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COMEDY Fail unboxing boosted board

COMEDY Fail unboxing boosted board

so this happened I waited for the booster ball to be delivered here in Greece for two years and two weeks ago I got an email with tracking number and so naturally every 30 minutes for the past two weeks I’ve been checking where it where it is and it started from Holland then to Austria then Hungary and Bulgaria and lastly in Greece so two days ago it finally arrived here in Greece and yesterday it arrived in my hometown which is Florida so I called the courier guy and he brought it to my office and there must have been a mix-up because this happened [Music] [Music] [Music] Christina and I Toro bugs interesting laughs erm but the lake your last legal role of Spyderco mercenary did I check for the name of the package no I didn’t I was so excited I waited for two years and I just thought I was robbed and I had paid so much money for something and I felt very very bad but obviously the career guy had brought the wrong package I called him and he brought the correct one in less than two minutes but I got the scare of my life and I thought it was very funny and that’s why I decided to post it online thank you


Γεια σου φιλε. εχω 2 boostedboards στην κυπρο. εχω γκρουπ στο facebook boostedboard cy αν θελεις να μπεις μεσα. να σε ρωτησω υπαρχει γκρουπ στην ελλαδα ; εχει και αλλους που το εχουν;

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