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Cool Tech Under 50$! – October 2015

Cool Tech Under 50$! – October 2015

The only thing better than tech, is tech at a low
price. Hey what is up guys, Gio here, and
this is Cool Tech Under 50$. First off, my official life saver. This is
the Lumsing Grand A1 Plus, a pretty massive 13400 mAh power bank.
While a power bank is usually pretty useful by itself, a giant like this one is downright
irreplaceable. With such a capacity, you can charge 4 times
a Note 4 or 3 times a mid-sized tablet and still have something left.
The battery comes with the standard micro-USB port as for input and two full size USB ports
for output, and it also includes a micro-USB cable for charging.
It also delivers two nice utilities: an LED indicator for the juice left, and a torch.
Yep, a torch. Apart from the black and orange color you
see here, you also have a gold and a silver version, and despite the color not being the
most important aspect of a power bank, it’s certainly pleasing to the eye. So while the power bank is for those times
when you need a quick charge on the go, this one is for your own comfort at home.
The RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad is an excellent solution for getting some juice back on your
phone with some style. This looks good with its elegant black design,
and the rubber feet on the top and the bottom help a lot to avoid the phone slipping around
while charging. As a nice bonus, this also has an LED indicator
for charging, which is really welcome not to go crazy trying to understand if the phone
is actually charging. Finally, it also comes with included USB cable
and power-adapter, which do add value for the just 20 bucks of cost. Everyone can access Cortana on their Start
Menu, but what about an actual physical button? This little accessory by Satechi connects
via Bluetooth to your Windows PC or laptop, or to your WindowsPhone smartphone or tablet,
and allows you to access your voice assistant with literally the press of a button. Once
paired to your device, you’ll be able to activate Cortana from up to 40 feet, and even if that
is a bit too much, at least you’ll know it will work in the proper range.
Conveniently enough, it also comes with a steering wheel mount: that means you’ll be
easily able to use it in your car, without the need for reaching out to your smartphone
while driving. While a gadget like this might be a little
of an overkill for some people, I think drivers will absolutely love it, and most Windows
users could enjoy it too. Next off, we’ve got a little favorite of mine.
This Stormtrooper Lamp by Disney is one of the coolest and geekiest things I own, and
you Star Wars fans out there cannot help craving it.
The lamp itself is powered via both USB cable or standard AAA batteries, and while it’s
certainly not blinding, it produces a pretty sweet ambient light.
It also makes for a nice accessory in general, even without the light turned on, and I find
it especially cool in a dark environment. With “The Force Awakens” coming in December,
you know it’s time to get that ever-wanted Star Wars accessory. Lastly, this is the Swiss Army Knife for all
of you traverelers. This Smart Travel Router is also by Satechi,
and it is an ingenious double-sided solution. On one hand, this is a universal power adapter
which will allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time in every country in the world,
thanks to its double USB and its single AC port;
On the other, it easily becomes a router, a range extender, an access point and a client,
all up to 150 Mbps. You better get yourself your hands on this
one before your next trip! So that wraps it up for this first “Cool Tech”
video, if you enjoyed it and you wanna see more definitely let me know in the comments
section and by hitting that like button. This was Gio, and I’ll catch you guys in the
next one!


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