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Comparativa entre ruedas Magnum y Giotto de Roll-Line

Comparativa entre ruedas Magnum y Giotto de Roll-Line

Due to the large amount of questions we receive every day… …about what type of wheels… …and over what type of surfaces We have decided to bring this comparative These are the wheels we use the most at work from Roll Line And these are Magnum and Giotto We compare them today, in HELYA TV! Here we have two of the different line wheels that Roll Line offers Magnum and Giotto First, we are going to see common characteristics Both lines of wheels are made in three different diameters 55, 57 and 63 mm. With a 55 diameter we can reach a faster starting off… …but we also lose some inertia. The 57 diameter’s… …are a standard size of free category since a 99% of the skate sets are assembled with this type of diameter. Lastly Magnum and Giotto wheels of 63 mm… …are only and exclusively used in mandatory figures. Now we are going to see their differences This two lines of wheels have the same width… but Magnum has a bigger contour which means that it will have… …a bigger weight due to the fact that it has a wider burden in each impulse. On the contrary Giotto wheels have a smaller contact surface and that is why they are faster, lighter and moreover, they have an interior covered in silvered different at first sight. When talking about hardness… Magnum wheels start at 60, of white color… …which is the hardness used on a surface of abrasive cement. They continued with hardness 57, with a yellowish color, used in a surface with a cement less abrasive. The next one is the 53 hardness of beige color, corresponding to more refined surfaces as the smooth cement or parquet. Lastly we ended up here with 49 hardness in grey colour corresponding exclusively to parquet surfaces Finally we can highlight that the line Giotto… …has the same hardness range as Magnum and it adds to its variety a softer wheel The 47 hardness, in a blue colour, used only on slippery parquet surfaces As you can see is not only important to choose a good skate when competing or enjoying the skate rink, but it is also important to choose a good diameter and the hardness of an appropriate wheel Both for the type of skating and the type of surface we practice on. We hope that all this information was useful for changing the wheels for a better performance. If you have any other doubt about this topic or another you can write a message to us here or through any of our social media networks. If you have liked this video press the like button and see you soon here in HELYA TV!

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Muchas gracias por hacer todos estos vídeos. La verdad es que son muy útiles. Qué gama de ruedas es más económica?

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