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Clace Go Ice Skating | Shadowhunters Behind the Scenes: Season 3, Episode 14 | Freeform

Clace Go Ice Skating | Shadowhunters Behind the Scenes: Season 3, Episode 14 | Freeform

So, Todd and Darren, our show runners, call me up and they say, “Hey, so, um, you ice skate, right?” Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the ice. And I go, “No. No, I don’t. Why?” And they go, “Oh. Um, they’re ice skating in episode 3014.” What gave you this idea? So, I say, “On this date, I get to be really bad at ice skating and Jace gets to be really good at ice skating, right?” And they’re like, “Oh. No, no. You’re gonna be really good at it, ’cause Clary grew up in New York, and Dom has to be bad at it.” That’s so thoughtful. Oh. You got it? So, the skating rink scene — I actually can ice skate fairly well, and Kat was a little more nervous. She got quite good at it with the trainer quite quickly. It’s one of those situations where I had a great team around me who helped me learn what I needed to know. And thank goodness Dom was there too, because we got each other through it. When she’s backwards, I was guiding
her and making sure she was upright. But then, still, I had to look like I was terrible at it. But, you know. You pull yourself up by
your skate laces and get through it. It’s not me, by the way. It’s the skates. I see.


😂😂 funny how I knew that already , throughout the whole scene I was going isn’t Kat the one that can’t ice skate

The Ice-Skating scene was just too funny in a cute way lol and it was just so adorable😍 CLACE is my favorite couple in the show omg❤ #shadowhunterslegacy➰

at 1:11 when jace smiles I think it is was not scripted ! Ido believe it is more a behind the scene. You can hear kat saying "whou" !! like she was going to fall and Dom is trying to hold her back !! sorry for my english

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