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Clean and Re-grip your Evolve Skateboard

Clean and Re-grip your Evolve Skateboard

Hey everyone welcome to another
Evolve Weekly. This week we’re going to take you
through how the clean your Evolve Board and how to regrip the deck. So there are few ways we can look at
clean your skateboard deck ranging from the very simple all the way through to the more
involved process involving a pressure washer. The first method I’d recommend
involves a toothbrush or a nylon brush and just spot cleaning the deck
basically looking at where the dirt surfaces
are giving them a light brush seeing if you can
loosen up the dirt and clean the spot for you. Sometimes if it hasn’t been
ingrained for a while it does come away quite easily. Sometimes when it’s a little bit
more ingrained you might need to try a little bit more force but basically it is just like you
would brush your teeth. Brushing across the deck. No chemicals involved, no liquids anything it’s literally
just using the brush to loosen up the
dirt. That’ll work on our Bamboo ONE
series our Bamboo GT series our Bamboo GTX and also the Carbon models but only the grip tape not the
surface of the deck itself. Now the grip gum method I’d probably do after I’ve tried using the
toothbrush or the nylon brush to loosen up the
dirt. If that hasn’t helped the process I
simply take the grip gum. I dab it over the dirty area on the board repetitively for about 10 seconds just to pull
some dirt away. If after that it hasn’t removed the
spot just move on to the next spot. We may need a deeper cleaning method
to get that spot out. For the Carbon GT model once we’ve
finished with the deck using the toothbrush nylon brush and grip method. I recommend wiping over the Carbon surfaces using a slightly damp rag. Given the coating that is on the
Carbons that should wipe dirt away very easily, make it very easy to clean. If there are small scratches however
that you’d like to get rid of, we’ve had good
results using car polishers specifically something
like scratch X and that definitely reduces the visibility of the scratches on
the board. For the final method we recommend
using the pressure cleaner. This will apply with all our boards from the Bamboo series through to
the Carbon model though with the carbon it does only
apply to the deck lid itself. So you simply remove that before you
take any pressure hose near it. On the Bamboos series you have to disassemble the board completely
before we start this. We only want the deck to clean so we don’t want any of the
other components nearby when we’re carrying figure
this out. So to start we recommend removing the eight bolts on the top of the
bamboo deck. This will help you remove the
battery case which should drop down very easily. Make sure you have something under
it to support it because you don’t want to drop this
component. It is the brains of your skate
board. Once this is away you will notice
there’s two cords that run through your motor. I recommend disconnecting these. The first one will be a yellow plug
on each motor. The second will be a hall
sensor plug that plugs into the motor
controller. This will separate the trucks and the battery case completely so
you can take the battery case somewhere
safe well away from water. With the trucks themselves you can
either remove the kingpin first or the base plates themselves
whatever you find easiest but to remove the base
plates, we recommend four screws on the top
of the deck supported by the T tool upside down holding in the truck nut. Remove these slowly, once it’s slightly moving remove the
second kingpin which is on the truck arm of your skate board and this should allow you to pull
the base plate away and lift the board straight out. For the Carbon board disassembly
when we’re using the pressure cleaner we only
need the deck. There’s eight screws on top of the
deck, they’re only very small so use your
small Allen key to loosen these up and simply lift the lid away. This is the only part we’ll take
outside and the only part that we’ll try and get near water. If yo u’re looking to regrip your
Bamboo board, firstly you’re going to need to get
the original grip off now we recommend using paint thinner type product to loosen up
the surface itself and then you simply go through and wipe that away. You can see one of our previous
videos for a more detailed explanation of how we did that. But once you’ve got to that process
we recommend a full sand on the deck. Giving a nice smooth surface to work with and then you can either use a
standard skate grip tape, a clear grip tape if you’ve done
artwork or for the best visibility something like a clear spray on grip tape is a
good option. If you’re looking to regroup your
GTX or your Carbon board, both of these have a stick on style
grip tape already so you’ll only need a hairdryer or a heat gun on a very low heat just to brush over the board, slightly loosen up that adhesive and peel the grip tape away. With the GTX you may be left with some residue that you’re not
wanting for your next grip tape design. So I recommend either that paint
thinners or some other gentle solution just to remove the stickiness away and a light sand to give you the
best surface to work with. So to reassemble the board I
recommend starting with the front truck and then the rear truck. But it is simply the four screws on the base plate that we took off
to remove the board, simply the opposite, T tool on the bottom screw and tightened them in. Flip the board over, put your truck arm back on and turned down the kingpin to
whatever tightness you prefer. On the rear, it’s exactly the same but you may notice there are some
cable retainers. Please make sure you put these in on
the front truck bolts. As this will help keep the cables up and away from the ground and help prevent damage to your
board. Once we have the cables up we simply
plug these cables back into our motor
controller, remembering the white square plugs
into the motor controller itself and the yellow bullet plugs matching
up to each bullet plug in the inside of the board itself. Once this is done I recommend lining the screws up above the board. Putting two screws in loosely at one
end. Tighten them down slightly and then turn your board on its side
so you can line those cables back up safely. Once they are in tightly, tightened both those screws down and simply replace the rest of the
remaining. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions about
maintaining your deck please post in the comments below and remember to subscribe to our
channel for more tips. See you later.


That was pretty interesting. I like how the GTX is a peel back grip tape. Can't wait for my new board to come to make a VLOG about my new GTX!!! Excited!!!!

The grip gum you guys are using is very weird looking..
We have a hard rubber grip gum to scrape off any dirt.. The wire brush method that would definitely scratch the carbon..

And using a pressure washer to clean a deck a bamboo, if you have cracks in your deck wouldn’t the water seep down in once it dries it will shrink or possibly caused damage to the board permanently?? Water and wood really don’t go good together..

Never pressure wash or get any water on your board. Doing so will waterlog your board, weakening the wood. It will also destroy the grip.

Bambooooooooo is my ABSOLUTE favorite Evolve board! Especially with the terrain wheels on….Ahhhhhh!!!! 😁. As for the why?? Because its beautiful😍, flexible🤸‍♂️, and I would imagine comfortable🧘‍♂️ on the leg.

Hopefully this is a good reason to win that carbon Evolve. Despite me liking Bamboo more, I wouldn’t mind a free carbon evolve.
It’s an Evolve! ELECTRIC! Longboard!
Who doesn’t want the best electric longboard in the market!?

“How far will it roll” is my favorite evolve weekly because it tests a lot of different situations in skateboarding and it’s about electric skateboards so yeah.

anyone here know how I can carry by Bamboo board GTX better when I go inside a building, its pretty long and little heavier than my other board but I love it. Any device I can consider to buy or make, or ebay or amazon?

GooGone "citrus solvent" works grate on sticky residue and it won't damage or eat clear coats allowing for a soak time without damage…


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