this is a very cool gift idea and also if you can find some
tickets to the new star wars the force awakens I’m sure the person you are shopping for would
love those as well
the second gift idea that’s really popular this year is cameras and camera accessories
with social media like Instagram and facebook and
video platforms like youtube gift ideas like a good point and shoot camera are sure to
not disappoint the person you are shopping for I recommend
a canon s120 I actually have a video out that talks more
in deep about this and I’ll link it up on the cards on the screen
But this is like the best all-around point and shoot camera that’s at a very good price
point that’s not gonna take just great photos but also great videos to create things like
YouTube videos And probably one of the most popular cameras
right now all across YouTube specially by vloggers is the canon g7x
this is an amazing camera it has the flip out screen incredible photos incredible video
quality and it will fit on your pocket as well
check out the youtube description for a few of my top recommendations when it comes to
gift ideas with cameras Another one that its kind of fun kind of budget
option is the Polaroid cube for a 150 bucks is getting
great reviews it’s a lot of fun so check that out
now in addition to cameras camera accessories are a great gift idea and can be a very affordable
gift idea and even a stocking stuffer one of the accessories that I’ve been testing
lately and absolutely love is selfie stick by tech savvy
super portable and folds down really nice with the top here
it fits all the different kinds of devices that I might want to use from a point shoot
camera to of course my iphone 6 and even my wife’s
iphone 6 plus so it fits the larger smart phones so when
you are picking out a selfie stick you want to make sure it has Bluetooth so it can activate
the camera shooter when it’s fully extended and also one of the things I love about this
stick from tech savvy is that it comes with 100% life time satisfaction guarantee
’cause a lot of company’s out there when it comes to this digital products can be kind
of sketchy so I love to see that I love to see good reviews
on amazon I love to see those guarantees and so
definitely a cool gift idea or stocking stuffer that they’re sure to love
Now next gift Idea that has a tone of buzz this year is the amazon echo it’s got a lot
of hype its got a lot of great reviews the echo is basically a Bluetooth speaker
meets Siri and in this case Echo’s name is Alexa
and one of the things to do is to definitely shop over the holidays cyber Monday and black
Friday is going to be very I imagine im guessing the price will be slash on it
if the person you are shopping for loves and or amazon prime then they are probably
sure to love the amazon echo so definitely check that out
now the next gift idea is headphone but here is the key that you want to find out when
it comes to the person you are shopping for really a music
enthusiast and a headphone enthusiast is going to understand that they want head phones for
different applications if they’re a traveler the headphones that
are good for a plane are different from what might be at home or when you are working out
and so for intense one of the ones that I love are this Sennheiser 598 these are pretty
affordable but kind of mid range nice headphones but they
are open back that actually means that other people in the room can hear the music you
are listening to or the movie you are watching the point is not that they would be isolated
but it actually creates what is called a sound stage to make music sound amazing
and so they don’t work thought If you need to be private
and so then there’s other headphones that work better at noise canceling and so and
so forth and so this year when you are shopping you
can ask what kind of headphones would the person im shopping for really what
for example these are some headphones that I got recently that are Bluetooth workout
headphones by audio peer if you are shopping for someone that is into
fitness they will love this comfort is absolutely amazing
with this piece that fits inside the cup of your ear
but still in there they fit really well and it comes with pieces for all the different
sizes of ears the on ears controls are great so that your
phone can just be in your shorts pocket for your arm band and you can control the
volume and change songs right on the headphones and this also have hands free call and noise
reduction with a mic built in as well so you can take calls and your music just
stops so I love these for running when it comes to fitness
or working out I’ve never been able to find a pair that I really liked so definitely check
out those by audio peer but in general ask yourself what is the type
of headphone the person im shopping for what type of lifestyle
what kind of scenario do they need head phone for the next one that is huge this year is smart watches and activity trackers now of course
the person you are shopping for probably love to get an apple watch
but there’s a lot of other brands out there that are worth checking out
as far as the smart watches go check out the pebble time very popular getting solid reviews
as far as activity trackers check out the Jawbone 2 as well as the new fitbits those
are highly popular and they interface with your smartphone
and they do a ton of cool stuff huge buzz category this year that just might
make the perfect gift for the person you are shopping for
now the next gift idea is actually a craze that is swiping the planet and is the self-balancing
scooters these are like the hot buzzy gift of the year
but just a few tips of caution there really isn’t like a brand creating these
that is kind of known and solid the origin and the manufacture
of these different scooters is all over the place and so is the price
and so definitely do your research to find a solid deal and don’t get ripped off you
probably shouldn’t be paying more than 500 dollars for these or less than
300 dollars for these different companies in that range you feel you can get quality
and value if you go up from there you might just get
marked up and ripped off if you go far down from there the quality
might actually be compromise and it’s not going to last so
don’t waste your money but I’d loved to hear from you in the comments your best tips if
you know anything form this self-balancing scooters
to avoid getting ripped off and make sure you get a great scooter
now the next gift idea streaming video players and sticks these are the devices you can hook
up to your tv of course to watch Netflix hulu YouTube videos
right on your tv as well as play games download apps some let you browse
and so really probably to top all around value and quality here is the Roku 2 and that’s
still a super solid player you can step into the 3 and I believe that
one does 4k but it’s kinda overkill so you can save and do the 2
of course the apple tv the newest version is a great gift idea
and if the person you are shopping for is particularly an apple fan then that would
be a solid choice and then you can look at the stick which are
great budget options they can be in like the 20 to 40 dollar range
Google chrome cast amazon fire stick the Roku stick these are just kind of scale back in
their functionality But still offer a lot of awesome features
so definitely a gift idea that can fit in different budget ranges
Now the next gift idea is a card game called exploding kittens
Hold on before you turn the video off just know that this card game is spreading like
wild fire its super popular kid friendly super fun easy
to learn and of course is very affordable a good stocking stuffer or a gift
idea so check out exploding kittens which also when you’re unwrapping gifts will be
very fun game to play that day with friends and family
now the next gift idea would be to get the person you are shopping for a book
especially if they are a reader but specifically there’s a page in that is the best
sellers of the year so far and so if you know that they are reader but
you are not really sure where to turn check out that page and then you can find
a book on that list that’s already got great reviews people are loving it
and then just connected to the genre or gender of books that they would love and then
the last gift idea would be to that same thing with music Amazon has a great page called
the best of the year so far you can check that out look through
and find a style of music that they love but now as more people are moving away from
CDs into digital and option here would be to
get an iTunes gift card or an Amazon gift card because Amazon has very competitive digital
music prices if you are a music lover you can maybe put
a nice card together that you slip the gift card in it’s musical theme
and say I know what ever you love music here is a giftcard I love for you to go shopping
with this for what ever you want Question of the season
What are some good Christmas gift ideas that you would recommend what did you see out there
that’s trending and popular and that people would love
I’d love to hear from you in the YouTube comments below
So hey thanks so much for checking out this gift guide
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well as links and extra details in the YouTube description below
If this video was helpful I would really appreciated it if you hit that like button and let me
know about other gift guides That you’d want to see in the comments below
and until next time keep crushing it and we will talk soon


Great video! Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I just got this book in the mail today…and, it looks like a gift anyone would want.

awesome vid , sean !

i'm thinking of getting a new camera , so i'll check out your recommendations . also , i think my brother would love the 'exploding kittens' card game .

thanks !

So many awesome ideas …. Thank you! I need to find a BB droid! I hope I can find one in Belgium for my Star Wars hubby. He is so excited for dec cause of Star Wars This list was awesome I wanted all of them lol….. Great video Sean

For anyone looking at the self balancing boards I had an Excellent experience with the company MonoRover. I actually have a chronic lung disease which makes it hard for me to walk without oxygen. As a 23 year old in college I started looking for ways to help me without using a wheelchair. ( I want to be able to do things on my own…. I can finally go to the mall on my own! It's been great!)… Anyways I came across these new boards and did a bunch of research. I found this this company and they had GREAT costumer service and were very helpful through out my order. I would definitely recommend checking them out. They also have other cool boards as well. =)

Are there reasonably priced, good quality headphones you can recommend for travel on a plane for a music enthusiast who doesn't like earbuds that set inside the ear? (I bought Exploding Kittens on Kickstarter and we love playing it.) Thanks for the video, Sean. Always enjoy your gift ideas. Happy Holidays!

OMG great ideas sean!!!!! everything is so great. Im definitely gonna buy the headphones a book and the key finder.. really i was blank of ideas but this helped me allot.. thanks send you Greetings from mexico

Great gift ideas! Our family has the Exploding Kittens game and loves it, however, I didn't even think of it for gifting and I just purchased two more sets for gifts. I will be watching for more gift ideas, and hope that you will be doing another gifts for creatives vid for this year's stuff. Useful content. Thanks.

I want to get a Bluetooth tracker, but I don't know which one has the most for its money. You mentioned the Tile and XY find it, but I also found one called the Chipolo, so I wanted to get your advise. I also wanted to get a power bank so what's your preference on that? +seanTHiNKs

Subscribing because you're awesome. You always have the best ideas. Also, you seem like you love making these videos & put a lot of time into getting videos out that viewers want to see. Keep up the great work!

How about making a video on gift ideas for seniors who are not the tech friendly. My mother is 68, and I have bought her gadgets to make her life easier and convenient, phones, bluetooth radios…you name it. Do you have any suggestions on what I can buy her gadget wise that isn't to complicated for her to use.

I got my daughter this cube (can't think of the exact name and its wrapped already) at Brookstone. It works similar to a digital frame, but it links to Instagram. She can even like photos on it.

I found u through your garlic green beans recipe video. Aren't u the one with Judy and benji for dancember? I'm making your green beans tomorrow!! 🙂

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